STUDY: Vaccine of no benefit to people who already had Covid-19

A recent study finds people who have already had Covid-19 are unlikely to get any benefit from vaccination, because they already have immunity from their infection.

The study was conducted on employees of the Cleveland Clinic Health System.

It’s in line with the initial studies by vaccine makers Moderna and Pfizer, which also did not find a benefit to vaccinating people who have already had Covid-19.

The findings directly contradict false guidance distributed by CDC.

Top CDC officials and the vaccine advisory committee falsely stated that studies showed Covid-19 is effective in people who have already had Covid-19. Once the disinformation was exposed by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky), there was no word that anybody at CDC was held accountable.

Authorities say the disinformation by CDC resulted in many people who didn’t need the vaccine and could not benefit from it getting in line ahead of others who needed the vaccine when there was a short supply.

The cumulative incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection remained almost zero among previously infected unvaccinated subjects, previously infected subjects who were vaccinated, and previously uninfected subjects who were vaccinated, compared with a steady increase in cumulative incidence among previously uninfected subjects who remained unvaccinated.

Nabin K. Shrestha, Patrick C. Burke, Amy S. Nowacki, Paul Terpeluk, Steven M. Gordon

Read the study here.

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52 thoughts on “STUDY: Vaccine of no benefit to people who already had Covid-19”

  1. It’s almost like the government officials are on the take and selling policy. Thanks FBI and DOJ for not doing your job and allowing the swamp to grow deeper.

  2. Sharyl,

    Thank you for providing this. Yes, this is a single study, not yet peer-reviewed, but an interesting finding that may be followed by similar results from others.

    I suspect this will not make the “regular” news media.

    1. Franklin Barfield

      So you’re just going to ignore the report that both Moderna and Pfizer confirm that there is no benefit of these vaccines for CV19 recovered people? How convenient!

        1. Moderna and Pfizer WANT everybody to get their vaccines no matter what! They make $$$ and don’t care whether the vaccines are necessary or not!

  3. Typo: “…studies showed Covid-19 is effective in people who have already had Covid-19.”

    Instead of “the vaccine.” Typo is significant enough that article can’t be shared. Please correct; thanks for the great reporting.

    1. “Top CDC officials and the vaccine advisory committee *falsely stated* that studies showed Covid-19 is effective …”

  4. I keep hearing from my doctor that I should take the vaccination. I have, however, had Covid and was hospitalized for 12 days and suffered from pneumonia while there as well.
    I had a blood test showing I had immunity in May and was able to see family, but no one can say how long immunity will last. I am, therefore, in uncomfortable territory. Not vaccinated but considered immune. Without vaccinations, I am supposed to wear a mask, though I have lung problems due to the virus. I fit in NOWHERE! I needed this article to show others. Thank you!

    1. No-one can say how long protection from the vaccine lasts either since they have only been in use for a short time.

          1. The closest that can be said with absolute certainty is that those who survived SARS-CoV-1, which SARS-CoV-2 is very close to, in 2003 still have active T-cells in spite of undetectable antibodies. Other than that, we just have the examples of how every other bug works. The Koreans determined last year that in most previously infected there is “little to no chance” of reinfection. In new cases in Israel, half have had all of the fake vax shots, 1% are previous infectees. Among those, 96% have multiple comorbidities. Even the corrupt CDC admits reinfection is rare.

    2. You should be immune for several years at least. One study showed no half-life of anti-bodies 9 months after people had it. Plus, history shows us that you should have years of protection. I would wait 5 years and see what studies show about the long term safety of this shot is. Blessings. (I would take vitamin D!)

      1. I was told to take Vitamin D & Zinc pills. I had antibody test 5 months after quarantine. My PCP said I have no reason to vaccinate.

      2. The vaccine hasn’t been out long enough for people to say it is effective. Lots of people are having issues with the vaccine or dying. The media is again covering this information up.. Once the vaccine is in your system there is no way of removing it. You could ruin your life for good. I am not taking the vaccine as I have had covid. My only symptoms with covid were extreme fatigue and a cough. I give blood. That is how I found out that it was covid. They told me I had high antibodies in my system. I feel, in my heart; that God made us fearfully and wonderfully. I am counting on my immune system that God gave me and a healthy diet. No one is going to force me to do something that I feel is totally unsafe. NO vaccine for me. I also don’t trust the Deep State. This is all part of their plan for the reset of America. We, the people; need to put a stop to all of this nonsense . They can’t arrest all of us! I pray these people get their due judgement and are swiftly punished. This is criminal!

        1. Thank you for saying exactly how I feel. I am in the same boat. The pressure everyone is wanting to put on the unvaccinated is unreal, yet, they haven’t once asked if we’ve had it and kicked it. I can’t help but wonder why.. My gut is strongly telling me that I do not need to get the jab if I’ve already had it and have the anitbodies, and people in my family have been tremendously ill since getting their vaccination.

