Only 14.5% of U.S. Army fully vaccinated for Covid-19

The overall rate of vaccination for Covid-19 among the U.S. military is far below what’s claimed by CDC for the general public. The vaccines are not mandatory for the military since they are only approved for “emergency use.”

According to the figures reported at (counting Guardsmen and Reservists):

  • 23% of the military force is fully vaccinated.
  • The Navy is at 40%.
  • The Marine Corps is almost 27%.
  • The Air Force and Space Force are at 25%.
  • The Army is at 14.5%.

Nationally, CDC says that 40% (132.8) of the U.S. population of 332 million is “fully vaccinated” against Covid-19. Nearly 50% (165.7 million) have received at least one shot but may not be fully vaccinated.

Pentagon officials have said they will not require service members to get the vaccine as long as it is being administered under an emergency use authorization. When the vaccines were first rolled out by Pfizer and Moderna, the process for receiving full approval from the FDA was predicted to take up to two years.

Although CDC says Covid-19 vaccines are very safe, they are still considered experimental in nature and only approved for emergency use. Their long term impact in terms of immunity and side effects is unknown. All of the Covid-19 vaccines used in the U.S., as well as Astra Zeneca (which is not being used in the U.S.), are linked to possible heart issues.

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11 thoughts on “Only 14.5% of U.S. Army fully vaccinated for Covid-19”

  1. They are really making it hard on the service men/women to refrain. They have to quarantine post leave even with a negative test. These service members can’t afford to take leave them have to do a separate quarantine on their limited time off. It’s not right what’s being done to get compliance for this EUA jab.

  2. Good to know that our troops won’t be able to protect us in an emergency since they will all be down with Covid-19. I guess I’ll have to buy a gun after all.

    1. Thank God they are not vaccinated. They will be needed to clean up the mess when this vaccine starts taking all its victims.

  3. Interesting that we have such certain numbers coming out of the military, when the CDC, FDA and NIH were asked in the last congressional hearing, they do not know how many of their employees are vaccinated. We’ve experimented on our military members enough. It’s high time we allow them choice over an experimental intervention. Especially when the military has only lost about 20 military members in this entire pandemic. Just because an experimental intervention is available, does not mean it is right, or needed, for every person.

  4. They are targeting military and medical first with the deadly vaccines so we don’t have them when we need them. Vaccinated people may only live two more years and during that time will be spreading mutant viruses to everyone around them.

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