CDC to meet to discuss Covid-19 vaccine safety and new booster

The Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) vaccine advisers plan to meet Thursday, July 22 to discuss reports of a dangerous autoimmune paralysis disorder, Guillain-Barre syndrome, after the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine.

Also on the agenda: the potential need for Covid-19 vaccine booster shots.

As the current vaccines are said to be wearing off and are proving less effective against Covid variants, vaccine makers have been pressing for a third “booster” dose. So far federal health officials have said a third dose isn’t warranted.

Scientists say those who fight off Covid-19 naturally with no symptoms, or those who recover from Covid-19 illness, so far are proven to have longer-lasting, broader immunity than those who are vaccinated.

The FDA issued a warning on July 12 about the risk of Guillain-Barre syndrome in association with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Previous FDA material from September 2020 indicated that government safety advisers would be on the lookout for the autoimmune paralysis disorder in conjunction with Covid-19 vaccines. 

Read the meeting agenda here

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4 thoughts on “CDC to meet to discuss Covid-19 vaccine safety and new booster”

  1. julie mclaughlin

    Those of us who have natural immunity are not recognized as providing protection thru ‘Heard Immunity’ by the likes of the new medical political class! ‘T-Detect’ testing has the same EUA as the vaccine and PCA testing. Why is it if I have Positive T-cell lymphocytes from natural immunity I will be shunned from ‘society’. This is one huge reason to not trust the federal government and the push for experimental vaccination. Something is very, very wrong.

  2. FYI- Feedback info, I think at some point a booster is needed in 2022. Why ? Ponder this in Physics ? ” If we ignore the re-resistance of air ( Oxygen / Hydrogen ) All falling Bodies posses the same acceleration _ Leonardo Da Vinci ?. Proved wrong in 1980 by Man in Rochester, IN.46975 Wm. A. { Example: ] If a asteroid that is mostly made of Dense Nickle & Iron – Vs -. a Asteroid of Rock the Same falling Projection and Mass size. Then the Falling body of Asteroid Mass made of Nickle & Iron will posses a different Falling Acceleration causing a much greater Kinetic Mass energy damage outcome then a asteroid body made of just Rock… Teaser ?. Think about Bodies posing different acceleration based on ” The Change of a greater Relativity – Examples in the Atmosphere of Jupiter -Vs – Neptune and so on ??? Makes – Non Sense of what Earlier Leonardo Da Vinci once thought to ? True Facts Known by Few…

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