Illegal immigrants in Broward Co., Florida to be offered IDs for vaccines and public services

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A nonprofit in Broward County in Florida will offer illegal immigrants (and others) identification cards so they can get taxpayer-funded services, including Covid-19 vaccinations. That’s according to the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

The measure comes after a unanimous vote by the county’s commissioners to establish the program.

Open border groups who favor illegal immigration had reportedly been concerned that, in some cases, issuing driver’s licenses or other government forms of ID to illegal immigrants would assist federal authorities in identifying people in the U.S. illegally.

As an end run to keep the names of illegal immigrants out of a government database, the county is directing the nonprofit to issue the IDs. Nonprofit groups typically do not have to comply with public record requests, says Judicial Watch.

Proponents of the measure say the ID cards will help disadvantaged people, often minorities, who are homeless, undocumented, ex-cons, or elderly. They say such populations might not otherwise be able to access the services.

The Broward County sheriff reportedly supports the offering of IDs, saying it will have a positive impact on public safety.

The Broward County ID card program is in contrast to the state’s overall strong stance against illegal immigration.

Florida law banned “sanctuary cities” last year and the state law forbids does issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Several other Florida counties are also in the process of implementing similar ID programs for illegal immigrants through nonprofits to “protect the privacy” of the illegal immigrants.

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9 thoughts on “Illegal immigrants in Broward Co., Florida to be offered IDs for vaccines and public services”

  1. I see the ID’s go beyond illegals and include legal residents, such as ex-cons, elderly and homeless in addition to illegals, and that seems OK. But the illegals’ ID should only be for their getting the covid shot for obvious health reasons for the general public why other tax supported benefits. I guess the county is willing to bare the cost but will their tax payors.

  2. Last time I check Illegal aliens were “illegal”. You cans support illegal aliens no more than you can support illegal murder. A crime is a crime is a crime. How on earth we’ve lost sight of this is mind numbing.

    1. 99% of the blame goes to Liberal Media lies and those that believe just because something is printed or spoken it MUST be true. American education is failing America.

  3. We have a closed society with a common belief “that all men are created equal”. We the People of an area create government, for that area, with an enumerated document, a constitution, stating the principles and powers We the People are giving to the our representation in that government.

    Read Broward county’s constitution so see if the power to disregard law was a power given. There is a conundrum if illegal immigrants are allowed to live free in society, than We the People have choose to disregard the law. For that choice We the People are choosing to infect the society and are therefore responsible for the outcome.

  4. Hmmm…..”a positive impact on public safety”….???? Isn’t Broward County famous for changing laws in their public schools involving juvenile delinquents being let off the hook for their “pipeline to prison from high school” crimes that led to the biggest “mass school shootings” of our lives, or our children’s lives, that is? Yeah. Good idea. Let’s follow them into the abyss.

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