(READ) Donald Trump statement on Covid-19 vaccine distribution

– June 18, 2021 – 
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
When Biden tries to claim credit for vaccine distribution, a distribution system that was set up by the Trump Administration, he should remember that if I didn’t purchase, very early on, billions of dollars worth of the vaccine, bottles, needles, and everything else that goes with it, he and his administration would not have been giving vaccinations until October or November of this year. So let them go on and on with their Fake Campaign and Fake Election results and Fake Media, but without the Trump Administration’s Operation Warp Speed, millions of people would be dying all over the World that will now be saved.
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14 thoughts on “(READ) Donald Trump statement on Covid-19 vaccine distribution”

  1. I do not understand PDJT’s having in the past and continuing now to promote the unapproved experimental mRNA pseudo-vaccines that are causing so many injuries and deaths. Now there is evidence coming out that these pseudo-vaccines may be communicable infectious agents in themselves.

    I can understand that at one point pushing for vaccines had potential political advantage but that was taken away by PDJT’s adversaries. Now that it has become obvious that his most trusted family, political and scientific advisers at best gave him bad misleading advice and may have actually lied to him and the American People he needs to step back. He needs to distance himself from those advisers. Publicly rebuke and fire them and admit that he made mistakes by taking their advise.

    I admired PDJT’s loyalty and agreed with most of his policies but if he does not admit his mistakes and step away from these bad advisers he will leave his positions relating to many of his decisions regarding the pseudo-pandemic and pseudo-vaccines in question. Was he unable to perceive the actual situation when so many had the ability to do so and is still in that situation? Was he so focused on what was ‘politically expeditious’ and still is that he is willing to over look the consequences to the USA and it’s People? Was and is he fully complicit?

    I am a supporter of PDJT and his policies for America but he needs to address these issues whether it ends up being ‘politically expedient’ or not.

    1. Agree completely. He’s been out of office long enough that he should know by now the severe adverse events, deaths & how many drs, including vx developers & inventor of the tech, are speaking out against these injections. Is Trump that clueless, does he allow his advisors to continue to block info from him. I can’t believe Melania or Lara haven’t told him-both are naturally minded & likely aware. I think he was lied to in order to create state of emergency & warp speed but by now he should renounce what’s happened & call those people out even if he suffers a hit to credibility bc he trusted the wrong people too many times.

    2. He was sooo focused on the successful therapeutics early on, which should have stopped the need for the vaccine. Now this vaccine pushing has become unbearable to hear. He is and has been aware of harm, including death, caused by all vaccines, and has always supported choice. Now he trusts these same big pharma manufacturers? Something is going on behind the scenes.

    3. Andrew Teitelman

      This issue has troubled me since long before the truth about the mRNA shots (these are not “vaccines”) began to emerge. How is it that DJT could possibly support a biological that has not ever been successfully tested on animals before being deployed on humans? Yes, the “technology” has been around for over 20 years and there has never been a successful animal test, although there have been many animal tests. All of the animals die – – not of the “vaccine”, but of the actual viruses they are intended to protect against. See https://varjager.wordpress.com/2021/01/30/dr-lee-merritt-in-animal-studies-after-being-injected-with-mrna-technology-all-animals-died-upon-reinfection/. All I can come up with is that DJT is a wartime president, he is doing his best to protect us all from even greater harms and has made it so that the shot has emergency use authorization is “experimental” and, thereby, cannot be forced on those who refuse it. Eisenhower made the decision to send tens of thousands of young men to their deaths on the beaches of France to save hundreds of thousands more. This must be something like that, in what is a very unconventional and asymmetric war. We can only hope there is or will soon be technology that will reverse this poison, especially in the young people who have been or will be coerced into taking it. JUST SAY NO when they come a-knocking at your door!

  2. As a Covid expert I have no doubt the Moderna vaccine has saved my life. If one is young and in perfect health the disease is not bad. But if one is overweight, unhealthy in any way the vaccine clearly offers a surviva advantage. The only positive thing I can say is that in thorough evaluations for post Covid syndrome I have found previouly undiagnosed cancers, fungal infections and immune deficiencies.

  3. My husband and I love PDJT but we will not take the vaccine. He even asked his doctor if she knew if it was safe to she couldn’t answer.. asked if she knew what was in it, again she couldn’t answer, and she is a doctor.. she also told him it was his choice.. and that’s what we believe. Our bodies. Our Choice

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb_7E12VDE4
    Robert Malone creator of the mRNA Spike Protein Bio Weapon. Interview on Dangerous reports coming from research in Japan on people whom got the mRNA Jab!.
    Why does Trump take credit for betraying America and the World by opening Pandora’s Box.
    I am sorry for the millions of people ‘WHO’ will die prematurely. Genocide and Pure Evil..
    He will regret this Claim to save the people of the world, he has not.
    Don’t get FOOLED AGAIN.

  5. Again, and Again Donald Trump has been Proven to be Brilliant, and Completely Upright and Honest! MSM is Continually Admitting He Was Right, and They Were False! Without Operation Warp Speed, We would Be Destroyed and Overrun! And BTW Sharyl… Last Week when you interviewed those three girls, (grey dress, black Stripes) Magnificent!!! Damn Girl!!!?

  6. Do we still think these injections actually work, that is, actually prevent the spread of the corona virus?

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