(FORUM) Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

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Prominent officials and ordinary Americans alike have voiced their opinion that convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein did *not* kill himself.

You may recall he was awaiting trial in a New York jail when — not once, but twice — he allegedly attempted suicide somehow undetected by jail officials. The second time, authorities say, he succeeded.

Strangely, key cameras were off or malfunctioning, said jail officials, making it impossible to see whatever happened.

Epstein was widely believed to possess videos of his high profile sex clients, which he reportedly kept for potential blackmail or security purposes.

Since his death, it seems, the videos are nowhere to be found.

Those responsible for allowing one of the most important prisoners to die in prison… were not charged and there seemed to be no general outrage about the whole affair within the annals of justice.

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65 thoughts on “(FORUM) Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?”

  1. Epstein was considered a Mossad intelligence agent so he has either been set free or was “suicided.” John McAfee likewise was an intelligence asset and had himself stated that if reports surfaced claiming that he committed suicide, it was not to be believed.

  2. A very rich guy with very powerful and influential friends doesn’t kill himself in prison.
    He’s probably still alive on a yacht somewhere.

  3. I cannot believe that no one is even talking about this – obviously the big networks and politicians wanted it to go away It’s so disgusting that people are not outraged and United against Epstein’s island and treatment of young women/girls. I feel so bad for the victims. It is so uncivilized/disgusting/mind blowing how this has been handled. No way he killed himself and no one held accountable/no cameras. It was planned just like the pandemic!

  4. I don’t understand what’s taking so long with the Ghislane Maxwell case, since she holds the same secrets he did. I hope truth is revealed.

  5. I believe he was eliminated, because, had he gone to trial, many powerful people would have been exposed as sexual offenders. I believe he would have likely spilled the beans on them to receive a lesser sentence or less jail time. There are just too many convenient coincidences surrounding the circumstances of his death for suicide to be credible.

  6. Slick Willy and his beau beau t full wife had some bad luck with some of their acquaintances. So much has gone to the grave. What a shame for the Arkansas roy al t.

  7. Of course he was “suicided” by the rich and famous. They all wanted him gone thus no outcry. Real “justice” is dead and buried in America,

  8. Common day mafia tactics, it is unbelievable that people can get away with murder yet today. This has to be high up politicians with many in their pocket such as the FBI, blame the innocent guards which take the fall for the powerful, we’ve saw this story all to many times, I just can’t believe it happens n this country!

  9. Such amazing sets of coincidences where records disappear! Like Benghazi files; like Clinton strange suicides and deaths; you have recorded a library of such missing documents and files.
    C’mon Man!

  10. I doubt he is dead. He was replaced with a dead guy and now he is living it up on another island, probably after plastic surgery on his face.

    1. Thomas N. Schenden

      The same thing occurred to me. If Epstien had, or has evidence of “highly-placed” officials involved in sex trafficking, child prostitution, and sex crimes and those highly placed officials include the likes of Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and others. . . I’d be a fool to believe any public information about him.

    2. Justur AverageJoe

      Shoulda stopped at “I doubt he is dead.”… In that you could be right.
      It only makes sense to remove such a prolific and KNOWLEDGEABLE individual from the system as quickly as possible, in exchange for the aforementioned knowledge of course.
      IMHO, I’d guess the odds are probably 50/50 he’s still alive, and 0/100 that he killed himself.
      Just my $0.02.

  11. I do not believe he killed himself. I believe IF he is dead, people were afraid he would talk. Too many weird things happened. What happened to Jussie Smallett and the ass DA?

  12. There does not appear to be any dispute that Epstein’s injuries were far more likely to occur in murder than self-asphyxiation; that the guards left their posts; that cameras were disabled; and that protocols were violated. Other than that, there’s no reason to doubt suicide.

  13. He had too much dirt on prominent people and they did not want it to come out, which is why all the videos he made are “missing.” It was a hit.

  14. “Those responsible for allowing one of the most important prisoners to die in prison… ”

    This is why “Did Jeffrey kill himself?” is a red herring.

    Whether Epstein killed himself, or he was killed by someone else, Epstein ended up dead while in complete government custody and control, with everyone knowing that he was both suicidal and a likely target for assassination, and with the overriding responsibility of a just government to see that he lived to testify against the criminal ruling class whose sick appetites he fed.

    Epstein is dead because the government allowed him to be killed. It doesn’t matter who exactly killed him. That they *allowed* it is the crime.

  15. JohnMcAfeeDidntKillHiimselfEither

    Nope. Didn’t kill himself. Patrick Byrne revealed his sources told him the sleeping guards had their blood tested and there were traces of nitrous oxide. They were put to sleep, in other words, and the capability to do that implicates state level agencies.

