“Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson” will return for a 7th Season

On my Sunday TV program “Full Measure at Sharyl Attkisson,” we’ve remained on the leading edge of topics such as the border crisis and Covid-19 controversies.

Overall, we’ve fulfilled our mission of reporting on important underreporting stories, angles and facts, especially important in today’s controlled information landscape.

Sunday on Full Measure, we finish out “Season 6” of our program by going over some viewer favorites.

Also, correspondents Scott Thuman and Lisa Fletcher join me to look back at some of their most interesting stories from this past year.

I’m heading out soon to start researching and shooting new stories for our seventh year at Full Measure, Season 7, which begins in September!

I’ll be returning once again to the U.S.-Mexico border and will pursue stories of significance to Americans in Puerto Rico, Colorado, the United Kingdom, Pennsylvania and Greece, to name a few destinations.

No other Sunday television news program does this kind of reporting.

Meantime, we’ll be rerunning some of our best work throughout the summer. And you can catch binge watch all of my original cover stories on demand at this link:


We never waste your time rehashing the same news you’ve heard all week. Find out where and when to watch on TV or online by clicking this link: How to Watch Full Measure

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9 thoughts on ““Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson” will return for a 7th Season”

  1. So glad a Season 7 is confirmed! Your show is such a critical one in the days of a propaganda media, which is largely what we have left with few exceptions. You are one such exception, and I continue to be grateful for your voice bringing the truth to critical issues.

    God bless you for all you do!

  2. Great news; Season 7!!

    I’ll keep watching but,

    in the Las Vegas area Full Measure’s time slots gets moved around a lot!

  3. Douglas Jackson

    Keep doing what you’re doing, Ms. Attkisson. Your program and Daily Newsletter are all part of my daily salad of news sources that keep me informed of what’s REALLY happening in and to this country and beyond.

  4. Really glad you are going in to a 7th season! Enjoyed your books and your shows reporting. While you have mostly Biden hating folks reading your Newsletter, there is the occasional thoughtful reply to your articles. Keep up the good work!

  5. Love the show, but Stirr makes it so awkward to find in the first place. and then to figure out which episode is the newest

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