Divided verdict on Biden’s and Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan

Voters remain almost evenly divided over withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan after more than two decades.

President Trump made the decision to end America’s longest war. President Biden has followed suit.

According to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, 32% of Likely U.S. Voters believe U.S. military forces should be withdrawn from Afghanistan, even if it means the Taliban takes over that country. Thirty-six percent (36%) disagree and 33% are not sure.

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7 thoughts on “Divided verdict on Biden’s and Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan”

  1. Afghanistan has always been about the opium. It was an “opium export” mission to let big pharm produce an unprecedented amount of opioids that addicted and killed millions. The JCOS were all in on it and profiting from it. The ones that didn’t actually get a slice of the pie, were too afraid to interfere or speak up. They knew Bin Laden was in Pakistan since 2003, but let him live uninterrupted while our boys fought a “show” war against the Taliban while maintaining control of the only thing they cared about the Opium fields.

    Trump had no idea how corrupt the military was and realized quickly that they were ALL amazingly corrupt. He chose Milley, simply because Mattis didn’t like him. But that was another poor choice. Apparently Trump was so successfully isolated from people who could do research for him on potential appointments and counted on 1 minute meetings to make a decision.

    I can only imagine what he could have done if he had employed Sharyl Attkisson as his investigative Chief of Staff! From Bob Barr to every single terrible choice he made – even his Supreme Court appointments all which were losers from China-traitor Mitch’s list! Trump bears the blame for those horrible decisions. But because they threatened his wife, son and himself – he let them run his Presidency and kept him from doing anything really big or beneficial. Jeff Sessions was a total coward, and was the first domino to fall to the deep state.

    My real concern is that unless he goes in to the WH in 2024 with a fire 100% of the WH staff and all those in the Executive Office Building and the DOJ, CIA, FBI, JCOS, IRS and more – it would just happen the same way all over again. And he DESPERATELY NEEDS someone like Attkisson with a team she would manage, already researching people and finding the good candidates for all these thousands of positions.

    If Trump were really, really smart he would be working on all this right NOW. Hiring a team he can REALLY trust to research and find non-deep-state people to appoint, when he fires everyone. He needs to use his resources to outsmart and outmaneuver some of the banker cabal running our government.

    Yes, this has gotten slightly off the topic of Afghanistan, but Afghanistan is just a symptom of the disease that has turned the US government into a cabal run zombie.
    Until Trump is wiling to make the hard calls and sacrifice everything for our country – we will still have this banana republic.

    1. Trump did sacrifice everything.
      Trump did not realize the depth and breadth of the Swamp or Deep State. Sleeper agents like Roberts, Sessions, Barr, and others with impeccable conservative credentials made that impossible.
      The entire Democrat party from the beginning Dem voter to the likes of Pelosi & Schumer hate the US and have planned the destruction of America since the 1960s. Our students have been brainwashed since the 1960s to vote for corruption,
      I do not see another election in the US because the Democrats know they will lose because they cannot cheat enough in 2024. They know what will follow their defeat.

  2. Afghanistan is the place where empires die. The mission was never well defined and we had no idea what we wanted to accomplish other than strike back at the people who were involved in 9/11. And we did a very poor job on that front taking 10 years to kill Bin Laden.

    Everyone seems to have believed we could make Afghanistan into a modern, functional, liberal democracy. The problem with that was that a large minority of the different tribal groups in Afghanistan want to live like 7th century, cave dwelling troglodytes.

    There is no middle ground between the various factions. One will seek to dominate the others and they will end up locked in perpetual violent conflict. This has been the case since 1980 or so and there are no signs of that abating any time soon.

    Some situations are intractable. Afghanistan is one of those situations. Either we stay and kill them forever, or we leave and let them kill each other forever. I don’t see a 3rd option.

    1. Carpet bombing Afghanistan is Option 3. There is a lesser option of killing everyone in Taliban areas and kill them when they return.

      Moslems understand that, because that is what they do.

  3. Afghanistan (the Taliban) had the opportunity to surrender 0sama to the US or be bombed into the Stone Age, not that it would have taken a lot. At that point, we should have started killing Talibaners and continued killing them until they Surrendered; then killed more to make sure the lesson was learned.
    I realize that the Koran forbids Moslems to surrender or make peace with the Infidel. That means in their minds they are fighting the same war that began by Mohammad in AD 624 or AH 2 if you are an Islamophile. We need to fight wars on our terms instead of on Islamic terms. Unconditional Surrender was expected of the Nazis and Japanese in WW II and this should be no different.
    + British Prime Minister, Gladstone said, “There will never be world peace as long as one copy of this book exists” as he holds up a copy of the Koran to Parliament. Gladstone announced this 13 times to Parliament, Churchill 5 times, the latest in the 1950s.
    + In 1910, the agenda for a conference hosted by the World Council of Missionaries was “Stopping the Advance of Islam Below the 10 Degree of South Latitude”
    + In 1938, Hillaire Belloc stated, “Our grandsons and great-grandsons will once again be resisting Islamic aggression”.
    ++ What did the leaders of the past know that our leaders chose to forget and ignore and Why?

  4. Addendum:
    Not that it will happen, but they need to be told that if they mess with us again or even if they think of messing with them again;
    “We will unleash Hell and turn Afghanistan into the land before time”
    ++ The same message can be left with those in Iraq.

    ++ Bush was doing okay until he went limp and stopped the Taliban removal project. But then he had no support. Nothing prevented any member of Congress from calling for the complete destruction of the Taliban.
    When we invaded Iraq, Kadaffi made some phone calls and said he needed our help. He was the error of his ways and wanted the US & UK to remove certain material from his nuke program. We did that and the plutonium is being taken care of in Canada.
    = Yes, the possibility of harsh measures still works.

  5. Our actions in Afghanistan & Iraq were completely justified by International Law. I will not lay out the case for war because that is not the topic.

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