    Barr made a big show of getting to the bottom of it and we never heard from him again on it except in one interview I saw where he spouted just a few words of the narrative you would expect him to.

  16. Gerald Furnkranz

    Our politicians and government has become so dirty and corrupt they appear there is no depths they will not stoop to carry on their dirty and corrupt dealings! Sad the land of the free and home of the brave has decended to such depths that nothing seems too dishonest for them. How ddid we get here? Unfortunately “We the People” got lazy and trustted politicians not worthy of trust. If we stay lazy and lethargic, we deserve what we get. Trump only exposed the swamp, not responsible for it!


  17. I think it was a contract killing to shut him up. Dead men don’t talk. The same fate may await his pimp, Maxwell.

  18. The father of the Attorney General, ultimately the oversight responsible for the jail facility in which Epstein died, Bill Barr, was Epstein’s employer as headmaster at New York’s Dalton School. He also wrote a novel about pedophilia.
    All you need to see is the Barr interview aa he cackles when asked about Epstein’s death to know that something is not right.
    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
    This is a knotted mess.

  19. Miguel Segobiano

    They killed the Kennedys, Martin Luther King, and bit players associated. Covered up war crimes, allowed cocaine to be shipped into the USA to pay for an illegal war. Covered up UFO’s so not a stretch to think Epstein wasn’t killed…

  20. He was killed. He was an extremely high profile prisoner in a prison known for competently handling such cases.

    Yet, the cameras were off and guards were not paying attention. And those guards are now not in big trouble?

    I’m not buying it.

  21. Complete distraction and, possibly bait, for the criminal cabal he was part of to relax and continue their evil ways. This exposes them further to more severe prosecution for their crimes.

  22. Hello all, we all love Sharyl! I did not commit suicide and have not been murdered. I have been exiled to Jerusalem and waiting to publicize my knowledge and the videos.of B. Gates and B. Clinton…

    Stay tuned….

    Get ready to be shocked……

    Jeff E.

  23. It was predictable and it was predicted. Given that, one would think they would have been afraid to murder him. I have to assume that the stakes were extremely high in order for them to take such a chance. However, we now have a very compliant media, compliant with wishes of the Democrats and the Clintons. So maybe they took no chance at all.

  24. hilarious. my comment is too far out there for the Sharyl Attkisson site…….got it; you’re compromised, too.

  25. The lies around Epstein’s death is in the same vein as the coroner in the JFK’s assassination saying the bullet did a u-turn in his head or that Building 7 disintegrated to earth due to fire during 9/11 without being hit by a plane. What does it matter if we all know its a lie but nothing can be done about it?

  26. Jeffrey Epstein was most likely murdered on the order of those who stood to lose most if he ever felt he had to rat them out in order to save his own skin…that would be the high-profile rich and famous who were unknowingly video-taped by Epstein at his mansion in New York or on Lolita Island, and felt compelled to do whatever had to be done to prevent the video tapes from seeing the light of day. This is easy to believe due to the widespread corruption that has come to light in the American justice, intelligence, penal and tax systems, as most glaringly displayed during their politicization and weaponization against the Trump Administration.

  27. This is what the expression, “The devil’s in the details” is all about; there are so many variables that are responsible for the death of Jeffery Epstein that unless you know every single one, you can’t know for sure what’s responsible. This is also the death knell for conspiracy theories; usually they require a large amount of things to all work in unison so that the theory becomes even more unlikely. I think a good desuagement for “the man” carrying out secret killings of his competitors would be to hold jails guilty of manslaughter for all prisoners who die in their captivity. This then leads to the questions of who all would be punished and how. Those damn variables again!

  28. Recently watched the 20/20 piece on Maxwell. There was a scene where police were removing items from Epstein’s NYC house and I remembered the reporter back then stating the police said they removed CDs, computers and photos from the home. Where are they today? It has also been reported that on his island he had recording equipment but there was never a word about it later on.
    Epstein was killed in prison since they felt they had already gathered all the incriminating evidence on higher ups! The guards by the way have only recently admitted guilt (they slept and did not check on Epstein as agreed). Guess we need to see their bank accounts or just wait and see how long they are around…lose ends you know.

    1. ^^^^^THIS
      I watched those reports too, and the evidence disappeared like Hunter’s laptop, like Hillary’s emails, etc. They apparently collected it to conceal it.

  29. The circumstances occurring before, during and after Epstein’s lifeless body was discovered are unsettling to me. I will not commit to believing anything, including the report he is actually dead.

  30. If it wasn’t a hit, they could put this all to sleep by releasing the security footage. But, they’ve buried it and effectively silenced anyone associated with the happenings that night. Draw your own conclusions.

