POLL: Most say DeSantis would be best choice for Trump running mate in 2024

Most people believe Ron DeSantis would be Donald Trump’s best running mate to win in 2024. That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of 1,100 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

Seventy-five percent (75%) said DeSantis would be the best choice for Trump. About 16% said it should be somebody else. And only 1% said it should be Mike Pence.

Trump’s best running mate to win in 2024 would be:

1% Mike Pence

75% Ron DeSantis

16% Someone else

7% It doesn’t matter: he’s not going to win

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12 thoughts on “POLL: Most say DeSantis would be best choice for Trump running mate in 2024”

    1. Agreed. Putting DeSantis on the ticket as VP will limit his ability to get things done for Americans for 4 years. He would just be a “yes” man for Trump….window dressing. DeSantis, as a leader, has the brains, brawn and common sense to bring America back.

  1. Florida’s budget is in the red and all that Federal money DeSantis took is helping to keep the State afloat! He is not a fiscally sound guy. Apparently he thinks we have not taught our children well and fears colleges will change their way of thinking how to solve national and local issues.

  2. Desantis can serve as VP under Trump or if Trump doesn’t run, Desantis runs at the top of the ticket. Either one is a win. I kind of prefer the first choice (serve with Trump) because a) he’ll get a great education, b) he will fill in some of the areas where Trump may be weaker, c) we will get more years of true leadership, d) will be great to see Lefties freak out when Trump wins (again).

  3. My initial thought is indeed Trump/DeSantis. However, I have read opinion on the benefits of DeSantis as the presidential candidate, with Trump’s endorsement. At the moment I tend to lean toward THAT as being the best option for the country, and the option most likely to succeed. Who would be DeSantis’ running mate? Some will find this a flippant answer. I don’t, however. And I’d recommend a very serious look at and consideration of Candace Owens as the VP candidate.

    1. My thought is DeSantis with Christy Nohm. Both love America, are Conservative, are fearless, and ooze with common sense. Only one concern I have with Christy….the situation of transgender males competing in female sports .

  4. Only Trump can win the next election (for a third time). He is not a politician and is the only one that has the experience, strength and resolve to battle the Dems, MSM, social media companies and win back America! The only one that can rally this nation.

    DeSantis would be an excellent choice for VP and he would gain, from Trump, the experience and the strength needed to be president.

    The next election will NOT be about Dems and Republicans. It will be about saving America, loving America first (before any party) and restoring our core values of law and order, border security, freedom of speech, Christian values while allowing freedom of religion.

    1. DeSantis would have a better chance of winning over the “haters”. Those who hate Trump will not vote for him regardless.

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