(FORUM) One-size-fits-all response to Covid makes no sense

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Having traveled extensively during the Covid-19 pandemic, I’m struck by how different it is to visit America’s larger cities versus the countryside and rural areas.

The emergency sense on the news that the world is crashing down is understandable in some places where they have had a lot of illnesses and deaths.

However, there are communities that haven’t had a single Covid-19-related death to this day, and many that have processed this virus as “normally” as if it were the flu. Here, I have seen townsfolk living their lives much as they always have.

I’ve done several stories for Full Measure on communities that locked down during the initial shutdown, even though it was months before they would get their first case of Covid. When they finally did get their first case, they decided not to lock down, having determined it was more harmful to the community than staying open. Schools stayed open. Sports were played. Businesses kept operating. Anecdotally, these communities fared none the worse for having remained open. “Social distancing is pretty much a way of life here, anyway,” one resident quipped.

If the pandemic response has taught us anything, it would seem to be that one-size-fits-all responses don’t make sense. Especially when communities are having such a wide range of experiences.

What do you think?

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26 thoughts on “(FORUM) One-size-fits-all response to Covid makes no sense”

  1. “One-size-fits-all response to Covid makes no sense”.

    I couldn’t agree more. There seems to be a belief on the part of national health experts that we all have identical health situations, and therefore the experimental jab will affect us all the same way. That’s a ludicrous assumption on anyone’s part.

    One of the biggest questions is why is the medical community at large happily going along with this farce? And why are these scientists so quickly throwing out widely accepted scientific principles from the last 50 years? In the past it was recognized that if a vaccine works, then a person won’t need to take further precautions such as social distancing, masks and isolation. Why the need for a booster jab if the variants are weaker than the original bug? It’s my understanding that viruses almost always weaken as they mutate. And what about the inevitable occurrence of natural herd immunity which has been recognized for decades?

    Many others have said it, and I believe it’s true: the government’s response to covid-19 is one of the biggest money making scams in the history of the planet. It’s also one of the biggest power grabs ever with the sole intent to rob people of their civil liberties.

    1. EC – Well written and I couldn’t agree more. Also, why do we are they not focusing at all on early, outpatient protocol to keep people from getting really sick and hospitalized? We have (via institutions like Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic) published treatment protocols for everything under the sun and there are reputable physicians that are treating their patients with early, multi drug treatments that work. Yet there are no published treatment protocols that I know of for the health professionals to administer. Perhaps it is because if they did, the vaccine wouldn’t be so easily push or necessary and they certainly wouldn’t have gotten EUA for it.

  2. Cities are filled with leftists,
    who have book learning (indoctrination)
    and no common sense.
    They trust governments, but not the private sector.
    When the government says “jump”, they ask “how high”?

    People in rural America are much less likely to be leftists.
    They have much more common sense.
    They do not trust the government.
    When the government says “jump”,
    they respond with a rural cheer:
    ” Give us an F, give us U ,,,
    — what does that spell? “

    1. I respectfully submit that people in rural America can be Christian socialist or “leftist”.
      Bleeding Kansas brought in socialists from everywhere to advocate for equality and the abolition of slavery.
      1856 – Oregon City, Kansas vegetarian colony
      1869 – Workingmen’s Co-operative Colony (Llewellyn Castle) Goff & Wetmore Nemaha County KS Chartist colony
      1869 – 1892 Silkville Williamsburg KS Fourierite colony
      1872 – Progressive near Cedar Vale KS Socialist Commune
      1875 – 187? The Progressive Communist. newspaper published : (Cedar Vale, Kan.)
      1876 – 1948 Red Kate Richards o’Hare First Lady of Socialism Ada/Ottawa KS
      1877 – Danish Socialist Colony Louis Pio, utopian socialist
      1890 Christian Socialist Society in Boston MA, Chicago IL, & Independence, KS
      1891- 1973 Earl Browder Wichita socialist presidential candidate 1936 against FDR 1896-1922 Appeal to Reason largest American socialist newspaper by Wayland in Girard KS
      1896 In His Steps book by Seldon Christian socialist (WWJD)

      1. Thanks for the history lesson;

        May I remind you that equality / ending slavery
        was a Republican issue, concerning personal freedom,
        that had nothing to do with socialism

        If US cities are filled mainly with leftists.
        then rural areas are mainly NOT leftists.

