POLL: Most Americans believe in UFOs but aren’t very scared

Most Americans believe there’s intelligent life on other planets, but they aren’t very worried about it.

That’s according to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll.

According to the poll, 67% have never seen a UFO and don’t know anyone who has.

But 19% say they or someone they know have seen a UFO.

Thirteen percent (13%) said they aren’t sure.

According to the poll, a majority said they do not think UFOs pose a national security threat to the U.S.

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5 thoughts on “POLL: Most Americans believe in UFOs but aren’t very scared”

  1. Thomas Theodore boisvert

    There are here and always been here. This is just slow walking disclosure. Some of the World’s Faiths would not be very adaptable to this news. As a race, there is so much we do not know., our galaxy alone is teeming with life-based on current scientific theories and exoplanet discoveries.

  2. Dear,
    Has a member of National Academy of Sciences reported a UFO? Even if they were, Occam’s Razor demands we conclude the most likely explanation be eliminated before invoking more unlikely explanations.

  3. The UFOs are drones from other worlds, recording data. They are unmanned.

    There is classified “Science”.

    Our sun supports physical beings that are accustomed to the unique solar magnetic fields of our sun. Our atoms are balanced for this field spectra.

    Aliens from other solar systems with larger suns literally disintegrate in our solar system as their molecules and atoms discharge radiation. Some craft can sustain artificial fields for awhile but if they are damaged, these aliens die within minutes on our world as their cells decompose.

    The same happens to us when we leave our solar system and head out into deep space. These include cellular instability, neuropathy and eventually decomposition as the binding forces between atoms, loses integrity.

    There are aliens on Earth, but they assume a human form to survive. Most incarnate here naturally-blend in perfectly -for all intents and purposes *are* humans and are unable to be identified without (as yet unavailable) fundamental frequency scanners which measure and detect brain field frequencies and field Gauss significantly larger in spectra than most humans register.

    Human history is littered with these incarnating ‘visitors’ who take humanity to new levels, share all sorts of knowledge and seem to be able to invent things and share ideas centuries ahead of their time.

    But, for all the “good” aliens, there are just as many bad ones who project *interference* to this world and seek this world’s technological stagnation or those worlds that use signals to overshadow/influence/share mind-time with its populace as a sort of cross-galaxy entertainment.

    It’s understandable why it is all kept classified. When the people charged with your protection can’t protect you – especially your mind – hysteria often results.

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