SURVEY: Most doctors are skipping Covid-19 vaccine

The following is an excerpt from the a post by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

Of the 700 physicians responding to an internet survey by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), nearly 60 percent said they were not “fully vaccinated” against COVID.

This contrasts with the claim by the American Medical Association that 96 percent of practicing physicians are fully vaccinated. This was based on 300 respondents.

Neither survey represents a random sample of all American physicians, but the AAPS survey shows that physician support for the mass injection campaign is far from unanimous.

“It is wrong to call a person who declines a shot an ‘anti-vaxxer,’” states AAPS executive director Jane Orient, M.D. “Virtually no physicians are ‘anti-antibiotics’ or ‘anti-surgery,’ whereas all are opposed to treatments that they think are unnecessary, more likely to harm than to benefit an individual patient, or inadequately tested.”

The AAPS survey also showed that 54 percent of physician respondents were aware of patients suffering a “significant adverse reaction.” Of the unvaccinated physicians, 80 percent said “I believe risk of shots exceeds risk of disease,” and 30% said “I already had COVID.”

Read the entire post here.

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58 thoughts on “SURVEY: Most doctors are skipping Covid-19 vaccine”

  1. Janis G Chester

    Thank you for having the courage and curiosity to cover this. Your non-physician readers can visit the AAPS website to learn lots more. Non-physicians can join (free of charge as Associate Members) at

        1. Disgusting that people worldwide are been forced and bullied into having a medication injected into their bodies without even been tested properly and for a length of time it is supposed to have.

          As for healthboards and Governments using the Termanology ”Anti Vaxxes” just appalling…….

          The day Human Beings are forced and manhandled like this has arrived and it must be stopped without delay. Protests going on alla round the world.

    1. It’s not FDA approved. It’s Emergency Use Authorized.

      Thinking, rational people understand the difference.

      Points for knowing who said “vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.” in 1986 and again in 2011.

    2. Brent Studebaker

      US APPROVED??? Now someone who says that obviously is “scientifically illiterate” seeing that there is no such thing.

      There are “FDA” approved drugs. However, even these must be evaluated based on the data on side effects and long term effects. “FDA Approved” drugs have been found harmful and later pulled from the market. The FDA is not perfect. Many “FDA Approved” drugs resulted in major lawsuits against drug manufacturers.

      Now, let’s get to the science on COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccines are NOT FDA approved. They are approved for emergency use only. Their is no authoritative data on side effects and long term consequences.

      I am not anti vaccine. However, it is your body, so it is your choice what you put into it.

      I find it fascinating that people who are not scientist make such condescending comments like the above, when they only have a superficial understanding of the ingredients of the vaccines, and no authoritative data on side effects and long term effects. Where does there certainty come from? Answer: faith. They have faith in politicians, the media, and government agencies like the CDC. It is a faith no different than the Christian who trusts the Bible, or a Muslim who trusts the Koran. There faith is just in “men” and the bold statements of certainty they make.

      1. Brent, my daughter is 6 months pregnant and her employer just mandated the covid shot, if she doesn’t take it by Sept 15th she forfeits her job. How can I find a dr in Chicago that believes in her right to chose?

        1. Maybe go to Organization of respected doctors. Vaccines NOT recommended for pregnant women. Prayers for her.

      2. Right on Brent! Great name btw my fiancé’s name is Brent. Mark since you claim the scientific high ground can you please enlighten us morons as to what Ingredients are in this mRNA experimental injection? And have you listened to Dr. Robert Malone who invented this technology speak as to the dire consequences of the injection you took which used his technology? I find it interesting to listen to scientists and doctors who have everything to lose and nothing to gain well the radical left seems to enjoy listening to those who have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

      3. Well said. Even with the Pfizer now being FDA approved, all products with FDA approval have a percentage of toxicity and negative results. The question yet to be answered is what are the long term side effects of injecting the spike protein.

        1. Exactly, very shocking they would fully approve without any long term safety results, but with the questionable history of the FDA I guess it really isn’t that surprising.
          And to be correct, Pfizer is not fully approved. It is the BioNTech side of the business with the vaccine marketed as Comirnaty that is approved. The Pfizer version is still only with an EUA. Even though they say it is the same….they are technically and legally not.

    3. And yet thousands of educated medical personnel are doing just that. This vaccine is only emergency approved. Use at your own risk.

