(READ) Federal court: CDC cannot mandate vaccine passports for Florida cruise ship employees

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently won a preliminary injunction against the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for mandating “vaccine passports” for the cruise ship industry. That’s according to Associated Press (AP).

The CDC stopped cruise ships from sailing in March 2020 in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

On October 30 of last year, the CDC reportedly issued a four-phase conditional framework to allow cruise ships to set sail. The framework is said to include mandated Covid-19 vaccines for all passengers and employees.

Governor DeSantis argued the framework imposed onerous bureaucratic requirements on the industry.

The court reportedly agreed that CDC’s conditional sailing order exceeded the CDC’s authority.

The court’s decision means CDC cannot enforce the framework for Florida-based ships; they would merely be considered non-binding recommendations or guidelines, according to AP.

Today’s ruling is a victory for the hardworking Floridians whose livelihoods depend on the cruise industry. The federal government does not, nor should it ever, have the authority to single out and lockdown an entire industry indefinitely. I am excited to see the cruise industry get sailing again, and proud to stand with Governor Ron DeSantis against illegal federal overreach and draconian lockdown measures.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody

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2 thoughts on “(READ) Federal court: CDC cannot mandate vaccine passports for Florida cruise ship employees”

  1. NOBODY has a right to say we MUST accept a experimental biological agent injected into our bodies so we can spend our money on a cruise.
    And cruise lines don’t have the right to segregate vaxed/unvaxed passengers.
    They also don’t have the right to make unvaxed passengers pay more then vaxed passengers, by saying unvaxed will have to pay for additional testing.
    I’m willing to get myself tested before I board the ship, and I’m willing to sign a waiver releasing the cruise line of any guilt, if I contract covid while onboard.
    But I refuse to be treated like a low class citizens of the United States. If I pay for my cruise, I’m entitled to enjoy anything onboard that vaxed passengers can enjoy.
    After all, those that are vaxed, are protected from the unvaxed…..right?

  2. I work with cruise line companies. The CDC issued No Sail Order and Conditional Sail Order were concrete shoes for the industry. The cruise industry was vilified by the MSM and CDC at the very beginning of the pandemic. The passengers and eventually crew were turned away from ports all over the world and treated horribly – and at times price gouged in certain ports. The crew became hostages onboard with no access to land. It has been an absolute nightmare in every aspect. Brands have had to reduce their fleets because of financial implications. Hundreds of thousands of employees (crew, officers, travel agents, management, tour operators, etc etc) all lost their jobs. Just think how effective it would have been if the CDC had consulted the industry’s medical teams on the use of available and KNOWN (but censored & negated) therapeutics. The CDC needs to be held accountable for its refusal to take the actual science into consideration and for its overreaching iron fist.

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