“You are a pathetic liar”: CDC senior scientist to CDC’s head of immunization (DOCUMENT)

A CDC internal email released through a Freedom of Information Act request reveals just how nasty things got behind closed doors after a CDC senior scientist confessed to covering up a link between vaccines and autism, and implicated his CDC colleagues.

The email, dated Sept. 2, 2018, was written by CDC’s Dr. Willam (Bill) Thompson to Dr. Frank DeStefano, CDC’s head of immunization safety.

In the email, Thompson responds to an interview DeStefano gave me in 2014. It was after Thompson stunned the scientific community by saying that he, DeStefano, and other CDC scientists committed fraud in a major vaccine-autism study. It was information that upended a decade-and-a-half of government and vaccine industry narratives on the controversy, and stood to impact some of the millions of families in the U.S. who have autistic children.

According to Thompson, he and his fellow CDC scientists covered up a link between MMR vaccine and autism in African-American boys. “The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism,” Thompson later testified.

From: Vaxxed

CDC officials disposed of study documents “in a huge garbage can”

As part of the alleged fraud and coverup, Thompson said he and the other CDC scientists who conducted the research got together and literally trashed study data.

Thompson first revealed his role in the fraud during a series of phone conversations with the parent of an autistic child. The parent surreptitiously recorded the calls, in which Thompson confessed and said he lived with tremendous guilt. 

When the parent made the recordings public, Thompson admitted to scientific fraud and issued a statement issued through his attorney. “I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information,” read the statement, in part. He also described how he says he and his CDC colleagues had a meeting and literally threw documents from the research into a garbage can.

The coauthors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the study. The remaining four coauthors all met and brought a big garbage can into the meeting room and reviewed and went through all the hard copy documents that we had thought we should discard and put them in a huge garbage can. However, because I assumed it was illegal and would violate both FOIA and DOJ requests, I kept hard copies of all documents in my office, and I retained all associated computer files.

Dr. William “Bill” Thompson, CDC Senior Scientist

CDC would not permit Thompson to do media interviews after he blew the whistle.

Interview with CDC official that prompted Thompson’s email

In the interview with me in 2014, DeStefano, a co-author with Thompson on the questioned study, defended the CDC’s vaccine-autism research. I asked if he was aware of Thompson’s concerns prior to them being revealed publicly.

Dr. Frank DeStefano, head of CDC immunization safety

“I mean I’ve continued to see, uh, see him for over the past ten years and we’ve interacted fairly frequently, and, uh, no I wasn’t aware of this,” DeStefano told me.

“So whoever he raised his concerns to, he didn’t, he didn’t raise it to you or anybody you knew of?” I asked.

“No, I mean the last time I saw him was probably about two months ago, and he didn’t mention anything about this,” replied DeStefano.

“And at the time he didn’t seem concerned when you said there was a consensus?”

“No, yeah,” said DeStefano. “I mean at the time he did these analyses he did, you know, he did point out that in one group, you know in that larger group the the the measures of association [between MMR vaccine and autism] were higher than in the, uh, birth certificate group and, you know, we discussed that and for the reasons I mentioned, uh, we came to consensus that the, uh, birth certificate uh results were more valid.”

Thompson apparently heard or read a transcript of the recorded interview four years later, in 2018, and fired off an email to DeStefano. The subject was titled: “Your dishonest behavior —- trying to portray us as ‘friends’”

Thompson’s email included the link to my interview with DeStefano and the transcript.

Thompson copied other CDC figures on the email including Coleen Boyle, CDC’s Director of the National Center on Birth Defects and Disabilities; Anne Schuchat, CDC’s Principal Deputy Director; Joanne Cono, CDC’s Chief Science and Medical Officer in the Office of Science; and Sudevi Ghosh, a senior CDC attorney.

CDC’s Dr. Anne Schuchat

Another pro-vaccine govt. expert alleges coverup

Also in late 2018, about the time Thompson was firing off the email, another of the government’s top pro-vaccine medical experts signed a sworn statement also alleging a government coverup of links between vaccines and autism.

Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, the world-renowned, pro-vaccine pediatric neurologist specializing in autism says that, as an expert witness for the government defending vaccines in vaccine court in 2007, he told the government that vaccines can cause autism in “exceptional” cases, after all. But he says the government covered up his finding, fired him as an expert witness, and misrepresented his opinion in court. The Department of Justice also secretly settled a major vaccine-autism court case that Zimmerman had consulted on– the government admitting liability but making sure the records were sealed– while telling other parents of vaccine-injured children that links to autism were debunked conspiracy theories.

Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, the pro-vaccine govt. expert who says vaccines can cause autism, after all, in “exceptional” cases

Explosive allegations; but no independent investigation

Thompson has remained at CDC since he revealed the agency’s alleged scientific fraud. Although Thompson provided his information, documents, and a sworn statement to Congressman Bill Posey (R-Florida), Posey says he was unable to convince colleagues to investigate or schedule hearings on the bombshell allegations.

Once Thompson’s claims began to gain traction, numerous propagandists acting in the interest of the vaccine industry got busy controversializing Thompson and those reporting on his allegations, to try to discredit them. 

While it may be unprecedented for the author of a scientific, peer-reviewed article to publicly expose alleged flaws in his own work and that of his colleagues, the journal that published the study apparently disregarded Thompson’s statements, and decided not to retract the study in question.

“As a publisher we take very seriously any questions about articles in our journal and have a set procedure to investigate such issues. We have followed that process, discussed the research methods with the authors, and have determined to take no action regarding the article,” a spokesman for Pediatrics told me in 2014 when I asked if the study would be retracted. 

The journal reportedly never spoke to Thompson.

According to a sworn statement Thompson provided to Posey’s office:

  • Thompson says he led or co-led three major vaccine safety studies after concerns about MMR vaccine and possible links to autism. 
  • He says the CDC hypothesized if the agency found statistically significant effects from MMR vaccine at either 18- or 36-months, “we would conclude that vaccinating children early with MMR vaccine could lead to autism-like characteristics or features.”
  • But he says when a “huge” statistically significant result was found, he and his co-authors met and decided not to report it.
  • Soon after, Thompson says, “the coauthors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the study.”
  • He says the CDC coauthors “brought a big garbage can into the meeting room and reviewed and went through all the hard copy documents that we had thought we should discard and put them in a huge garbage can.”
  • Thompson stated because he “assumed it was illegal and would violate both FOIA and DOJ requests, I kept hard copies of all documents in my office, and I retained all associated computer files.”

 Dr. William Thompson in his own words

We all met and finalized the study protocol and analysis plan. The goal was to not deviate from the analysis plan to avoid the debacle that occurred with the Verstraeten Thimerosal study published in Pediatrics in 2003.

At the September 5 meeting, we discussed in detail how to code race for both the sample and the birth certificate sample. At the bottom of table 7, it also shows that for the nonbirth certificate sample, the adjusted race effect was huge.

All the authors and I met and decided sometime between August and September 2002 not to report any race effects for the paper. Sometime soon after the meeting, where we decided to exclude reporting any race effects, the coauthors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the study.

The remaining four coauthors all met and brought a big garbage can into the meeting room and reviewed and went through all the hard copy documents that we had thought should discard and put them in a huge garbage can.

However, because I assumed it was illegal and would violate both FOIA and DOJ requests, I kept hard copies of all documents in my office, and I retained all associated computer files.

I believe we intentionally withheld controversial findings from the final draft of the Pediatrics paper.

CDC’s response, and more information

Also in the interview with me, CDC’s DeStefano acknowledged that it’s possible that vaccines may rarely trigger autism in children. “I guess, that, that is a possibility,” said DeStefano. “It’s hard to predict who those children might be, but certainly, individual cases can be studied to look at those possibilities.”

Listen to CDC’s response (audio and interview transcript) here: https://sharylattkisson.com/2018/12/cdc-possibility-that-vaccines-rarely-trigger-autism/ Sept. 2, 2014,

Watch Rep. Bill Posey calling for an investigation of the CDC’s MMR research fraud here on July 29, 2015.

Watch investigation on Dr. Andrew Zimmerman’s allegations of government vaccine-autism coverup.

Read Dr. Zimmerman’s sworn affidavit on alleged government vaccine-autism coverup.

More background here.


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78 thoughts on ““You are a pathetic liar”: CDC senior scientist to CDC’s head of immunization (DOCUMENT)”

  1. Why do things like this get let go and forgotten on pursuit? Now here we are, total lies from Fauci and CDC yet the world is still following their messed up, biased opinions and guidance that has cause so much harm WORLDWiDE!

      1. No. 1 and No. 3 cause of death in USA are doctors.
        According to Harvard, N. 4 cause of death in USA are side effects of properly prescribed and correctly used Pharma prescription drugs, and this does not include abuse of them.
        So, line up and get your medicine, Americanos. Your time is over.

    1. It’s all about the money. Just like no one talks about all the children in Africa that have been permanently harmed (some died) from Bill Gates and his DTP vaccines. In the 1990’s Gates, along with the WHO, vaccinated thousands of African children and the result was vaccinated girls died at 10 times the rate of unvaccinated girls.