    4. Not FDA approved;
      For emergency use;
      No long term testing;
      These things should raise red flags and sound warning bells!

    5. ????????????????????????‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️. right because the govt never lied before about things they deemed safe. Oh, wait. What’s ddt, bpa, asbestos, mercury fillings, agent organe.
      Go, crawl back under the rock your crawled out of.

      1. I suspect you are not a DR AT ALL!
        PROVE IT MARK!
        I never had to have the BCG the T.B Jab they give you at school. I did not need the Vaccine because I had NATURAL IMMUNE to T.B.

        If so many of us are Asymptomatic i.e not badly effected by Covid then this to me says that they may have had exposure to Sars – Covid 1.
        If you are Asymptomatic then you should NOT get VACCINATED!
        Bringing me to the point, why are they just sticking needles in anyone?
        Surely this is wrong as if this was the case then they would have FORCED THE T.B Jab on me regardless that I had a natural immune to it!

    6. An experimental emergency usage was enacted without any tests on animals and very little testing on humans. This is an experimental vaccine, and there is no such thing as “US approved” btw. Check out the VAERS website and get back to us!

    7. I’m sorry, what is a scientifically illiterate person?? Hmmm, never heard of that one. ?. Oh btw, a vaccine is supposed to give you immunity but apparently the Covid-19 vaccine does not! Why would I put an unknown foreign substance into my body when the cure rate of Covid-19 is 99.98%? Why would anyone put this poison/ or not poison MRNA when it is not FDA approved and only under a EUA? Why would I put anything into my body, when my own immune system will give me natural immunity? Why would I get injected with this foreign substance, when the currant CEO of Pfizer was head of the FDA in 2019?? Do you not see a problem with this information? Because I clearly see a big problem. Critical thinking skills are sure hard to come by these days! Good Lord! Have a blessed night!

    8. Why take a vaccine if you already had Covid? Why take a vaccine that our government keeps changing the outcome…
      First it was 100% immune
      Then 90% immune
      Now not immune at all but less likely to get sever symptoms.

      Ohio just announced that 35% of their hospitals are filled with vaccinated people.

  2. Wow, every major institution is compromised now. It used to be you knew the intel’s and the FBI were crooked after JFK, but assumed things like your Doctor were safe. I ran into and was astounded by the Fed Law Enforcement corruption early on in one of the most psyop heavy cases in our history (Unabom). I spent years investigating it and what I found is the template upon which many of the current scary manipulations are based. If you want a deep understanding of the methodology of how these corrupt scenarios are dominating everything, studying this thirty year old case in detail will shine the light into the dark corners you never even suspected were there. You can’t find this on google I urge you to try. Then in your url bar type in unabombers and add a dot com. Thats unA not uni and its plural. (think about it).

  3. Really? It boggles the mind to think so many people use statistics like they actually know how to use it. Unfortunately what this Covid pandemic has taught us is that health and science illiteracy is so big a problem in the relatively well – to – do western societies, that we have them believing gobbledygook such as this statistic.

    7 days before you published this spin, the AMA published the following:

    you say po tay toh
    i say po tah toh

    you say 70% doctors not vaccinated

    the AMA in your country disagrees with you. it says 4% are not vaccinated, and of those, only half will not vaccinate, leaving an estimated 98% of doctors vaccinated.

    Check also, how many of your doctors actually have a financial stake with Pfizer or any of the other vaccine producers in your country. the very vast majority dont have a direct stake. In fact, if we have any conflict of interest on the basis of economics, i suppose it would be better that people didn’t vaccinate, more sick, more customers. There is no conflict of interest, get vaccinated!. in fact, if they don’t recommend the vaccine on the basis of the available science which overwhelmingly recommends vaccination to prevent hospitalisation and death, and severe respiratory and severe multi-organ disease, they can get sued.

    Sorry if this is too much information, it’s hard to simplify it I know. That’s why so many people trust the misinformation, it’s hard but it’s overwhelmingly clear. GET VACCINATED.

    i can’t emphasise enough, get vaccinated.

    1. I’m posting your comment but to those reading please note: the general recommendation for “everybody” to “get vaccinated” is not medically sound. Please do your reading and make individual decisions based on your reading and consultations with the doctors who know your particular situation and can help measure you risk vs. benefit ratio.

      1. I’m am 51 year old Navy Veteran and I played the part of a test mice once for my country. Never Again. Nobody ever thinks about history. Yes it started with Jews but once the machine got going the German started killing blacks and Gays and whoever. Don’t be too trusting.

