(CENSORED) Dr. Robert Malone, ‘Inventor of RNA vaccines’

More info on Dr. Robert Malone on his website here. Dr. Malone is on Twitter here.

Read Dr. Malone’s article here.

Update Dec. 30, 2021: Banned on Twitter, too

The following is an excerpt from The Epoch Times.

Dr. Robert Malone, who identifies himself as the inventor of mRNA vaccines, said that LinkedIn recently deleted his account after he made comments about mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and questioned whether they’re appropriate to give to certain groups of people.

“My business pays for linked in premium. I have been deleted,” Malone wrote on Twitter this week. “Purchased a service from linked in to promote my company. This is very different from the YouTube or Twitter terms. This arbitrary and capricious action has damaged our business, and we deserve to be compensated.”

It appears his personal account was removed earlier this week without warning or explanation from LinkedIn, a subsidiary of Microsoft, said his wife, Jill Malone.

“He was given no notice, no warnings,” she told Just the News. “He has a 10-15 year old account—has never even had a warning. 6,000 followers.”

Read more at The Epoch Times.

Previously, YouTube reportedly deleted a video of Malone discussing RNA vaccine risks. Read more here. According to MSN: “The inventor of mRNA vaccines said ‘the government is not being transparent about the risks’ of the COVID-19 vaccine after YouTube deleted a video where he discussed potential risks for young adults and teens.”

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24 thoughts on “(CENSORED) Dr. Robert Malone, ‘Inventor of RNA vaccines’”

    1. He is the inventor of RNA deprived vaccines like they are using. Look it up. The German page of Wiki[edia still has an entry for him, even though the English page was deleted. he is literally the foremost specialist on this.

      1. Wikipedia is not a reliable source. What do we know about Malone? He’s a PhD who definitely was involved in the research that created the messenger RNA vaccine. Did he invent it?? No but he was part of a team that did.
        2015 study Called Imperfect Vaccine which was peer reviewed by 61 PhD s is available on the web. The study concluded that a vaccine that does not kill the pathogen 100% of the time mutates in a stronger germ. So either way an mRNA vaccine is both harmful and useless. Not anti vaccine. Anti “Imperfect Vaccines” (vaccine’s that dont kill the germ) A “perfect vaccine kills the germ…like Polio is exactly what we call it…perfect

      2. Nobody has ever produced a vaccine using Dr Malone’s methods, because they would not work.

        He used natural mRNA which is unstable and provokes an immune response. A modified synthetic mRNA is required in today’s working vaccines. Also he used liposomes as the delivery vehicle which do not have the stability and low toxicity of the lipid nanoparticles used today.


    1. Plenty to see unless you keep drinking the kool-aid. Why would anyone ever trust the government after all the misinformation (otherwise known as lies!)
      Not to mention they are partly responsible for causing this virus!

  1. Lee. C.. Parker

    “more cover-up”…as per my Dad…”Killing Colonel Parker”…does it ever stop?
    what part did “5house Jo” have in all of This…SO!… another research entity… when the money moves around…how come the same democratz names keep materializing…

  2. Red Falcon 1325

    Absolute proof that the scum of the earth libtards don’t care about anyone but themselves. Who cares if the guy who helped develop mRNA has questions? Jow Xiden must not be getting kick backs from this.

  3. If there was ever an example of why Section 230 needs to be eliminated this would be it.

    I really think this is a great case to push to SCOTUS. Not a political figure or activist but an inventor of a biotechnology.

    1. Seriously, I do not understand why more people don’t think this way and just blindly follow whatever the media and internet say, it’s sickening and all bc they are to lazy to research or they really don’t want truth l.

  4. Malone produced an email from a LinkedIn representative, who said that his account violated the firm’s user agreement because he posted “misleading or inaccurate information” about vaccines and COVID-19.

    I think events like this should be taken as tests. How good are the people running a service? If they censor substantial arguments, don’t associate yourself with them. They’re idiots. They don’t deserve you.

  5. It is also because there is Kariko – a researcher of mRNA who is gunning for him. She stalks him and anyone that posted on his comments. She stalked me too.

  6. Brainwashing people to buy USA-made mRNA vaccines which used a new un-tested way of making vaccines. Genetic-based vaccines have high risks of making cancers – US companies don’t want people now! Make US first at any price?!

  7. Lea
    Jeffrey Lawrence Olson, I am wondering what your scientific background is that you can judge Dr. Malone’s medical scientific background.

    1. He said LOL at the end. It means he’s joking. The joke is, obviously the inventor of the technology of itself has the credentials to be taken seriously when being skeptical of how HIS invention is being used, yet the people silencing him obviously disagree.

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