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8 thoughts on “Boobs, mammography, and the “war on women’s breasts” (PODCAST)”

  1. Susan Love has said that there are basically two kinds of breast cancer. One will eventually make it difficult to buy clothes, and the other has already killed you by the time they can detect it.
    So why mammograms at all?


  3. corinna Beuchet

    yes money again.. Also no one here talks of Dairy …! Milk is made for calfs the babies of cows .not for humans .
    Physician For Responsible Medicine explains this well . Went through menopause with no sweats as I had switched to soy milk .

    1. Many women find soy increases hot flashes, so it is no magic panacea.

      Touted as the be-all end all but never found to be valid and the company who did the study failed to include all the women who dropped out of the study after complaining about increased hot flashes. Pays to read the footnoted ‘studies”

      Hot flashes are not universal and they are mainly episodic so they are extremely had to study. Nor has anyone studied if they serve a useful function. One more typical medicalization of women over a very natural and perhaps beneficial –though highly annoying — function.

      Plus they could not even find a connection between hot flashes and estrogen or progesterone level – more a connection to coritisol stress hormones or prolactin hormones.

      Because they come and go on their own, any “cure” claims are suspicious.

  4. Marc Maximilien Authier

    It is not just about mammography by the way. A LOT of supposed screening test are absolutely fraudulent. Want a few examples ? The PSA test for prostate. The thyroid test for TSR levels. The famous western patch for AIDS and finally the PCR test for COVID 19. A lot of tests in medicine are used not because they prove anything scientifically but are good for big pharma and their stock prices or promoting what I truly believe is MEDICAL TYRANNY and fascism. Covid 19 PCR tests are one fine example of nazi like medical tyranny. Now imagine if the criminal crooks with the help of the District of Criminals forced and made mandatory for women to have to take this crap mammography to be eligible for medicare or have insurances ? Big Pharma is hyper criminalized and so is the US government, which today is quite similar to the CCP criminals running China. So expect it to happen eventually because Americans at large are brainwashed and truly like guinea pigs when it comes to big pharma and medical mafia.

  5. I’m a fan but this one was not good. Search ‘cancer death rates per 100000 women 1930’ then go to images. Breast cancer does not show spikes with hormone replacement, oral contraceptives, antiperspirants or mammography. It also does not show dramatic decline with mastectomies or mammograms. You and Megan briefly noted survival times but that is called lead time bias, cancer has already metastasized but the primary has been found earlier. I remember showing this to an educated concerned woman in the 90’s (am retired Family Practice) and her response was “I don’t believe in that”.

    1. Breast cancer does show spikes with hormone replacement drugs used against menopausal women – typically after 5-10 years. Defenders of HRT drugs used only five or fewer years drug use to defend their claims.

      Take a look at the massive Womens Health Initiative Study (WHI) (which had to be halted prematurely when i became clear these drugs were harming the HRT drug women, versus the placebo women with increased cardio-vascular afflictions. Breast cancer rates where also shown to exceed pre-set safety margins in this same study..

      WHI was intended to last 10 years ,but had to halt around year four – and unblinded earlier since some groups were doing so badly.

      Politics at the time assumed it was the placebo women who were doing badly since they were not getting the widely unproven “benefits” of HRT drugs.

      Researchers (and Wyeth -the HRT drug company used) were shocked when it was clear it was the HRT women who were statistically showing more harm than benefit at this unblinding.

      They refused to accept these study results and continued on with the trial for two more years, until even they could not ignore the increasing incidents of HRT drug harm. Wyeth, also of the notoirous Phen-fen debacle, shut down was later sold to P{fizer.

      The decades long sordid history of HRT drugs was finally exposed after FDA finally demanded proof to support marketing claims, before authorizing these long untested drugs for “life time” use; not just temporary symptom control use – which was never proven either. Just reliance on a 1940’s JAMA report that women given massive amounts of estrogen drugs for “hot flashes” begged to be taken off the drug due to serious breast pain. They claimed that the women claimed the drug stopped their hot flashes, rather than the women stopped the drug do to unacceptable side effects.

      Read Barbara Seaman’s well researched book – “Estrogen: the largest drug experiment ever conducted on women” (NB: not the exact title, but close enough to bring it up in a search)

  6. Pap test – never explained this was to test for STD only – just a universal demand 100% of women needed to trot into their doctors office every year for a Pap exam.

    Bogus claim that cervical cancer ( in fact STD-triggered) was found in women how had not had Pap exams – turned out they were mainly street hookers who were studied.

    I think this came about as a protection racket back in the 1940s after husbands came home from WWII with STD that they passed on to their wives – so they turned “cervical cancer” screening into a chronic, random affliction, you just got because you were an inherently fragile woman with strange body parts. ….. and certainly not a victim of your philandering husband, who the doctor was in cahoots to protect.

    Women have been badly abused by the medical industry for decades, and no worse an uncontrolled medical experiment than pushing HRT drugs for “menopause” or the female castration industry – 90% of which were found to have no medical justification. (Kaiser study).

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