    2. From a Family Physician of nearly 50 years, and a former member of the AMA and AAFP, there are a few things you need to learn.
      Both AMA and AAFP are very corrupt organizations and should not be looked to for medical advice, they are both lap-dogs for the federal bureaucracy. For example AAFP endorsed “Hillary Care” in the early 1990’s only to have a survey of Family physicians find that over 90% did not approve. AMA on the other hand has very few of the practicing physicians as members, somewhere around 20%. Most of their members are students, intern and residents who haven’t figured out yet that the AMA is not working for the physicians.
      If you have to choose whom to believe, I would go with the AAPS anytime. Their open survey of over 700 physicians showed less than 50% of physicians were immunized. AMA claims of a 95% vaccination rate among physicians, was probably a survey in their membership. (Physicians who are stupid enough to belong to the corrupt AMA.)

  4. Because it’s emergency authorized to use, should you have a death or severe health issues as a result of taking the vaccine; you have no recourse for compensation against the pharmaceuticals making the vax. If getting herd immunity is possible, is it only through the vaccine? What about the folks who’ve had COVID and recovered and yet are still being forced to take the vax. They have immunity so that makes no sense to me .

  5. Joseph DiMatteo, PE

    How many members does the AAPS have? How many were surveyed to come up with your 60% number? How many of your members are degreed and board certified physicians?

  6. FDA Approved or not- people need to wake up the U.S. gov. is corrupt to the core. Fauci used taxpayer $ to created the virus. It is patented the test & the vaccine is patented. Fauci has a financial interest in the Moderna vaccine. You going to listen to tv doctors with NO patients, journalists, entertainers? or the most respected Drs & scientists in the world who have been silenced, censored, fired, sued? When the INVENTOR of mRNA tech used in vaccines is censored-what does that tell you?

    You want to know exactly what happened? Listen to world renowned Dr. Vladimir Zelenko who treated 6k patients, the President & world leaders. He tells you exactly what this gov. did. If you want to trust the FDA after watching this? You’re suicidal.

    1. Amen! ?. So agree. The FDA stopped the animal testing because most of the animals became very sick and died due to the Covid-19 EUA. You have fact-checkers outright lying saying the claims are false. I watched the Texas Senate hearing in May 2021. It’s utterly disturbing to the core. If anyone would like to watch the Texas Senate hearing on the animal study, you can find it on DuckDuckGo.
      If you’re only search engine is google , “you will not get the truthful information”.
      As a matter fact, you won’t get anything at all. Why don’t people see a problem with how hard the MSM and Big Tech are trying to keep this information from the people?

  7. “Only a scientifically illiterate person would skip a USA approved vaccine” That’s hilarious!
    You’d have to be scientifically illiterate to take an Approved or non approved drug pushed by the gov. Politicians, journalists, Drs with NO patients who have a financial interest, the drug co. who paid the largest fine in World History for experimenting on people with “vaccines” in Nigeria, Bill Gates the list goes on. Yeah sign me up that. What color is the sky in your world?

    1. For issues that touch political subjects (and some medical topics have become political), Wikipedia is no longer credible. It is controlled by people who have a strong left-bias. They make a strong argument about “aggregating the sources,” but most of the sources they use are left-leaning news agencies. I know, because I challenged them on their article on Stefan Molyneux, which was nothing but a hit piece designed to discredit the man. When an article only contains evil insinuations, and says nothing about the good that someone does, it is not balanced nor credible.

  8. How many more people have to die or have long lasting side effects from COVID before people decide it is better to take the chances on the vaccine than to take a chance on surviving COVID? The vaccines are the best solution we have available to us today in order to survive this pandemic and have any hope of getting back to living without fear of COVID again. I have heard of far less temporary side effects from the vaccine, than I have heard of deaths from COVID. How do you protect yourself and others around you if you do not get the vaccine.? When I weigh my odds – I am for the vaccine!

    1. Your personal calculation may indeed be the right one. However your “hearing” of this or that is (as you know) hardly scientific evidence and I will post this but point out there is no proof that “it is better to take the chances on the vaccine” for the general population.

    2. Elizabeth Frasher

      There are safe and effective therapeutics to treat and cure the virus the virus.

      These treatments work. 85% of lives lost could have been saved had these treatments not been actively suppressed.

      The vaccines do not have the same proven track records. Quite the opposite in fact.

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