Big Tech Censorship: Trump’s New Lawsuit and the Wikipedia’s Dark Side (PODCAST)

Today I dig into big tech censorship from Donald Trump’s new lawsuit to Wikipedia’s dark side, including pointed insight from Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger.

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6 thoughts on “Big Tech Censorship: Trump’s New Lawsuit and the Wikipedia’s Dark Side (PODCAST)”

  1. Marc Maximilien Authier

    Too late and too little. He had 4 years to fix the problem. Monopolies of this kind should be broken up like Teddy Roosevelt did against Rockerfeller Standard Oil. That being said the Internet was supposed to equal the playing field where the prophets of high tech promised that you could start your new company in your garage. Surprise surprise. The Internet like anything connected to Wall Street has been monopolized and corrupted to the point of reliving the Robber Barrons era. People should boycott any company violating the 1st amendment. That is what I do. There are still brave small outfits out there trying to break up the monsters dominance and dictatorial censorship. The US government is not a help of any sorts since it is in nature as monopolist and dictatorial and fascist as US big tech. Trump is a clown. He knows perfectly well the Courts are controlled by what I truly believe US corporate fascists that could not care one bit about the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights. And the same can be said for all the Federal Government. They all dream in reality of implementing the chinese social credit dictatorship and that includes of course control on ”free” speech.

    1. Breaking up big oil was the right thing to do but remember, the companies created after the break up were worth far more than the parent was prior to the break up after only a few years.

  2. Marc Maximilien Authier

    Whickedpedia rather. Behind Wikipedia hides the Company. Most US high tech is directly or indirectly controlled by the CIA. And the same for main stream media. Kennedy should indeed have broken in a thousand pieces the CIA. Wikipedia is just the tip of the iceburg. It is not encyclopedia. It is a CIA, US Corporate propaganda machine. I have a general rule when I happen to read this junk site. Everything blackened or denigrated by Whickedpedia is usually true. White is black and black is white. Welcome to 1984. It is now to the point that it is truly like in a George Orwell novel.

  3. Thanks for the info. None of this is a surprise. You might want to expand your story to include the effect that Wikipedia’s information has on what Google ranks whenever you do a search. Wikipedia figures very strongly into establishing “truth” for Google as Google chooses Wikipedia as a primary source to establish facts on just about everything. So, if you are being slandered by Wikipedia, then you are being blackballed by Google.

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