      There’s a great article about this at ChildrensHealthDefense.Org.

      1. Exactly this. The pharmaceutical industry is all about making money. Not healing or helping people. They spend billions every year on advertisements. They pay millionsif o billions in kickbacks, sorry “donations” to the CDC band NIH “charitable foundations.

        Their ads are everywhere, and six months to a year after an ad shows up for a new pharmaceutical product, you will see ads from attorneys about class action lawsuits for many of those those same pharmaceutical products.

        1. Keep following the money and eventually the money ceases to be the motivation behind it all. A whole other abomination of beasts that envision a world with 5.5 billion people, fewer than we have now. A picture virtually unimaginable a year ago, but with each passing day… keeps getting harder and harder to so easily dismiss.

        2. What is truly terrifying is that Pharma and the agrochemical industry now control both ends of the human health equation. First destroy the nutritional value of food through chemical soil depletion.. This fosters chronic disease which Pharma then treats with chemical drugs. Perfect market.

          1. Very astute observation Henry. This is a spiritual war against God, Christ and humanity; the money is used to grease the wheels of satan’s earthly minions.

      2. It is so sad to know I was in a club call Rotary, and every meeting they would take up money for the kids in Africa. They said they were alleviating Polio in Africa. Something just didn’t sit right with me. I ended up quitting that club and later discovered Bill’s ploy was killing and harming them poor kids. smh

    2. I used to wonder how the German people could have allowed the Jews and others to be rounded up and murdered but now I understand.

      1. Yep. Makes one scratch their head.. On the flip side of this, I would like to see the data in question. More often than not, epidemiological data is suspicious. An epidemiologist who doesn’t explain why you shouldn’t listen to epidemiologists doesn’t understand his job.

        But an epidemiologist who does won’t have a job for long.

    3. It’s been shared all over fb before they censored, on Twitter, teleGrAm and other platforms and on some alt media channels. But the masses of people don’t want to know since as one family member said, it’s too much pain and what am supposed to do about it. It’s easier to not know. But the truth warriors are sharing it to as many as will see, hear or listen.

    4. I didn’t see Fauci’s name in the above article. Where are you getting the info about him lying? And don’t say his emails unless you can show which ones show he lied.

      1. You can’t be serious. His emails don’t contain the lies. To keep it simple, he said masks don’t work and tells the public they do. There. One among many lies. Forget COVID, there are years of documented fraud by fauci regarding his handling of aids.

  2. This is maddening to read. The CDC credibility is completely destroyed and will take years to rebuild. A terrible position for all of us to be in at this time. People need to pay the consequence, which is prison I believe.

    1. I wonder if they will ever have credibility. There are too many people working there for years that will subvert information. This is evil.

  3. All done in the name of “MONEY” & “Reputation” and such, why report when it will delay the funds even though it can cause harm, what a bunch of sick individuals

  4. The documentary “Vaxxed” goes into all this and more in great detail. It also introduces some of the major individuals exposing the lies and coverup of our current BS crisis.

    1. I posted an article on Facebook. Facebook deleted my post and said it promoted hate and division. If I did it again they could deactivate my account. We are being silenced and our rights are not being protected by government.

  5. thank you so much for publishing this article. Hopefully, someone of good standing will come forward and do the right thing before many more are effected by this evil drug. blessings.

  6. When information like this comes to light … it’s understandable how the TRUST in the CDC is gone. Why not acknowledge that there is a risk in the vaccines and then establish efforts to identify the variables that make a child more at risk…??…

    1. not only, as you say, that ‘the TRUST in the CDC is gone’, but how is it possible that it still exercises its power and retaining its central position as go-to “experts” on public health? after more than a year of imbecile so-called pandemic measures everything mandated by the CDC needs to be diametrically reversed, because we now know that to “following the science” means we have to sort through their garbage bins. unbelievable.

  7. I have a vaccine injured son that does Special Olympics and the teems gather from all over to compete in basket ball and there are about 10 black teams to 1 white. I can see most of the players are autistic. I adopted minority children and 2 I believe are vaccine injured. It breaks my heart to see this. I watch these kids trying to act like their heroes and not know what caused them to be different. So many destroyed lives. My own son does not understand why he can’t be a helicopter pilot just because he can’t do math or read he still wants to be one. All these young men got their lives destroyed “for the greater good” and most people would be just fine with euthanizing them all. None of them should ever take another vaccination and yet they are being told to do so which will probably kill them all.

