Doctors’ group plans to sue colleges that require students to get Covid-19 vaccine

America’s Frontline Doctors is planning to sue colleges and universities that are forcing students to get the Covid-19 vaccine as a condition of attending.

The medical group is a nonpartisan nonprofit representing numerous physicians around the country who say they believe “that the American people have the right to accurate information using trusted data derived from decades of practical experience, not politicized science and Big Tech-filtered public health information.”

According to America’s Frontline Doctors, “Forcing young, healthy adults to take a vaccine as a prerequisite to attending college is immoral and wrong.”

The organization is looking for student plaintiffs of colleges located in Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.


Our legal strategy is to get the courts, including the Supreme Court, to reject tyranny and acknowledge individual human sovereignty.

America’s Frontline Doctors

The federal government has pursued a marketing strategy that advocates “everyone” getting vaccinated, regardless of their individual risk. Scientists say young people have a statistical “zero” chance of becoming seriously ill from Covid-19, let alone dying of the virus.

On the other hand, the experimental Covid-19 vaccines are being aggressively monitored for adverse events, since their sped-up emergency authorization means they did not go through the normal approval processes. So far, they have been linked to health problems such as blood clots, Guillain-Barre autoimmune paralysis, and heart inflammation in young people.

According to virologists, people who have gotten vaccinated do not appear to have as long-lasting immunity as those who have fought off Covid-19 naturally. Vaccine makers are already proposing a third “booster” shot for those who received the double-dose shots. Federal officials have said they do not believe a third shot is necessary, yet, but will be discussing the option at a meeting later this week.

Federal health officials say that the side effects of Covid-19 vaccines, so far, are rare and do not outweigh the benefits of Covid-19 vaccination.

America’s Frontline Doctors was founded by board-certified emergency physician and lawyer Simone Gold. She attended Chicago Medical School and then Stanford University Law School.

In Washington D.C., Gold has worked for the Surgeon General and the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee. She is author of the book “I Do Not Consent: My Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture.”

Read more about America’s Frontline Doctors at the website below:

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27 thoughts on “Doctors’ group plans to sue colleges that require students to get Covid-19 vaccine”

  1. YES! No student should have to take that EXPERIMENTAL poison jab to get an education! This has gone too far! This insanity MUST STOP! There is NO REAL virus! STOP lying and killing people!

    1. I wish there were more areas included in this petition. I am a medical student and have 28 days to provide proof of full covid vaccination or I will be dismissed from my MD program. I do NOT want the vaccine and am being made to choose between, what I believe is the best choice for my health (not getting the vaccine) and my future career. The financial obligations that come with medical school are extraordinary. Choosing to forego the vaccine and receive dismissal from my medical program saddens me and poses the question as to how I am supposed to pay back the student debt without the career to be able to do so sufficiently. Any recommendations as to what I can do to prevent dismissal would be appreciated.

      1. Find a lawyer or group and hopefully, you will stay healthy first…you hopefully can sue for the stress and unconstitutionality of FORCED vaccines. You can always pick up school again the next year. Your not alone…remember that..and pray and fast…this may be a battle for us all.

      2. Pacific Justice League 9168576900
        They helped me with my religious exemption. My work approved it after the lawyer called them.. it’s free. They ask only for donations.

      3. Check out the healthy America, Peggy Hall. She’s really good at fighting California tyrants. She has really good information on how to fight back. My wife works at a hospital and was one of a few people that was approved and religious exemption.

  2. According to the VAERS database at the CDC, there ARE serious side effects associated with the Covid-19 injections. Do not poison our children and young people.

  3. I wish they were looking for plaintiffs in other states too. My nieces college in NH is requiring it and has just denied her medical exemption.

  4. Dr Jennifer Griswold

    My daughter who is 21 attends UMass Amherst in MA. I understand that MA is not on your list of states but we could CERTAINLY use your help! We reside in VT but she attends college in MA because she is with the 104th Air National Guard Unit out of Westfield, MA. (The next hurdle is the Military and their possible mandates on the way.
    I am a licensed Chiropractor in VT but cannot even write her a legal medical exemption and the local doctors will not help us. The deadline for any possibility of a medical or religious exemption at UMass Amherst is 7/23/21 and we could use help with BOTH of those items and also a lawsuit again UMass to which we would be very interested in. Thank you for any help you can extend!

