(FORUM) Has race-focused activism and news made you more race-conscious?

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When it comes to the goal of erasing racism, there are differences among people as to what that means and how it’s achieved.

Many, including Martin Luther King, Junior, thought the key was in behaving in a color blind fashion: not judging others by skin color and, preferably, not taking it into consideration when assessing a person.

These days, there are activists who are pushing for a reversal of such thought. They claim people are nothing more than the sum total of their race, and can never change. Some even make racist claims to advance what they say is an anti-racist agenda: that say all white people have certain negative characteristics when it comes to behavior, thought and morality, based simply on their skin color. They also claim all black people share a victimhood status because of nothing more than the color of their skin.

As the media and some corporations have been convinced to take a role in this activism, it has put an increasing focus and awareness on race where there used to be little to none.

Have these trends made you think more about race and racial issues than you used to?

Is that a positive thing for the cause? Or is it a negative development? Has it brought people together or divided them?

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36 thoughts on “(FORUM) Has race-focused activism and news made you more race-conscious?”

  1. I find this racial profiling to be disgusting. Who is doing it is no surprise . The only good that I see coming of it is no one can sit by the side and ignore it which forces people to take a side politically. If you are capable of making rational thought you can not accept the politics of the race profilers.

    1. The left of America has become the full on communist party which lives in the democrat party.I recognize it,as many others do and it angers me to see it.

  2. Since Obama took office, race relations have become worse. We had a brief reprieve when Trump took the office, but after he was robbed of his second term through fraud, Biden and Harris have turned back the clocks to the days of slavery. I raised my kids color blind, our dinner table looking like a meeting of the UN on any given weekend night. Now, these so-called leaders are doing everything in their power to point out the differences in our color and no longer raising people up by their character and actions. Now CRT in our schools will poison the minds of our children. Parents across the US will not let this stand. I just hope that people who support this indoctrination will begin to recognize they need to love their children more than they hate our country.

    1. CRT really means is criminal/Racist/Teaching and it only gets worse. Thanks to ass wipe obamy and his leftist friends..

  3. We need parents across the country to stand up and join a local group in order to fight back against the indoctrination of our kids. If you live in Virginia, contact us via stopcrtnow.com

  4. It has made me very anrgy. Being accused of being “racist” along with a litany of other insults has made me harden my face against those that spout that nonsense.

  5. Dr. King’s goal was always equality of opportunity and treatment. The new “anti-racism” (which is actually turning out to be the most blatant form of racism that we’ve seen in 50 years) *demands* equality of OUTCOME, regardless of effort put in by the individual, and blames all inequality of outcome on others (whites) rather than examining the culture of self-destruction embraced by a significant segment of inner city society. This tragedy is dividing Americans further, and fanning nearly-extinguished skin-based animosity anew. CRT is just the latest effort by those who would divide and destroy America. Here’s a viral video of a heroic black Dad excoriating a school board for teaching his bi-racial daughter that she should hate her own white Mom. That is emblematic of the bizarre and destructive viewpoint being inflicted upon students, as well as society today. https://twitter.com/ConceptualJames/status/1411882228423041024?s=20

  6. Yes. Well somewhat. I attended a liberal arts college in NYC so I was already pretty aware. But with the current climate, I’ve begun to spout the race talking points in a sarcastic way. Like “Nope we can’t celebrate Independence Day because this isn’t our land and we’d be celebrating a country that continues to oppress people from its systemic racism”. I know 2 kinds of Black people: the kind that thinks the world owes them from being descendants of those who were enslaved by their own countrymen and the kind that don’t feel oppressed at all and work hard every day to earn what they want in life.

    The media is sparking rage on both sides of this argument…race wars will ensue. I’m tired of being accused I’m racist because I’m not a ‘melanated person’.

    1. I’ve gotten more sarcastic too. Anytime someone says a color, I call them RACIST! Like the other day while driving my friend told me “turn where that white car turned.” I yelled RACIST at her. She laughed.

  7. Race-focused activism and news has shown me how much the left-leaning “news” falls for leftist nonsense! I do not believe that any significant number of people in the states judge others only on the color of their skin or biological sex.