        2. AMEN to that Janelle. I chose to put my life only in GOD”S hands, not those
          goons who are using the unsuspected people as lab rats. How naïve can people be? Allowing THEM to poison their children and themselves?

    3. You’re not alone. I won’t get into the details of my situation but I am feeling just as stuck. Just wanted to let you know that there may be more of us in your boat than you know.

    4. I had Covid, was hospitalized, and took the first shot of the vaccine on Saturday. By Sunday, my body aches and chills were more severe than when I had Covid. It’s a cruel thing to subject survivors of COVID to this vaccine.

  5. Hi, I have no idea if this is significant but I have never had flu – but used to get colds.
    From general knowledge, I have been taking Vit D and Zinc since Covid broke out here in the UK.
    In April 2020, I was admitted to hospital for 3 days with a heart problem. When I came out, I was so exhausted that I slept in a chair for about 3 days, didn’t eat and lost the sense of smell and taste. My toes were discoloured.
    About 15 months later, I developed a cough, runny nose and continual breathlessness. I could taste and smell but these senses were a bit limited.
    I recovered after a few days.
    I think I had Covid 19/a variant 15 months apart. I have not been vaccinated at all, despite my trying to be. That failure is down to the incompetence of the authorities who deny my existence as I’m not registered with a doctor (my choice for good reasons).
    Good luck all.

  6. The worst part is they are making you get a vaccine to go to work, see a music event, see a sports event. I feel our liberties are being stripped away in a very short time.

    1. They can’t “make” you do anything. You may not like the consequences that come from the choice YOU make, but rest assured, that’s still your choice to make.

      “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws” – Martin Luther King Jr.

      Stay strong

  7. Word of caution: the journal where this article was published has included an important disclaimer. The study has not yet been peer-reviewed. It should not be used to guide medical practice.

    It should also be noted that the article is not taking an ‘anti-vax’ position. It is simply recommending that non-vaccinated people be prioritised.

    1. All early publications include such disclaimers. However, this is notable in particular because it’s in line with what the the initial studies of both Moderna and Pfizer found, as well as many studies since.

    2. Alec, perhaps the CDC and FDA should follow international law and their own strict protocols regarding new drugs. Actually, what our own government is doing is worse than thisstudy of survivors of Covid.

  8. Already had Covid and will not take this Vaccine have a friend who is a Dr took the shot 2 weeks later was diagnosed with Covid I am a Christian and will not live my life in Fear.

    1. 100% Paul. How can religious people be so fearfull, disappointing to see how people trade their freedom out of fear for an illusion of safety.

  9. An oxymoron much?
    “We’ve all spent the last year dreaming about a return to normal life, and the vaccine is one of the most powerful tools to get us there. But vaccination is not only a means of ensuring strong immunity, reducing lingering symptoms, and protecting others; it can also give your friend the peace of mind that comes from knowing that he almost certainly will never to have to go through severe COVID-19 illness again. We hope that you’ll encourage your friend to get vaccinated when he can and that the two of you are able to enjoy a safe and happy visit in the not-too-distant future.” (

    I’ve also heard rumors that unvaccinated employees will be given higher insurance premiums in the workplace if they refuse the vaccine, which basically means you are being singled out, yet, we’re supposed to be inclusive and accommodating to everyone else who makes their choices to live the way they want to live.

  10. Of course there isn’t a benefit. Only had chicken pox once and member my mom trying to infect my little sis so she didn’t get it when older. I’ve had COVID and it was so mild luckily (tho contagious as hell) and I’m a weed smoker and Juul user with many years of partying and drugs.. Wish we understood why some people w/ perfect health are so affected. Stomach flu/food poisoning & alcohol withdrawal was worse for me.
    But I’m in Playa del Carmen right now and can’t return home by flight without a test unless I go walk across the border and come back that way. I love America but hate some of our officials and being lied to for profit and politics. Seriously ready to move to Japan or a resort town in Mexico! Being in the Bay Area when this shit hit was like the holy grail of insanity.

  11. I had Covid 7/2021 and as a 44 year old male it sucked. I never went to the hospital or any other clinic, but once I felt better I did email my Doctor about getting the Vaccine. He advised me that I didn’t NOT need it. That’s what I’m going with.

