(READ) Anti-Trump Treasury official sentenced to jail for leaks

A former U.S. Treasury Department official has been sentenced to jail for leaking thousands of pages of anti-Trump financial information to the news media.

Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards was a senior adviser in the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

She was allowed to plead to a single count of a conspiracy crime for leaking over 2,000 confidential banking documents called “suspicious activity reports.”

Edwards was reportedly sentenced to six months in jail.

That’s more time than a former FBI attorney received after admitting to doctoring a document to illegally obtain a wiretap against former Trump campaign associate Carter Page. That attorney, Kevin Clinesmith, got 12 months of probation for his crime.

And that was harsher punishment than given to former FBI Director James Comey. An Inspector General investigation recommended Comey be prosecuted for improperly leaking anti-Trump information to the news media. However, the Dept. of Justice where Comey worked declined to prosecute him.

Read the criminal complaint against Edwards at the link below:


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14 thoughts on “(READ) Anti-Trump Treasury official sentenced to jail for leaks”

  1. I personally find it most egregious that 600,000 of Hillary Clinton emails were found on Anthony whiners laptop and huma never even was questioned about it.

  2. I’m waiting for the low level pawns to realize they’re being used and will be the ones that will take the fall while the puppet masters get off Scott free. I’m waiting for them to start turning on those same puppet masters.

  3. Michael Sterling

    Not a politician, so jail time is available for corruption. It seems that the only justice for corrupt politicians will be vigilante based (I would love to be proven wrong). Sad that governments get so strong that there is no other recourse.

  4. This is what the “deep state” looks like. Hundreds (thousands?) of low level clerks and bureaucrats who are zealots willing to break protocols and laws to politicize their job and do harm to the opponent whenever possible. I know they exist on both sides of the political fence, but it would “seem,” based on those outed so far, that many more activists are pro-democrat in their illegal actions. Sadly FAR too few have been prosecuted.

    1. conservativeprof

      Only willing to harm conservatives. Only a relatively small amount of government employees are conservative. Conservative government employees generally respect the privacy laws. In addition, the leftist deep state will come down harshly on conservative leakers. News media will not cooperate either. Just the opposite, The media ignore conservative reports of corruption.

    2. We still don’t know who changed the whistleblower complaint form for the Intelligence Community to allow a complaint to be made by someone who was not a witness to the alleged activity. That enabled Eric Ciaramella, who was not on the phone call with Ukraine, to make his “whistleblower” claim against President Trump that resulted in the impeachment that was purely a political stunt. But prior to his making the complaint, the form required that the complainant be a witness to the activity; that got quietly changed by someone in the deep state to allow hearsay complaints. Of course, we know that Adam Schiff and his staff were deeply involved in engineering the complaint — were they also involved in getting the form changed so the complaint could be made?

  5. Pat McAvoy-Costin

    Why is it that unknown and unconnected people get convicted while connected people such James Comey, Hillary Clinton etc. get off the hook? What happened to equal justice?

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