CENSORED: Judicial Watch video on “election integrity”

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Emails show liberal Democrat officials in California reaching out directly to Big Tech to censor factual information and views posted by conservatives. That’s according to the watchdog Judicial Watch.

Documents obtained by Judicial Watch shows the office of the Secretary of State in California emailing Google employees to remove a Judicial Watch Video entitled “Election Integrity Crisis.”

The video was removed shortly thereafter.

Among other topics, the video discussed a settlement with Judicial Watch in which Los Angeles County agreed to remove up to 1.6 million inactive voters from its rolls.

Democrats accused Judicial Watch and others that raised questions about voter fraud of distributing “misinformation.”

Also revealed in the emails is the California Secretary of State’s office contacting Twitter to remove a tweet that was already found not to be in violation of any terms of service.

Starting in 2016, after being lobbied by the liberal propaganda group Media Matters, Facebook began its “fake” fact checks and censorship, quickly followed by other Big Tech companies. Prior to that time, it was generally left up to members of the public to access and post whatever legal information they wished to access or post.

During the past five years, the censorship practices of Big Tech has resulted in the companies repeatedly censoring factually correct information, while promulgating false and misleading information, violating their own terms and rules.

Read the 165 pages of new email documents Judicial Watch obtained.

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2 thoughts on “CENSORED: Judicial Watch video on “election integrity””

  1. Well, after looking into this and seeing the video from Judicial Watch, it’s crazy to me to see how much of what they said could happen actually did happen.

    In all honest reality the 2020 election should have been thrown out and redone.

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