  31. Too many unanswered questions. Obvious the guards assigned to watch him were at a minimum derelict. They lied on Federal documents, so should have been Federally charged. Are going to cooperate with Feds in their investigation. That will be a lark. Maybe John Durham will be the Special Prosecutor or at least an advisor. That way the government can just let it blow over in 2-3 years. Those guards, and others who “cared for” Epstein probably should be checked on in a year or two . . . .Too many among the famous were allegedly videotaped. Lots of money could have changed hands. Follow the money. Check phone records. Use FOIA. Who is guarding Epstein’s girlfriend? Are cameras working there?

  32. Look at the list of celebrities and elected officials including judges that have travelled to his pedo island and then ask the question. We’re in the middle of the disintegration of a once great country and Epstein’s death is just another symptom.

  33. I remember an interview with Ms. Maxwell where she confirmed that Epstein did have recordings of prominent people who used his services, but she didn’t know where he kept them nor where they were. She also stated that Epstein had an obsession about living for forever, and it was highly unlikely that he’d kill himself.

    Having worked in a state prison system for years let me address some points:

    Epstein was in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in NYC, a federal prison/jail. It is in New York but it’s federal, not state, run. The Bureau of Prisons in notoriously understaffed and staff are overworked. From articles I’ve read even support staff have been used in custody positions.

    They did detect his alleged suicide attempt and had him on suicide watch, but he was taken off my a mental health doctor a week or so before he died. The simple fact is if an inmate is determined to commit suicide there is little staff can do to stop him/her. Staff can make it much harder for the inmate, and less likely for them to succeed though. Smart inmates learn how to use the system, say and do what they need to, so they can successfully kill themselves, if they really want that.

    It’s very unlikely, that once up and running, for a camera to “malfunction”, even rarer for it to malfunction at a convenient time (for staff that is).

    There is generally no outrage when a serial child predator dies, whether from suicide or not. His/her death, especially if it wasn’t from suicide or old age, is considered to be some measure of “justice” by many.

    I highly doubt that Epstein killed himself, I suspect one of two things:

    An inmate killed him (probably with the help of staff) either for the fame of killing a famous child predator and/or for money (or other reward) from powerful people who needed this whole thing to disappear.

    One or more staff killed him either from hating what Epstein did or for money.

    In either case, with the knowledge that there would be little investigation as most people aren’t going to be upset over the death of a child predator

  34. It wasn’t a hit or anything else. He moved his money before he supposedly died. His money is safe ~ and no one saw anything. Not even when they were supposedly moving his body out to a coroners van. No body, no film footage, money moved, high profile people from every walk of life,
    It was all faked and rotten Jeffery is still alive and well some place carrying on as usual.
    Except for one thing Jeffery. There is a God and you are not HIM.
    All roads Do lead to God. And one day you will stand before Him and give an account for what you have done.
    have fun while it lasts.

  35. It’s entirely plausible that J.E. is in a witness protection program. The evidence he possessed will indict many international power players. It is also notable that Ghislaine Maxwell’s sisters and father have direct ties to Mi5 and the CIA. That’s not even theory–the details are available online for anyone diligent with an attention span.

  36. Citizen_Jimserac

    The perpetrators are, of course, safe.

    You will never find proof of the hit because the “hitters” are very good at what they do, and, more importantly, there are those in high places that want the hitters to succeed without possibility of discovery or exposure. The fix is in.
    Politicians in high places would have been threatened or politically destroyed by what Epstein knew.

    There is, and will be, no proof, ever. But intelligent citizens, as can be seen in the numerous comments noting inconsistencies and things out of place and “coincidences”, all are indicative that this most certainly was NOT a simple “suicide”.

    That’s what politicians fear most. They want you to play along with the …”narrative”, but by now, a significant percentage of people are NOT fooled.

  37. And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life; and the dead were judged from the things which were written in the books, according to their deeds. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead which were in them; and they were judged, every one of them according to their deeds. Rev 20:12-13

  38. Who knows and cares if his death where suicide or murder. There was a sex scandal involving male congressional “Pages/Interns” in the Reagan era and this sex scandal involved Neoconservative. The far right Washington Times covered it once. Funny when an unknown “liberal” does a sex offence or human trafficking related crime it is all over the news but when a Neo-conservative does it silence.

  39. Well, we now know for a fact Trump never fooled around in Epstein’s circle or the videos would have been leaked years ago so it can only mean there are probably more videos of Democrats behaving badly starting with Bill Clinton. And since Hunter Biden’s incriminating laptop seems to be of little importance to anybody that matters, nothing will ever come of Epstein’s treasure trove of videos or his girlfriend who sits in jail now. These people were only targeted and caught because the Democrats thought they could use this, like Weinstein, to throw Trump out of office. This great new deal is so powerful around the globe with crazy elites, election fraud and a pandemic were used as tools to accomplish smashing Trump so they can accomplish a complete takeover of the “free” world………

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