  8. TRUTH, LIBERTY, JUSTICE… LOVE, WAR, PEACE… THERE IS HOPE. KEEP ON COURAGEOUSLY. Thank you very much for speaking strongly from your heart. I will never forget your comment.

  9. Gosh, sounds an awful lot like racism played a role in not divulging the disproportionate harm to black children.

    1. I believe they would have done the same thing regardless of race. They can’t let any doubt whatsoever get out about vaccines.

  10. James J. Troxler

    The best antiseptic for the disease that haunts the CDC is sunshine. There can be no doubt that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Unless proven otherwise, Americans can no longer believe anything that comes from any of the alphabet sections of the CDC, FDA, etc. This should also apply to the pharmaceutical industry that has been involved with the cover up of not just Covid 19, and it’s proper management and treatment, but the entire industry.
    I, as a person with 4o years of clinical healthcare have lost all confidence in the industry. This includes physicians, pharmacist, medical lab testing businesses, and health insurance carriers. all of whom should be investigated and when found guilty, charged, tired, and punished as were the Nazi doctors were for their crimes at the end of world war II which are no less heinous than those being committed today.

  11. My husband and I attended, with our 2 autistic grandchildren, a musical performance for special-needs kids. As I looked around at the audience full of children like ours, I wanted to cry at the massive loss of potential for those kids. These callous ‘scientists’ will not know the tremendous physical and emotional costs to those who love these young ones, the realization that their worlds will be limited by the amount of expense to get all available assistance, and the knowledge that it will never be enough. Hopefully, they dont sleep well at night.

    1. Jeffrey Schreiber

      They know but they simply don’t care. I would not be surprised if they don’t vaccinate their own children and grandchildren.

  12. I have 2 grandsons, brothers, autistic, 12, and 14. Precious boys! My heart breaks for them and all the other precious children that their lives will never reach their potential due to these cruel human beings.

    1. Yes, in case some are unaware, when Trump was on the campaign trail in 2016, he talked about setting up a vaccine safety commission with RFK Jr. as the director. Once he became President Elect, Trump met with RFK Jr. – apparently, it was a long meeting, and there were some parents in attendance who believed the vaccine caused their child’s autism (at least that’s my recollection). Trump told RFK Jr. to go ahead and announce it. Then Pfizer made a donation to Trump’s inauguration, Pfizer lobbyists were appointed at HHS and CDC, and then talk of a vaccine safety commission was stopped and that was the end of it.

      1. I remember seeing that meeting and being excited about the possibility of a commission and then it was dropped. But I could never find out why.. Sigh. Then when Trump started talking about Operation Warp Speed for the covid vaccine I knew we were in deep trouble.

  13. A small study was done using Suramin for autism. 5 children received it and 5 did not. The parents of the children who received it reported improvement in their children while the other group did not. Why would they bury this study? Why not do more research? These Satanists disguised as doctors and researchers at the CDC & WHO aren’t employed to help children; rather this is part of their diabolical plan against all humanity. Bill Gates didn’t vaccinate his own kids. I can’t think of 1 vaccine where the benefit outweighs the risks. These monsters create these diseases just so they can sell a vaccine and make billions of dollars. Military Tribunals or Nuremberg 2 is the only way to stop these criminals. The current experimental jabs are intended to sterilize and depopulate so these 1% can take back the earth and have it all to themselves. CDC is covering up the death toll on VAERS by removing thousands of reports on those who died after receiving the shot.

  14. Bottom line: all our institutions, in and out of government, but especially government, have been compromised and corrupted by financial and ideological interests. Do not trust them. Find alternative sources of information that you can trust, because the truth has a way of seeping out.

    Do your best, keep active, and pray.

  15. Vaccine efficacy is such an important conversation to have. And it needs to be a continuing conversation. And even approved vaccines should be continually investigated to insure that risk isn’t exceeding benefit, that there’s proper informed consent of risks, and that ultimately taking the vaccine remains a personal choice

    I was so heartened to see the publishing of Lyons-Weiler and Thomas’ work: Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination. It is the very first published comparison of the health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated kids. https://www.doctorsandscience.com/uploads/1/3/5/8/135856265/published_jlw_pt_article_.pdf Of course, questioning the efficacy of an intervention is necessary, and should be done well prior to introduction of that intervention to the population. Tragic that Dr. Paul announced on his last broadcast (with Dr. Peter McCullough) that his peer-reviewed research paper was just retracted due to an anonymous complaint. https://www.doctorsandscience.com/shows/against-the-wind-with-dr-paul-episode-10

