(CENSORED) Trump on Right Side Broadcasting

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Right Side Broadcasting Network reports getting banned from broadcasting on YouTube for seven days, shortly before the Trump rally in Sarasota, Florida that the network planned to broadcast.

See Right Side Broadcasting’s Rumble video channel here.

According to reports, YouTube, owned by Google, also deleted popular videos of Trump events, such as his big rally in Ohio in June.

According to YouTube, the videos violated its “Community Guidelines” of “spam, deceptive practices and scams” for mentioning election fraud.

Democrats say claims of an unfair process are debunked conspiracy theories. Trump supporters say there’s hard evidence of problems in the 2020 election. Multiple claims of mischief, unfairness, and fraud are under examination in key states.

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5 thoughts on “(CENSORED) Trump on Right Side Broadcasting”

  1. When evidence of fraud dies finally come to light, Trump should sue the shit outta all those that censured him!

    1. For someone who’s been silenced, he sure makes alot of noise. The press loves Trump, when he says anything outrageous they are all over it. Trump is good for ratings, we love to hate him. Trump knows how to play the press, he doesn’t any trouble getting his message out.

  2. This silencing needs to end. It frosts my ass! If I had known YouTube was SO partisan I never would have started using it! Now it has become so convenient unfortunately it’s hard to quit cold turkey.

  3. Ms Attkisson, thank you for your efforts to keep journalism authentic and honest. That said, I truly believe that the only way to affect change(from the street)is to actively boycott all the media outlets owned and operated by the anti-constitutional Oligarchs. I have not yet seen enough evidence to convince me that the vast majority of citizen-consumers understand the power of choice. In this post-literate age and era of attention deficit dysfunction, we are all held captive by the various programming elements designed to keep us spinning our wheels. RIP Free Press.

  4. Ms. Atkisson, I used to love your health reporting when you were on network tv.
    I’m a little disappointed with what I’m seeing here. It seems that you are attracting a very rightwing audience and not one that in nonpartisan. Your claim of nonpartisanship seems to be lacking. I’ll be come back to your site in the future and hoping that my first impression is incorrect.

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