(WATCH) He’s baaaack: More than 2.2 million watch Trump rally in Wellington, Ohio online

President Trump spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of thousands at a rally in Wellington, Ohio on Saturday night in support of Republican candidates.

Trump supporters donned shirts reading, “Don’t blame me, I voted for Trump.”

Banned from Facebook and Twitter, Trump’s loyal fans found a way to watch him online. His rally racked up nearly two million views on Right Side Broadcasting Network and Rumble alone in just a few hours. That dwarfs the online interest in videos posted by President Biden.

#TRUMP2024ToSaveAmerica trended on Twitter, despite the ban.

Using his familiar upbeat delivery, Trump attacked nearly every facet of the Biden Administration.

“Do you miss me?” asked the former president as the crowd roared with cheers and chanted “Four more years!”

Among other topics, Trump criticized the controversial teachings of “Critical Race Theory,” which promotes racist principles such as judging white people negatively, solely based on the color of their skin.

Trump also claimed that Critical Race Theory is being forced on the military by “woke” generals and called U.S. military leaders “weak and ineffective” for allowing it. Watch that clip at the link below.


“Gas prices are skyrocketing, inflation is skyrocketing, China and Russia are humiliating our country,” said Trump.

More than 1.9 million viewers watched on the Right Side Broadcasting Network’s (RSBN) YouTube channel on Saturday night, June 26, with numbers still increasing by the thousands every few minutes past midnight into Sunday. Watch the RSBN replay at the link below.


More than 345,000 had watched on Trump’s new Rumble channel as of midnight Saturday. Watch the Rumble channel recording below.


More viewers watched on C-SPAN, One America News, Newsmax, and other outlets. Watch C-SPAN below.


Trump says he will be going to the troubled Southern Border next week where there is a 20-year high of illegal immigrants being intercepted after crossing the border.

When it comes to online views, enthusiasm for Trump far outweighs that of President Biden. Most of his videos receive a fractional number of views compared to Trump’s first rally in six months. See President Biden’s YouTube account below.


One of Biden’s more popular features was the June 5, 2021 “A Weekly Conversation: On the Line with President Obama,” which garnered under 68,000 views. Watch that feature at the link below.


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53 thoughts on “(WATCH) He’s baaaack: More than 2.2 million watch Trump rally in Wellington, Ohio online”

  1. Andrew E Orahoske

    Lol, it takes you to the Whitehouse page for the Biden clips & comments are turned off on EVERY video listed.

    1. This idiots are so scared of trump if they have to even make his pictures tiny so people won’t see the big crowds

  2. I would love to have a realistic number of attendees. You are one of those good journalists accurately reporting and I trust you.

    1. Onalee Henderson

      It was at least 30k+. My son and I attended! He would tell you it was closer to 50k. The local police chief was e petting 15-20k but he was in for a shock!

  3. Thank you for your clear minded and honest reporting. You are a information source for millions of Americans whose views are being snuffed out by big tech in cahoots with the socialist Democact party..
    God Bless you and keep you safe!
    Hugs from all of us!

  4. Return of the MACK-“Letting all the people know, that I’m back to run the show”. Lyrics from Returrn of the Mack by Mark Morrison

  5. Thank you Ms Sharyl Attkisson, I can truly say Reporter, Writer and NOT A PROPAGANDA arm of the Socialist Democratic Party

  6. Is it possible to gain an update on your Gov. “spying” case, it would be nice to see progress on your suite.

  7. Thank you for covering this with a fair you! You Re one of the VERY few reporters that I trust to be impartial and strait forward!!

  8. Thomas Palmieri

    I like Sheryl Attkisson, but even she appears to have succumbed to editorializing in her news reporting, when she states that Critical Race Theory “promotes racist principles such as judging white people negatively, solely based on the color of their skin”. I happen to agree with that statement, but a more neutral way of stating matters would have been to say that “CRT’s detractors believe that it promotes racist principles…” ect. If it is wrong for liberal or non Trump supporting reporters to editorialize by stating that ‘Trump continues to peddle the lie that the election was stolen’ instead of stating that ‘Trump continues to advance unproven allegations of election fraud’, it is wrong for her to editorialize regarding CRT. By the way, I say down with CRT, and up with American Civics education and viewpoint diversity in colleges as advanced by Governor DeSantis of Florida, who will hopefully be our new President come January 2025..

    1. Sharyl Attkisson

      Thanks for your comment but under any definition of racism and racist principles the statement is true; thus it isn’t an editorialization or matter of opinion. I worded it carefully and accurately and only after reviewing CRT material. I don’t think it’s necessary or helpful to tiptoe around facts, and reporting the facts accurately is, in fact, a neutral position. Sugar-coating something is not neutral; it’s skewing the information. In my view.

  9. Trump faced detractors that were unprecedented for any other president up until his election. No president has been simultaneously attacked the way he has been since he came down the escalator, he is right. Yet, no other president has fought back as well or as graciously as he has either. He’s been right at every turn, yet he’s never been given credit. Ironically, the credit is taken from him! He’s always been underestimated and mocked by the elitists in D.C.. They just can’t seem to understand that Americans prefer a businessman to a politician when it comes to running the country! We’re tired of the corruption, the careers that are carefully being crafted, the games, all of the petty nonsense that wastes our time and money, Americans don’t want to put up with anymore. We stand by Trump because he stands up for us. We’ll put him back in the White House in 2024 where he belongs. Bet on it.

  10. Agreed Sharyl. Also, how can someone agree with your factual statement, your reporting, your specific points and then claim your are editorializing? I know Thomas was making his comment in good conscience and intent but in my humble opinion, I would say that he has contradicted himself and you haven’t.

  11. Onalee Henderson

    President Trumps rally Saturday night was uplifting! My son and I attended! There were at least 30k + people there, my son would tell you there were 50k. The Gov of SD was in attendance and so was Jim Jorden, so much for Forbs.com saying no GOP member would be attending the rally. Yes there were other local GOP attendees including the man running to replace our RINO governor.

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