    1. Yes! UMass Medical School in Worcester is refusing religious or medical exemptions for any contractors who work on campus. Can they refuse exemptions? Please consider Massachusetts!!

    2. I am in VT and my daughter is supposed to start school Monday. She is being denied starting on Monday with a full scholarship due to refusing the vaccine. We have tried everything. Her pediatrician was of no help and everyone is for full vaccination. We will probably have to walk away from her dream school. This is heartbreaking.

  5. To Further Define This Issue, Dr. Kary Mullis the actual inventor of the P.C.R. Test stated directly that it can not be used to Diagnose Covid. His statements about the specifics of the test and his statements about Faucci prove that Medical Malpractice and actual violations of the Geneva Convention are in fact being committed by Gov. Vested Interest Groups, who are Violating Oath of Office, The Constitution, and International Biological Criminal acts Laws.
    Finally, The Injections being pushed upon the populace are in fact not vaccines. They are in reality Genetic re-engineering engines, that will permanently alter the biological function of the human host in which they reside, and finally they contain RF-ID Chipping Nano-Technology that marks the altered parson as a track-able piece of corporate owned property, because they are now no longer legally designated as Natural Human Beings… Ownership rights have been argued out in the Courts already, and those who submitted are now the Chattel Property of Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J.

    I would suggest anyone who is skeptical about this go and read through the Post WW2 Rules adopted in the Geneva Convention Regarding Biological Weapons and the Use of Medical processes as Weapons of Mass Destruction / Subjugation !

  6. Well, Va Tech has jumped on and said if the students don’t upload their vaccination documents they will be disenrolled and lose on campus housing. I think there’s more states doing this than we are aware of.

  7. My daughter will be attending college next month in Ohio. She will be also playing a college sport. We are totally against the jab. Is there anything we can take part against not taking the jab and forcing the mask? She has been told, if she does not take the jab, she will have to wear a mask… which. I am also very concerned about her being tested each week. The answer can’t be, don’t let her go right now! She has worked her butt off to play her sport in college. This is all so unfair for these students who have worked the majority of their life to get here. Any suggestions or help fight the NCAA would be appreciated!

    Thank you!

  8. I was just denied a medical exemption from a college in NH. I am in my last semester of obtaining a Masters Degree. If I don’t get the jab I will be dismissed from the school. I am completely disheartened. I can’t believe I have to choose between getting an experimental vaccine and my education and career. Any help or advice out there? I am debating dropping out, however, I will lose my job as a teacher. I need the certification to keep my job. HELP!!!

    1. I am in the same boat and I feel for you! I am also 2 semesters away from graduating with my masters in clinical counseling. I was only granted an exemption until the vaccine became FDA approved, which unfortunately has happened. The worst part is, my classes are hybrid (half online half in person) and the college won’t even let me participate fully online even though I will only be on campus 2x’s a month. I don’t see how this is just. I am being placed in a position to choose between my morals/values and my education/career. I have until the end of Sept. to upload my Covid vaccine proof or I will be dismissed. I don’t know what to do!!

  9. Nicole Noffsinger

    I would try religious exemption route. Check out Peggy Hall (“The Healthy American”). They do exemption letters. Also, Professor Toto (Shane Vaughn) also has a free exemption letter and videos of what to do (

  10. I had called several doctors offices in the state of New jersey, and was told that medical procedures could not be preformed without a covid-19 test, and if tested positive you would be required to get a covid-19 vaccination. I don’t believe the refusing to treat medical conditions without at test or a vaccine is legal, and violates both civil rights, as well as constitutional statues. Question, can I sue and implement a class-action suit against medical offices in the state of new jersey? If the covid-19 policy was implemented by Phil Murphy, can Murphy be brought up on criminal charges.

  11. I just found your article. Are there any college athletes forming lawsuits for being forced to get the jab or be cut from the team? My son was cut from his college football team after being denied his religious exemption. His school is planning to mandate the vaccine for the Spring semester. Currently the coaches are saying that it is the NCAA and their conference that are mandating the vaccine for athletes. We are working to appeal his denial but just wandering if there are any lawsuits in process?

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