(READ) Non-profit seeks Biden administration immigration policy records

The conservative non-profit legal group America First Legal (AFL) is demanding that the Department of Homeland Security provide it with records pertaining to the Biden administration’s immigration policies.

An AFL spokesperson says the Biden administration’s approach to illegal immigration since January can only be explained by an “open border” policy coupled with the intentional dismantling of immigration enforcement.

AFL filed a Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) for records because it said the American public should know the extent to which the administration is committed to these policies.

The group has had recent legal success after it sued the Biden administration for using racially discriminatory criteria against whites to award Covid-19 relief funds to restaurateurs. AFL won a temporary restraining order. The administration ultimately conceded the lawsuit and said it would no longer use racially discriminatory criteria to award Covid-19 relief funds.

FOIA requests must be answered within about a month, but the government often stalls or delays its response to them.

Click the link below to read AFL’s article (contains link to FOIA request):


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