Analysis: CDC advisers fail to properly disclose risk v. benefit of Covid-19 vaccine for young people & Guillain-Barre autoimmune paralysis

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Although Guillain-Barre autoimmune paralysis cases are occurring after Johnson and Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccination at a higher rate than without vaccination, federal safety advisers say the benefits still outweigh the risks.

With that general guidance, though, the government safety experts provide a surprising failure to differentiate between relative risk of various age groups.

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Some experts insist it’s dangerous for young people– who are at a statistical “zero” chance of serious illness, let alone death with Covid-19– to expose themselves to known and unknown risks, however slight, from Covid-19 vaccine.

The calculus is different, say medical experts, when it comes to small minority of people at high risk of complications and death from Covid-19. For them, the risk-benefit calculation may favor vaccination.

Yet the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advisers make no differentiation in their general, overarching guidance that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine benefits outweigh the risks.

Young people are also proving to be at risk of a potentially dangerous heart inflammation disorder, as well as blood clots, after Covid-19 vaccination.

The incidence of Guillain-Barre autoimmune paralysis, which can be fatal, is reportedly occurring at a rate of more than eight in a million. Experts say there are typically more instances of vaccine side effects occurring than what gets officially reported to safety officials.

Guillain-Barre syndrome is also being reported after other Covid-19 vaccines but, in the U.S. government regulators have not expressed concern about the rate occurring after the RNA vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna.

One parent whose son, in his 20’s, was suddenly stricken with Guillain-Barre paralysis after Covid-19 vaccine told me that his son is in the hospital on a breathing machine “fighting for his life.”

“The doctors say it had nothing to do with the vaccine,” says the father. “But we all know it does.”

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10 thoughts on “Analysis: CDC advisers fail to properly disclose risk v. benefit of Covid-19 vaccine for young people & Guillain-Barre autoimmune paralysis”

  1. Stephen Campbell

    The doctors who deny the obvious connection to vaccines, like the 20 yr. old’s doctors in the article, need to be exposed

  2. The medical community is as much at fault as the pharmaceutical companies. It’s horrible what they are trying to do to every human being on the planet, especially the young children. I have never witnessed such corruption in the government, media and medical community. “They are all in it together”. Medical tyranny just like during WWII. I always wondered why there was so little resistance from the Jews I truly understand it now. They thought by cooperating they would be saved. Well look what cooperation has gotten us since two weeks to flatten the curve. Nothing but more rules and regulations. LAWS NO LONGER EXISTS FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE. The elites do what they want and their rules are do as we say! It is frightening.

  3. As a nurse I can no longer say with pride that we are the most trusted. Nursing leadership has caved to political pressure to go along to get along. This is not evidence based practice and completely disregards informed consent. I am in a leadership position in academia and contingecy plans are in place to circumvent mandatory experimental shots on these mostly young vulnerable students under my watch.

  4. The important question which this article fails to address is whether the incidence of Guillain Barre syndrome is greater in Covid vaccines than non-covid Vaccines.

  5. what substances are in the vaccines? or is it a tale of experimental shots for us, safe saline solution for them?

    1. Graphene oxide which is a toxin Also in the PCR test, some mask have those fibers.
      Mercury, aluminum, aborted fetal cells. Proprietary ingredients. Something that the maker of the vaccines do not have to reveal. I had a list but those are the things. I can remember off hand. Also the envelope that carries the MRNA is some kind lipid plastic toxin These are just a few of the things I can remember.

  6. Marc Maximilien Authier

    I could not resist. CDC means in reality Criminals of the DIstrict of Columbia. Anything the CDC does is done BY big pharma and FOR big pharma. It is certainly not the government by the people and for the people in DC. Idiots waited 4 long years for Trump to clean the swamp. Mister Warp Speed Trump did absolutely NOTHING in swampie places like the CDC who indeed should be fumigated of its criminal vermine like Dr Fauci, this mass murdering psychopath in bed with the Wukan Lab. A part from Rand Paul, I dont hear a lot of the elected criminals in US Congress accusing Fauci of being a criminal. He is not only a criminal but also a mass murderer. The CDC and the FDA each year kills and mass murders more people than all the Pentagon wars put together. No its not an exageration. Its the true picture of what the FDA and the CDC are.

  7. If I remember correctly, GBS was first linked to the Swine Flu vaccine way back in ’76. I forget the exact number of recipients who received the vaccine that developed GBS, but it was a relatively small percentage. Nonetheless, there has been a warning on all the vaccines, from that time forward, that were similarly developed, such as the J&J vaccine. That would include your regular fall flu shot.
    GBS, which is indicated by paralysis, is seldom fatal or always permanent. nor does it affect the same body part in every case. But no one wants to contract it, yet millions take that risk every year with getting their annual flu shot.
    Why the J&J vaccine and not the others? Because, as near as I can figure, it was developed the same way flu vaccines have been developed for years — incubate the virus, then draw it off and kill it to make the vaccine. Your body reacts to the killed virus the same as if were live, i.e., produces antibodies to confront the invader. This is the same method that Louis Pasteur used in developing his ground=breaking vaccines.
    The heretofore untried and hurriedly tested mRNA vaccines (Pzizer and Moderna) were not developed in the same manner, which is what gives me pause. While I would have no problem taking a vaccine developed similarly to J&J’s, I’ve heard they used (aborted) fetal tissue to incubate the virus, instead of the customary eggs. Until I find out the truth of the matter, I will not be taking it either. I will, however, take my yearly flu shot when the time comes, as I have done yearly for decades, now.

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