Texas hospital workers sue over Covid-19 vaccine mandate

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A group of people who work at the Houston Methodist Health System is suing the hospital over its policy requiring employees and contractors to be vaccinated against Covid-19. That’s according to a Medscape.com report.

The 117 plaintiffs include surgical nurse Jennifer Bridges who previously publicly said she would give up her job before getting the experimental vaccine, says Medscape.

The medical center reportedly gave a hospital administrator the vaccine ultimatum even though he does not treat patients and has been working from home. Those who do not comply risk losing their jobs.

Houston Methodist reportedly sent an email to employees in April notifying them that they had until June 7 to start the vaccination process or apply for a medical or religious exemption. It is said that those who decide not to get vaccinated or seek the appropriate exemption will be fired.

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Texas hospital workers sue hospital over vaccine mandate

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4 thoughts on “Texas hospital workers sue over Covid-19 vaccine mandate”

  1. See the Highwire.com interview with the RN, Jennifer Bridges. She points out personal experiences at the hospital in which the Hospital ignored negative reactions to the covid shot. In fact, she reports having had covid and feels she has the anti-bodies so why does she need the shot.

  2. Weird that only vaccination counts and not immunity. We know you have some immunity if vaccinated, You will greater immunity once having had COVID. Isn’t herd immunity what we want and not some bizarre submission to a grand experiment?

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