(FORUM) Equality vs. Equity

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Today’s racial justice activists tend to speak in terms of “equity” rather than the traditional tenets of American “equality.”

Equality refers to the state of being equal: all people treated the same way regardless of race or skin color.

Equity generally refers to the idea of people being treated differently to achieve fairness. Some say that means giving black Americans, women, or other minorities more opportunities, resources, and greater consideration, to account for for the belief that they cannot attain the same level without the special treatment.

Affirmative action could be considered equity-based. It meant, for example, that black students could be admitted to some colleges with lower test sores and fear qualifications than their white counterparts.

Some critics of affirmative action and equity, including some African Americans, say it inherently breeds more racism by fueling the perception that minorities are not able to achieve on their own– even when many do.

Equity demands that we see others, first, as their race. Equality requires that we look past a person’s race, in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr.

What do you think about today’s shift toward “equity” vs. “equality”?

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21 thoughts on “(FORUM) Equality vs. Equity”

  1. Equity is justifying reverse discrimination and redistribution of wealth. As stated above, it’s racist at its core. Tulsa was an example of what people can achieve on their own – the question is why even greater achievements are not being demonstrated today. There are networks, caucuses, and chambers of commerce for every imaginable minority group, but nowhere do we see the equivalent of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street. Why is that?

  2. please help raise awareness about a non-profit that will be established in the immediate future and identified at ‘ tjeforpres.com ‘ to help all Americans in poverty. thank you

  3. As a parental rights advocate in Oregon I would say that the most glaringly obvious violation of this and has been happening for years is our foster care system.

    All of the families I’ve helped save for 2 were minorities. Hispanic and Black.

    One of the cases is still on going, it’s horrible.

    So when speaking of equity or equality, it seems to be thrown around politically to garner funding and support for division.

    Until we handle the long abused foster care system and the same see it as priority I don’t see any of their words as genuine, at least here in Oregon.

  4. “Equity” is a euphemism for communism: “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.”
    Someone (Milton Friedman, perhaps) illustrated the difference between “equality” and “equity” many years ago:
    Equality is comparable to everyone starting the race at the same time, while equity is ensuring everyone crosses the finish line at the same time.

  5. This Equity crap is nothing but a push by Democrats to advance Marxism in the US. BLM are their Useful Idiots.

    Go to the Black Live Matter website.
    Scroll down to “Donate Today”.
    Select “Donate”
    The next page tells you your donation is being made to “ActBlue Charities”.
    Google “ActBlue ”, and go to the Wikipedia page.
    This is a front organization for the DNC. It lists expenditures of $1.6 billion to Democrat candidates in the 2018 elections.
    Not one dollar spent to actually help a black child or family.

    The Chinese have a word for all the middle class white liberals that advance this cancer on our society: baizou. Search out the meaning and you’ll get a laugh.. the Chinese people are very perceptive.

  6. Fourth paragraph–I’m guessing that’s supposed to read (scores) and (fewer). Anyway, I agree that equality is a better choice.

  7. Equity isn’t new. The purpose of the Great Society was to have equity or equal outcome. Listen Johnson’s University of Howard speech. Obviously equity will never work because people have different skills and talents where outcome from a financial point is virtually impossible.

    1. Not to mention some people have ambition and some don’t. Once you start trying to make everyone finish the same there is no reason to work hard. Why work hard when in the end you get the same thing. It kept getting worse at the Fortune 200 company I retired from. The people who worked the hardest got more work for their reward and the ones that did nothing were allowed to do nothing.

  8. The hope is that most people won’t even register the difference in the two words. That is why they chose the word equity. By the time people wake up to this fact it will be too late. Make no mistake, equity is socialism/communism. That is the goal of BLM. Stand up to this everyone!

  9. Equality means making sure the opportunities are available to all. Equity means tearing down the accomplishments of others to deny some and provide more opportunities to others.

  10. Equal opportunity does not mean equal results. Children from the same home don’t achieve equally. Equity seeks to deliver equal outcomes. Sounds like communism to me.

  11. Equality requires equal opportunity, and we’re not there yet – look at schools. Rich private schools vs poor rural and inner city schools and the teacher unions that want no change except more pay. Equality also enhances freedom. Equity is a race to the bottom with only those in power benefiting. One party socialism – like what the Democrats are currently trying to achieve IS COMMUNISM!!!!

  12. Equity is racism. “Reverse Racism” is also a racist term–it implies that only racism by a Caucasian person is “real racism” and racism by any other race is some sort of aberration.. The definition of racism is the unfair treatment of a person or group based solely on their race. I’d strongly encourage people to stop using the term “reverse racism” as it legitimizes the inherently false CRT cultural philosophy and it’s march towards Communism.

  13. Well, distribution of Civil Rights is more complicated than this. Otherwise, Blacks would have been treated like human beings right after the Civil War. 170 years later maybe, just maybe, they can participate in this conversation. Women couldn’t even take out a credit card in their own name until the 1970’s.

  14. Equity is slavery…that is the most simple way to put it…to control out come, you have to control production, to control production you have to control the work force

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