    I identify as vacinated :-)

  8. Greetings Sharyl. Great reporting and investigations. Love what you are doing for us.
    What I hope you can do is pull the curtain back on the people and the powers who are behind all this nonsense. There is a central “command center” that gives the talking points, funds the marches and protests, brainwashes & pays the useful idiots, has ready access to all the forms of media and provides storylines that build up the lies and ignore the truth, that basically we are doing well in living together as a nation. It’s academia, politicians, government, certain big corporations and the purveyors of social media who are embracing CRT, BLM, climate change, renewable energy, wokeism and family destruction. Can you expose them, call them out, and cut off the money and media access that is keeping their lies going in an effort to divide us?

  9. Ugh. It’s a grievance factory and I don’t buy it. When they take on abortion — which has and is absolutely decimating their black and brown communities — then I might be convinced they are sincere.

  10. No I don’t think about it more, and I think it harms society as a whole. Why? The people pushing “social justice” aren’t actually interested in it – whatever it means. BLM doesn’t actually care about Black Lives. CRT is racism itself on steriods. It’s all an elaborate cover story designed to tear down America. The establishment in DC uses these people, and the story line, to maintain their increasingly tenuous grip on power – as that’s all they care about. It’ll be interesting to see who the useful idiots end up being: the establishment or the leftist loons spewing CRT nonsense.

  11. I grew up with racism in my house and community as part of the “preferred” population but was never attracted to it. However, a friend of a friend said during our only conversation that if anything ever happened to her husband she would probably marry me, but I would have to get over my thoughts about being married to a Black woman, even though I had said very little, and nothing at all about race. It was an interesting observation from someone I had only known for about half an hour. Just for the record, though, any ambivalence she may have sensed was more likely due to her weight, which at the time was more of a concern for me.

    The most confusing conflict for me is the one that exists in New Mexico between the Native and Hispanic people. Based on a single personal experience, I’m guessing that they may have equally negative opinions of White people. My opinion from observation and from listening to people I know who are racist is that it results both from culture identity and from association with family and friends who are racist. For example, even though my family is racist, it’s not something I identified with, but I can easily see how I could have chosen otherwise.

    The other aspect is cultural identity. My understanding of American immigration is that because of or in spite of anti-Italian racism, for example, Italian people made a point of melding into society without losing their cultural values. So although there are certainly Italian-specific cultural elements in our society today, there isn’t a notable corresponding anti-Italian attitude as well. I mentioned to a Hispanic woman one time that although I had dated women from other races, (including Black women, Friend of a Friend :) ), I had never dated a Hispanic woman, and was curious why none had ever shown any interest. Her reply was that it was most likely because their initial thoughts were to consider how I would fit into their very close-knit family life, and I wasn’t making the cut.

    My observations of Black, Muslim, and some other groups are that they seem to value separateness more than unity – instead of mingling more and unavoidably exposing us to their cultures, they seem to isolate themselves and stay immersed in it to our detriment. I consider no one a friend who hasn’t invited me to their home – as a result, I have many more acquaintances than friends. But since I’m an introvert, I don’t consider that to be as much of a shortcoming or I would resolve it by inviting more people to my home. But that doesn’t make me racist.

    I remember during Ross Perot’s run for president when he made the mistake of saying “you people” when speaking to (I think) the NAACP. Didn’t go over well. Neither does it work when activists use that or a similar phrase to White people. I believe it was Mother Teresa who declined to attend an anti-war march but offered to attend instead when there was a march for peace. Conflict doesn’t invite unity.

  12. Sandra Gail Gildroy

    Paul is correct. BLM does not care about black lives. What about other races? CRT is appalling. I have so tired of mainstream media with their non-stop brainwashing 24 hour talking points on BLM, CRT and Vax that I ditched television altogether. I get news from Sharyl, Children’s Health defense, and others who document their sources from both sides.
    Some “friends” who believe anything mainstream says as correct will not even read articles saying a different point of view and have seemingly dropped me as a friend. I try to remain happy and positive and do what I always have done. As I go on my walks, I still try to smile and say hello to everyone, no matter what color. Many people no longer make eye contact (although it’s improved now without as many mask barriers).

  13. I see it as a tool to divide the Country. So no I don’t see it as something I think about I see it being used as a weapon by certain Special interest groups.

  14. Society and people should be color blind. The current activism is reversing the progress of the 60 years. Promoting divisiveness and hate will produce predictable results. Historically, democracies do not survive more than approximately 250 years.. The United States of America is in the Apathy stage of the Tytler Cycle: accept no responsibility for problems and blame everyone else for a system of corruption.

  15. Yes, of course it has made me more race-conscious. I would have to be a fool to not see the rage and misplaced blame being directed at me and others, and to ignore the increase of race-based violence and anger directed toward innocent and defenseless people of another ethnicity.

