(WATCH) Local Fox reporter says hydroxychloroquine stories were censored

Reporter Ivory Hecker says reporting on hydroxychloroquine was censored at her station, the local Fox affiliate in Houston.

Hecker secretly recorded conversations of two of her station’s officials.

“It’s not just about the viewers, it’s about what our CEO reads. It’s about what our [General Manager] reads,” says the station’s assistant news director Lee Meier in one recording posted by Project Veritas.

The station has called Hecker a disgruntled ex-reporter who is trying to get attention.

“…cease and desist posting about hydroxychloroquine”

Susan Schiller, Fox 26 Houston Vice President and News Director

Watch the interview at the link below:


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10 thoughts on “(WATCH) Local Fox reporter says hydroxychloroquine stories were censored”

  1. metaphorsbwithu

    An interesting dilemma for “the press”.

    Media have Constitutional protection of “free speech” in reporting news.

    Are they protected when they deliberately suppress speech which thereby causes injury and damage to those who were harmed by NOT knowing the facts?

    1. An interesting dilemma. Telling the whole truth is protected by the first amendment. Shouldn’t telling only half the truth make you liable for the damage you cause?

  2. Guess she’s an “ex-reporter” now, but she was still one when she revealed she’d talked to Project Veritas live in the air…

  3. The Broward County Health affiliates in Floida were using the HDQ and also the Ivermectin protocols throughout the entire pandemic. They did the studies after a Dr. in Key West decided to try these drugs when there was nothing available early on in the pandemic. They worked and they kept using BOTH drugs to save so many people in Florida. Meanwhile Gov. Cuomo prohibited ALL drs and pharmacies in NY from dispensing HDQ or Ivermecting to their patients even with a prescription. Governor Cuomo MURDERED thousands of people in NY and needs to be arrested for criminally negligent homicide. SEE IT BELOW:

  4. “Are [the media] when they deliberately suppress speech which thereby causes injury and damage to those who were harmed by NOT knowing the facts?”
    Does the Jane Akre/FOX case shed light on that question?
    As I recall the astonishing verdict, a news organiztion has no obligation to report the actual news (my non-legal interpretation).

    I’m sure there are many instances where helpful news is not reported because of conflict of interest/actual suppression. A small personal example: I took a news reporting class at night school with two editors from the Boston Globe. The final story I wrote for the class, in early 2005, reported on changes in the real estate market, and how local property investors (the kind who buy, fix and flip) had stopped buying houses because they thought the market was seriously overheated. They were going to wait at least a year, if not more, because they expected prices to come down significantly.
    The story got an “A’ and one of the teachers sent it to the Real Estate editor, who declined to run it.
    Would home buyers/refinancers, particularly those who bought at the height of the market, have been helped by having the insight of the local property investors? You bet.
    But the main advertisers in the Real Estate section of newspapers are realtors, of course. They won the day.

    A report I’d love to see: Dr. Peter McCullough, along with a group of independent physicians from the US and Italy, developed an effective multi-drug early treatment protocl for treating covid. He testified about it before the Texas legislture. He was astonished that none of the medical establishment (the CDC, the NIH, the teaching hospitals, etc) developed their own protocol. They had no recommendations for people in early stages of covid other than to go home and go to the hospital when they could no longer breathe. This is an extremely important interview, and some may certainly find it shocking:

    Many decision-makers in the medical establishment stand to make royalties from covid vaccines, and it’s common for them to get plum, lucrative jobs in pharma after they leave office (see: Julie Gerberding). How many organizations tasked with public health actually supressed life-saving early treatment, threatend physicians who offered it, and still have nothing to recommend to treat covid today, other than “get the vaccine”? How many state deparments of health provide any information at all on early treatments such as what Dr. McCullough and others recommend? I know the health dept of my state, Michigan, has nothing whatsoever about this. Their website only talks about masks, social distancing, and vaccines.

    How long before people start to question the “hero” narrative of these public officials that’s been promulgated by media?

    Sharyl Attkisson, thanks once again for bringing people news they really need, and always encouraging us to think for ourselves.

  5. Jeffery Wayne Tartt

    In your face proof that the media doesn’t care about the truth or the people, they present stories too. In typical fashion, this story has been blacklisted by the media and big tech. Another obvious example of who’s truly running things.

  6. Friends have been taking HDQ safely for years for diseases such as Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
    Another friend was successfully treated with HDQ ( in Texas) for Covid 19.
    God forbid that Lee Meier or Susan Schiller be diagnosed with an auto- immune disease!
    Which one ( Meier or Schiller) is a medical Doctor?
    So long FOX 26!

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