    I’m getting my PhD in Health Sciences, and did a small paper on HIV/AIDS. I have my Masters Degree in Human Nutrition so found the argument for AIDS resulting from nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle very convincing. I found it very coincidental that so many prominent researchers on the same side of AIDS research all died in 2019. Dr Etienne de Harven (excellent book Ten lies about AIDS), Roberto Giraldo, and Kary Mullis https://rethinkingaids.com/index.php/lament-on-the-death-of-etienne-de-harven-and-kary-mullis and https://rethinkingaids.com/index.php/roberto-giraldo-a-life Peter H Duesberg has also a great book (Inventing the AIDS Virus), Like Barry Marshall, the researcher who injected himself w/H. pylori to demonstrate it can cause ulcers, Robert E. Willner was so convinced that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, he inoculated himself with the blood of an HIV positive hemophiliac. Tragically 3 months later he died in a car crash. Full book here https://archive.org/details/deadly-deception-robert-willner_202010

    I’ve also done some research on Polio. Has anyone been tracking what is happening with Polio? Looking at WHO’s Poliomyelitis Disease outbreak news releases, https://web.archive.org/web/20210610072326/https://who.int/csr/don/archive/disease/poliomyelitis/en/ all but one of the news releases is reporting incidences of circulating **vaccine-derived** poliovirus outbreak except for one incidence in May 2019 of wild type 1 in Iran. Very strangely, I published a tweet yesterday which contained the non-web-archive version of WHO’s website because YESTERDAY it worked. TODAY the WHO link no longer works (you have to use the web archive link I linked above). My tweet yesterday went nowhere. Tweet activity shows 39 impressions and 3 engagements. Strange coincidence that the WHO page was taken down overnight. Oral polio vaccines have been causing more polio outbreaks than “wild”viral outbreaks since 2017 https://economist.com/the-economist-explains/2018/12/19/what-is-vaccine-derived-polio The oral polio vaccine can revert to a form of polio that can cause paralysis: considered a “major concern” already in 2009 (Shahzad, 2009). https://academic.oup.com/cid/article-pdf/49/8/1287/1186530/49-8-1287.pdf In 2019, Science Magazine reported that parents in Pakistan were hiding their kids or were using fake finger markings to pretend their kids got the polio vaccine. The report mentions that parents hadn’t understood why health officials only arrive with polio drops when they lack sanitation, running water&basic health services. No Informed Consent there.

    CrossFit has done an amazing job shedding light on published research issues: https://www.crossfit.com/health/why-most-published-research-findings-are-false
    I wish more nutrition-focused scientists would investigate research in other fields of science. In my global health class I’ve had to look at issues surrounding climate science, agriculture, immunization, and politics surrounding refugees in conflict zones. Our familiarity w/conflicts of interest & corruption in peer-reviewed research (if you think other sciences are messed up, you should see nutrition) would lend a lot of insight, and help more people move from “believe science” to “believe science must evolve”.

  16. Thank goodness for courageous investigative journalists, like Sharyl Attkisson. Every day it seems more and more people are waking up to the truth about our corrupt medical system that harms not only adults with dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices (see the documentary Bleeding Edge) and terrible medical protocols (the entire birthing industry) but also our most trusting and vulnerable children. It’s disgusting. We need to build a whole new system from the ground up that honors true health for people, animals and planet based on wisdom and compassion, not greed and power. There are so many good people out there practicing good journalism, good medicine and living lives of integrity. Let’s keep finding them and supporting them and striving towards becoming one of them!

  17. Anonymous Coward

    Thanks for responding.
    I hope the email with the details got through OK and that it is something you can follow up.
    I always copy back emails to me.
    The first email I sent came back with the text of the message repeated – the same text twice over.
    But I did not send it like that.
    So I sent it again.
    The Zimmerman connection between the two stories is strong as is the MMR-autism connection and the way it was all covered up.

  18. I used to be pretty naive; now at age 78 I no longer have any faith in the CDC or for that matter most governmental institutions. The CDC which should be concerned with disease control has become way too political. Politics rules rather than good medicine based on science. I wish we could change our medical system, but that will be extremely tough to do. The drug companies have way too much control. What happened to individualized medicine which might make it possible to determine which people should not get certain vaccines.

  19. Look what GlaxoSmithKline (now part of Pfizer) and their puppets did to Dr Andrew Wakefield, one of the UK’s very best medical researchers. He was deprived of his livelihood for asking for more research into a possible link between MMR and autism. He and his family had to leave the country. Fortunately, his talents were welcomed in Texas, where he has done brilliant work, which has helped find real cures for autism. In a just world he would be celebrated and given awards. Big Pharma, and their CDC puppets, are demons that must be slain or we shall all perish.

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