(READ) Donald Trump statement on fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election and the DOJ

– June 12, 2021 – 
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
The Department of Justice (DOJ) is adding more people onto its roles in order to fight against efforts to limit voting and, I assume, other illegal voting acts. Based on that it would seem the DOJ has no choice but to look at the massive voter fraud which took place in certain Swing States, and I assume elsewhere, during the 2020 Presidential Election Scam. Whether it be voting machines, underaged people, dead people, illegal aliens, ballot drops, ballot cheating, absentee ballots, post office delivery (or lack thereof!), lock boxes, people being paid to vote, or other things, the 2020 Presidential Election is, in my mind, the Crime of the Century. Just look at what has happened to our Country, our Borders, our Economy, Inflation, and more in the last five months, and it will only get worse. If there is going to be honor and greatness for America, the voting irregularities and fraud of that election must be brought to light, immediately. Otherwise, we have no Country, certainly not a great one! This should not be an attempt by the Biden Administration to suppress the accountability of a dishonest election. That cannot be allowed to happen, nor can the events of the Presidential Election. They want to cancel anything having to do with the result of that election because they know what was done. States cannot allow that to happen and should not be intimidated or suppressed by a government that wants nothing further to do with what took place during that period of time. They want it over with because they seem to know what will be found, and that would be a disaster for them. There has never been a time like this in our Country—hopefully courage will prevail!
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9 thoughts on “(READ) Donald Trump statement on fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election and the DOJ”

  1. I applaud you for getting to the truth on all the false accusations against President Trump by the news media. I watch your Sunday morning shows as much as possible, keep up the great reporting to your audience, thank you

    1. Biden said China will own U.S.A in 15 years .we’re suffering and the border is spiriting out ,Drugs.murder,,crowding us,Taking resources,bringing in Covid..Raping ,drugs more death .all bad .over 36 countries.And no end in sight .Expected 22million .that was a guess ..no telling the real numbers.poor in America are suffering,because of all this !we’re in war with many things to much hurt.every month it gets worse..we have been robbed abused and raped .and no one can stop any of it .from freedom to fear .

  2. You say you publish some of the difficult-to-find information on President Trump. Will you please publish or reference and link all the information you know is suppressed? Thank you, Ms Attkisson, for your independent journalism.

    1. Yoohoo do you not know MSM has banned positive comments about this President? If they report anything he says, they twist it to a negative.

    2. You need to look at prior pieces on her website which already exposes many election related activities which prove fraudulent activity.

  3. “There are Only 3 Things You Cannot Hide for very long,
    The Sun! The Moon! &’d the Truth”.
    Kudo’s to U Sir.

    etc. On the Operetta side of Realty, We All become at some time, ‘The Perfect Asshole’, &’d I mean Perfect!
    But some people make a career of It; &’d It Is Not good for Humanity; We are in Trouble.
    That’s Right, It Rhyme’s with ‘P’ &’d that stands for Pool, Right Here in River City!
    We all make mistakes. But If we learn from them, &’d Prevail for another Day; we stand a chance, or are we Granted & Opportunity? … to Right the wrong?
    Rodney King Summed it Up, “Why can’t we all just get along?”.
    His statement, Address’s the Issue, &’d suggest the solution.
    Without It’s center, a Bird cannot fly. It’s all about balance.
    “a Bird with 1 wing Cannot Fly’, and is Prey for Predator’s!”
    Sincerely &d Respectfully

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