(READ) Federal courts: colleges may have “anti-male bias” in sexual assault probes

In unrelated cases, two appeals courts have ruled in favor of male students accusing their universities of anti-male bias in sexual assault probes.

The courts determined the students’ lawsuits against their respective colleges should be allowed to proceed. Lower courts had thrown out the cases.

The universities involved argued that if any bias against the men existed, it was because they were accused of sexual assault, not because they are male.

Sexual assault investigations on campus are required under Title IX, a federal law that was originally passed in 1972. It requires federally-funded colleges and universities to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct.

Forty-eight years later, advocates say sexual assault on campus remains common and often unreported and the systems designed under Title IX broken.

A survey of 33 large universities published last year found one in four women said they were sexually assaulted as students. Fewer than one in three said they filed a report or sought help from their schools.

But there’s also growing concern over fairness to the accused. The Obama administration issued broad guidance that lowered the standards to decide guilt in campus sexual misconduct cases. A flurry of lawsuits filed by young men claimed their rights were violated.

Click here to view a Full Measure report about changes in Title IX campus investigations.

In both recent cases, the accused filed lawsuits against the universities they attended for “anti-male bias” during sexual assault investigations and disciplinary proceedings.

In one case, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that it is plausible that black male football players accused of sexual assault at the University of Minnesota were victims of gender discrimination.

In the other case, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals said that a reasonable jury could find that the male student’s gender was a motivating factor in the university’s decision to expel him.

Both appeals courts say the question of whether the accused were discriminated against because they were male is a question that should be presented to a jury, and the courts ordered the lower courts to allow the discrimination cases to proceed.

Read the appeals decisions here and here.

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1 thought on “(READ) Federal courts: colleges may have “anti-male bias” in sexual assault probes”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Sex Ed. 101 :

    — copy to paper, then remove —


    It’s not ‘Sexual Harassment’


    S E X U A L A T T R A C T I O N !

    — In Defense of Harvey Weinstein —

    – The Secret Life of Boys and Men –

    All of you angry (adult) kids, go to the chalkboard and write this line 50 times—particularly those females among you: The sexual response in boys and men is
    A U T O N O M I C !

    What does “AUTONOMIC” mean? Think H E A R T B E A T.

    Can you stop your heart’s beating?

    Well, depending on a boy’s or man’s testosterone production, and his general condition of health, HE…CAN’T…CONTROL…HIS…SEXUAL…RESPONSE…TO…A…SEXY-LOOKING…GIRL/WOMAN (( or thoughts about one )).

    Why not ?

    BECAUSE…IT’S…AN…AUTONOMIC…SYSTEM…AT…WORK…IN…HIM, which is why societies have, for hundreds of millennia, set up rules/traditions for protecting girls/women from boys’/men’s POWERFUL sex drive.

    Dumb as a box of rocks girls/women say this stupid remark:

    “I can dress any way I like.”

    How many girls/women have suffered rape and/or a brutal death on the altar of that stupidity?

    Now, go to the chalk board and write this line 50 times:

    “Too-high testosterone drives uncontrolled sexual acts.”

    Any boy/man who goes to a public place and whips out his tumescent penis is in an uncontrollable sexual condition of arousal. He’s not thinking (( why so very many, after getting caught, remark: “What was I thinking?” )) BECAUSE HE CAN’T THINK! (( while sexually triggered ))—because the blood that would normally activate his pre-frontal lobes (( the decision-making part of his brain )) is flooding his genitalia (( what occurs in a resisting woman but, then, she relents after getting “turned on” )), as he becomes near-perfectly mentally incapacitated (( mother nature designed that incapacitation to ensure propagation of humans even in the face of extreme non-sexy-related conditions, such as in a physically diseased state or in a war or in a natural catastrophe )).

    And high testosterone/low I.Q. is a deadly mix.

    Now pay close attention, dear (adult) children, those rapists and pedophiles and other sex-driven perverts are victims of MOTHER NATURE’S dirty, anti-male secret:

    The sexual response in boys and men is AUTONOMIC! And how that male’s sexual response was ANCHORED during childhood (( masturbating over a porn magazine or Sear’s catalogue; or finding a pair of high heel shoes sexually attractive; or seeing his mother’s/sister’s panties as a turn-on; or finding another child or toddler sexually appealing; or . . . )) determines what turns on his sexual ignition switch in adulthood—and, again, he’ll have no self-control over that sexual response, which is why ubiquitous types of porn put children at risk of linking his sexual response to odd/bizarre sexual triggers!

    Harvey Weinstein is sexually anchored to females.

    And there are girls/women suffering the same sexual response, but far less intense (( twelve-times less testosterone )), such as those female teachers in that extremely long list of 20-something women, found in WorldNetDaily’s (wnd.com’s) records of teacher/student sex “assault” cases.

    Those Marxian leftists’ Sixties Sexual Revolution has made of the West a ubiquitous visual display of sexy books, magazines, ads, movies, TV sitcoms and dress-any-way-I-like females.

    This scribbler has often quipped to my wife, after watching a particularly sexually appealing TV commercial, “Can you see all those teen-age boys sneaking off to get-off?” See Harvey . . . ?

    Why that response in teen boys and men? Because once the AUTONOMIC Sexual SYSTEM is turned on (( why boys/men can be raped by a woman—as it’s an involuntary erection )), he has to reach orgasm/ejaculation, in order to release that sexual energy (( some very high-testosterone boys/men must discharge that energy daily, or they become angry, possibly even violent—why elderly women in nursing homes are routinely raped by high-testosterone/low I.Q. orderlies )).

    So, dear reader, Harvey Weinstein is a victim of Mother Nature—of this Leftism-effected culture of sexual displays, as are all those sexual perverts visually/sexually turned on by those displays.

    Leftist/Libertine Hugh Hefner broke the last line of defense against this now-ubiquitous sexual titillation/seduction of males, after the Marxian-compromised U.S. Supreme Court gave to him, and to all other pornographers, a green light to seduce boys and men for profit.

    And, so, having shifted human sexuality from Christians’ millennia of a SACRED COVENANT of male-female marriage – of sacrifice-for-the-children family formations – towards MARXISTS’/HUMANISTS’ sex-is-just-for-fun, abortion-can-fix-any-mistakes, hear-me-roar radical feminism, he had helped to eventuate a massive breakdown of male/female relationships; of nuclear families; of safe and peaceful communities; of well-functioning at-large societies, here and across the Pond; of Western Civilization itself.


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