    I see the occasional BLM tee-shirt and I feel reasonably certain that that person is not particularly well-disposed towards me.

    It makes me very angry – to go from not being really race-conscious at all to now being pretty sure I need to pay attention and accept that there is active animus in some cases. We have been set back so far, and for such an awful and divisive reason.

  16. I now tend to notice the statistical reality of who commits murders using the intersectional identity politics filter taught to me by the amazing SJW’s. I know now that there are people other than me far more deserving of everything they want in life. I tend to notice how the new technique in what today is called journalism informs the people. Again, using the intersectional identity politics filter. What is said and what isn’t, What is covered and what isn’t is very revealing. I’m conditioned to pay attention to Trumps hair and the Kardashians rears. I know that the murder rate in Chicago or Rudy Giuliani offering the FBI a hard drive containing Hunter Biden misdeeds and them refusing to take it is not important based on coverage. Am I doing it wrong?

  17. I used to not care what race people were. Being a decent human being is what matters. My SO of 10 years was a black man. Now, I am very aware of it and truthfully, I don’t want to be around Black people when it’s very likely that they hate me just for being White; That sucker punching a White person, or an Asian person, is a thing in the Black community while Whites are blamed for the “hate” shown to other races. I’m just done and I’d rather not interact at all.

    I hope that someday they will wake up and see how they are being used by the left and Democrats to gain power and money.

  18. Not in the sense that they have wished. I have never been “Race Conscious” only people “Conscious”. People should be evaluated solely based on their actions. Have I met people that are “Race Conscious”? Sure and from all different ethnicities. However, the major of all people are basically good. The Good sometimes has to be brought out but most people deep down are good. Our culture for decades has spent more time dwelling and accentuating the bad in everything that it has become the norm to expect it. The move to accuse more and more people of ‘Race hatred” is solely based on an evil agenda. When we as a society seek the best in everything and everyone, put GOD first and return to strive for actual truth the opportunity to become great again will appear. America can once again become that beacon for truth and justice.

  19. As a food deliverer in a large city, I can tell you that folks are fleeing the city. In the 60’s, it was called white flight. In 2021, it’s folks of all skin colors who are buying expensive new builds. These are folks who want to raise their families with some semblance of morals and values. These are folks who are making lots of money in the medical profession, or as business owners, or lawyers. It’s very interesting because real-life is totally clashing with MSM. Does not compute, Will Robinson!

  20. I never thought of myself as white until I read DiAngelo. It happened on the first page. The book talked about “original sin,” and in that moment, I realized I’m white and that there are people who hate me because of it.

    Since then I have been forced to participate in “bias” training at work that literally portrayed white people as mosquitos sucking blood from black people and needing to be squashed.

    I have undergone a significant shift in racial awareness in the last year, and it hasn’t been a shift toward greater trust and racial harmony.

  21. It has made me more race conscious when it comes to people I see in news and politics. But I don’t think it has affected my personal interactions with people based on their or my race.

    It has had a definitely negative impact on how I view my liberal friends when they start spouting nonsense like “we’re all racist and if you don’t know you’re racist that’s just proof that you’re racist.”

    Overall I think it has had a net negative effect on race relations in America and I think it is incredibly sad and thoroughly enraging.

  22. Seumas Bearbóir

    Becoming more racially aware has been a process for me over the last 20 plus years. The campaign to marginalize European people (Whites) has been increasingly noticeable during this time. Acceleration began with the first days of Obama’s first term and 2020 appears like critical mass was achieved. This is a good thing to make Europeans more racially aware and to begin thinking collectively as a defensive measure and start considering their own group interests as well. When dealing with any individual one on one I remain open and flexible and allow that person’s own merits and virtues to come out naturally. When I find myself needing to consider my situation in a crowd of people or an area or region of a populace, I must consider people by average group behaviors and sensibilities for my own well being and that of the people I love.

  23. Has race-focused activism and news made you more race-conscious? No. I’ve never been race-conscious, gender-conscious, size-conscious (other than obesity is a health issue), age-conscious. or whatever-conscious. And I’ll wager the vast majority of Americans feel the same. Yes, we will always have racists and misogynists and people who-despise-other-people, but these are exceptions.

    Racism is not systemic; if you hunt hard enough you will always find racists. But that’s all they are — exceptions. The politicians and media are amplifying what’s not there. Doubt my claim? How’s that Russia collusion story working for you?

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