(FORUM) The logic of the transition of Covid-19 vaccine, mask policies

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I’m generally all for private businesses deciding their policies.

But I can’t figure out the logic of one I’m seeing frequently right now: “If you’re vaccinated, no need to wear a mask. If you’re unvaccinated, please wear a mask to protect others.” Some places also say, “And if we see you’re not wearing a mask, our employees will put one on, too.”

If you’re vaccinated and don’t need to wear a mask, that means an assumption that you’re 100% protected or immune due to vaccination.

If you’re unvaccinated and need to wear a mask, that assumes the mask prevents transmission, how ever you may be wearing it.

Then, how are the unvaccinated people a threat to the vaccinated (immune) people?

The only reason unvaccinated people would need to mask to protect vaccinated people is if the vaccinated people aren’t immune, after all.

If the vaccinated people aren’t immune, after all, why don’t they have to wear masks, too? Does this make any sense

What about people who have had Covid-19 and not been vaccinated because there is no benefit to vaccination for them, and they have (so far) longer lasting proven immunity than those who have been vaccinated?

What about the majority of those who don’t know they’ve had Covid because they had few or no symptoms, but are immune?


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7 thoughts on “(FORUM) The logic of the transition of Covid-19 vaccine, mask policies”

  1. Masks never worked. The experimental chemical injection doesn’t give immunity to covid (it reportedly makes it much worse if infected after getting it).

    It is not about logic. It is about instilling fear in, and control over, the masses. Once that viewpoint is used, it all becomes clear. The left’s mantra of “never let a crisis go to waste” has been elevated to “create a crisis to your benefit”.

  2. Philip Carrillo

    These are all very logical queries. Unfortunately, the act of posing similar questions to many of my friends in the gay and more liberal communities, have had a negative impact on my friend circle and even my partner’s friend circle. I was raised in the church, a very strict church and our church school, where every day we were questioned, ridiculed, called upon to apologize (in both senses of the word), and dismissed as fanatics, backwards, etc. I have spent a lifetime feeling separate from others, even those in my church, due to my gayness. I am accustomed to losing friends who disagree with me; it’s routine. My partner is not, however. He’s taking the ridicule and dismissal really hard. I think the answer to your question is obvious. A quote from George Eliot: “[People] are always wanting reasons, yet they are too ignorant to understand the merits of any question, and usually fall back on their moral sense to settle things after their own taste.”

    The power of your questions?–There’s an easy answer. It’s life changing to ask questions. It’s the beginning of wisdom and freedom. Acknowledging yourself fallible is the fundamental building block of open-mindedness and liberalism.

  3. Hi Sharyl Attkisson,

    Thank you for your work.

    “….how are the unvaccinated people a threat to the vaccinated (immune) people?”

    This is exactly the question I’ve been asking since the CDC, etc. started telling unvaccinated people to wear masks while the vaccinated don’t have to. Simple logic. Thanks for asking it in a public forum. The only answer that makes sense to me is they want to “mark” us for harassment and cajoling.

    Another logical question I and my wife have been asking — How can they say for sure there are no long term effects even though these “vaccines” have been around for such a short period of time (and using new technologies), and other vaccines have been proven to have caused long-term harm in the past? Or have had issues at first use?

    Also, the FDA says ivermectin is dangerous in large doses, and that they have not tested it for Covid, so don’t dare use it! Well, why haven’t they tested it? There was a Congressional hearing on it back in December. Is it too cheap for others to profit greatly from? Are the vaccines ultimately more profitable for Big Pharma?

    I have so many more questions about masks, shutdowns, variants, etc. Yet we’re all told to shut up and listen to the CDC and the government. Is this still America? Most people are afraid to think about any of this. They just want to rely on media-appointed gurus. Meanwhile, the govt “education” on vaccines is a sales/marketing campaign at best.

  4. Bigger question – How can I infect someone else with something that I don’t have?

    It’s not complicated. I can always tell if I’m sick, and if I am I stay home until I feel well enough to go out again.

    It’s not really about immunity. It’s about control. So-called “vaccines” combined with a never ending stream of new “variants” is a strategy for identifying undesirables. Some decades ago they used a star; now they will use a mask.

  5. The comments thus far here on this issue have been extremely well thought out and expressed. I’m afraid I’m _not_ up to the task of continuing the thoughtfulness displayed. ;-)

    With that typed. This covid panic we’ve all had to endure for the last year+ has been seriously political from the very start. Any thing Trump met with immediate push back from the ‘Experts’ (alleged ‘experts’). The establishment poo-poo’d any alternative theories to treatment, prevention, etc. that were not big Government approved. The onslaught of the ‘Woke’ disease in our society, (especially in business, medical, science), hasn’t help one bit.

    All this continued mask wearing garbage is insanity all based on virtue signaling, imho.

  6. Kimberly Tuttle

    The science (if you dig for it) and common sense is obvious masks don’t work. Have you seen how the majority of people wear them? A virus burns out 18-24 mos from what I have read and we are at that point so that’s why we are where we are now.

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