The Anatomy of a Real Case of Alleged 2020 Election Fraud (PODCAST)

One court case alleging 2020 election fraud has produced forensic analyses and results presented to the court. Today, we take a deep dive with the lawyer who’s alleging fraud, Constitutional attorney Matthew DePerno. He’ll tell us what he says he’s discovered about exactly how votes were switched. 

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6 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Real Case of Alleged 2020 Election Fraud (PODCAST)”

  1. Thank you for the very compelling interview. Have you formed an opinion as to the validity of the Presidential election?

  2. Fascinating but I have to ask, and perhaps I missed it, have the team involved here actually hand counted the paper ballots and if not, why? Wouldn’t that be the best test to determine accuracy?

  3. A stunning interview, and one wonders whether similar things might have happened in other states. I appreciate getting Dominion’s response. Yet there’s more to learn. What is DePerno’s response to Dominion’s statement? Who is paying DePerno’s fees and expenses?

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