  12. My husband had Covid terribly with pneumonia and a terrible fever for over a week. He works for one of our local hospitals and always had a mask on. That shows masks are not an answer, however now that he is well and all healed up, the hospital is mandating vaccines or lose your job. So September 30 is the last day to work without the vaccine so he will be suspended thirty days then fired. It is crazy to me as an RN that when I went to work for one of our hospital systems I did not have my shot record so they drew titers on me to see if I had the antibodies for Hep B, etc. They don’t give kids that have had chicken pox a Zoster Varicella shot because they are immune. I have listened to many frontline doctors who are saying that this vaccine is dangerous. VAERS shows over 10K deaths associated with the vaccine and many miscarriages, deformed babies, blood clotting disorders etc. Someone I know got the vaccine and has been in the hospital with a chest full of small blood clots, she is now on hospice. My daughters friend took it about the time she got pregnant with twins, one died in utero and the other has a brain that the lobes did not separate and the report says part of the gray matter is missing. A doc I work with who is in excellent health got it and ended up in the hospital with pericarditis. He said he was in the ER three different times. My husband who is a supervisor at the hospital said many of his employees who got the vaccine were out sick with Covid. Some of them had already had Covid before and they said they were as sick as the first time. Another doctor said at a townhall I attended that a surgeon got the vaccine and the next day his gums kept bleeding after he brushed his teeth. He got blood work and his platelet count was zero, two days later he died of a brain bleed and lastly she said one of her patient’s who breast feeds got the vaccine when her baby was nine months old. She breast fed the baby for 24 hours and the baby died of leukocytopenia. There are so many untold stories out there that the media and silicon valley are hiding because this vaccine is a MONEY MAKER. We have new billionaires at the expense of many lives. I am blessed to live in a state where our governor will not make state employees get the vaccine so I get to keep my job as long as he is governor, but many others are not so blessed. I am praying for people who got the vaccine because this is a big deal. Guillain-Barre syndrome is the biggest concern for people who have received the vaccine. My family for the most part is not interested in a vaccine for something they have already obtained with the virus itself and that is NATURAL IMMUNITY. Past studies with other corona viruses showed people had immunity for 15 years, what is any different with this other than our government overreaching. Many congressmen, the president included have portfolios full of pharmaceutical stock, so of course they want to REQUIRE immunizations. People need to wake up. We are not a communist or socialist society even though they try to run it like it is. President Biden is not a dictator but he’s trying to act like one. The patient bill of rights says no patient can be forced to take any treatment, but must be a partner in their care and the choices in the plan of care. HIPPA says your HPI is private and your boss doesn’t get to know so for them to ask for proof is also a violation, but I am sure they have a work around on that.

    1. Excellently stated. This is the info that needs to be shared and not silenced or censored from the media, but unfortunately it’s happening.

  13. News Flash 1:
    It’s NOT a vaccine!
    It’s an Experimental Gene Therapy and they are using the whole world as un-paid and un-informed test subjects (i.e. guinea pigs), for an un-tested gene therapy that they could not get approval to test on humans for decades, till the government turned this whole thing into a pandemic, by telling people not to take a proven cure.

    News Flash 2:
    There is no need for an un-tested vaccine, when a PROVEN cure is available. HCQ (Hydroxychloriquin) WORKS and it’s SAFE, having a 60 plus year track record of SAFE and effective use on diseases like malaria and lupus.

    1. And don’t ignore Ivermectin, Vitamin D, Quercetin, Zinc…..Many of the folks in this discussion who had severe COVID or even were hospitalized would probably had a much easier time with the disease had they been offered early interventions of these therapies. Our family is a witness of all this and got through without hospitalizations!

      Do an Internet search for Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance for information if you know someone who just came down with COVID. Use their MATH+ Protocol using Ivermectin (as many countries other than the US have done successfully). We had to get Ivermectin at a cow feed store (we now live in Texas :) ) and were careful to dose it as 1ml per 100 pounds of body weight, but please double check. It has been safely used in animals and humans since the 1970’s.

      I agree that the pressure on those of us with natural immunity to get vaccinated is heavy and unjust. I feel that the risks are greater than the benefits, with possibility of overdoing our immune system and causing lifelong problems.

      In this woke age of “enlightenment” where we are to be inclusive of all life styles, it is very hypocritical to discriminate based on vaccination status of a minimally tested vaccine. I heard the other day that some employers require you have a special employee ID tag if you have not been vaccinated, kind of like the Star of David in Nazi Germany….Yeah, very inclusive……I would think that is illegal under HIPPA.

  14. I have had two vaccines, last one 8mos ago. I was tested for level anitibodies and I’m down to 10 my husband has 50 our of 100……. Bottom line I’m nearly unprotected and want the booster but CDC will not allow my physician to give it to me yet??? Why? I can go to a pharmacy and get it by telling them a lie……… which many are doing but I’d like to have it administered by my physician. I am a lung cancer survivor.

  15. Marketing Co pushing Vaccinations
    Fors Marsh Group (FMG) announced that it was awarded a second contract, valued at $150 million, for the nationwide COVID-19 Public Education Campaign by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs.
    And people buy into it.

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