        A US map showing counties
        who favored Trump in 2016 and 2020
        will clearly show where the “red counties”
        were located (Hint: Not any major cities.)

  3. One thing I find interesting is the lack of talk of healthier lifestyles, eating better, exercise, getting outside in the sun and fresh air. But there is no money to be made in that.

    The survival rate of COVID is 99.7%. Of those who require hospitalization, or worse, are generally senior citizens, those with pre-existing conditions, those who are obese, and those who are diabetic.
    There are the occasional one-offs, the 30something in great health who died. They always make the headlines.

    And what about herd immunity? Almost no talk about that. So if the Delta variant is predominate in the unvaccinated, they get it and have natural immunity via Memory T-cells.

    1. “One thing I find interesting is the lack of talk of healthier lifestyles, eating better, exercise, getting outside in the sun and fresh air. But there is no money to be made in that.”

      Spot on, Bob. Your last sentence in this graf says it all. Why then is the FDA blocking proven treatments for emergency use? Gee, I wonder why.

  4. Jeffrey Lawrence Olson

    One size fits all works perfectly, if it’s the right size – namely treat it like any other mild pathogen or flu (e.g., the Asian and Hong Hong flues; no mitigation taken and no problems – even though both illnesses were more deadly than Convid 1984).

  5. I do believe the Colorado High Country, specifically Vail/Beaver Creek, is proof of the “one size does NOT fit all” argument. Bravo!Vail just finished its 6-week run with three philharmonic orchestras and one chamber orchestra that had not played to live audiences since before the plague began. The amphitheatre and lawn were packed most nights with few people using masks. There was only a minor blip in the increase number of cases that did not correlate to Bravo and has already turned downward. I hear the two resorts are packed this summer.

  6. Well, the leftists who dominate politics, the media and academia would like to impose their ‘one size fits all (as long as it’s my size’) ideology on everyone. COVID has been the perfect vehicle for its incremental advancement.

  7. Common sense, being gracious to others who might be hit hard by any virus and supporting your community is step one.

    CDC and WHO have constantly contradicted themselves. That is the main reason some people refuse to get vaccinated. It’s been several months since the vaccines have been used so why are they still under emergency use?

    1. A typical vaccine takes 10 to 15 years of development before FDA approval.

      The COVID vaccines could be approved by the end of 2021.

      They should NOT be approved, ever.

      Adverse side effects are unprecedented for any vaccine in history.

      There was no animal testing.

      Long term side effects are completely unknown, but likely to be bad, when considering the already known short term side effects.

      Vaccines do not eliminate viruses — they mutate, and a new vaccine must be developed for booster shots at least every year.

      Israel is suggesting COVID booster shots after six months.

      People who have recovered from COVID, and children, who get COVID vaccines, (except those children with leukemia or a similar disease) are fools, based on what is already known: The unprecedented adverse side effects of the vaccines and the minor effects of COVID19 on children

  8. Totally agree. Two other issues are that science no longer seems to rely on science. They seem to have a goal and then try to manipulate the #’s to convince people of their theory. Also, what about those who’ve had covid? We don’t need the vaccine. Why should we be punished when we have better immunity than those with the vaccine? Sharyl, I’d love to see your thoughts on this. Thanks as always!

  9. Whatever happened to people taking responsibility for their own health and safety? If I’m vulnerable it’s my job to take care of myself. If I need medical advice, I’ll ask my doctor. If someone around me is sick, I’ll avoid them. I don’t need any government agency, least of all one that cannot make up its collective mind about what to do, telling me what to do..

    1. Totally agree. I had someone chastise me after the fact for not telling him I wasn’t vaccinated. My response was that the person who is concerned has the impetus to protect themselves. I haven’t been sick in over a decade. The idea that unvaccinated = covid positive and death-bringer is ridiculous.

  10. Dr Howard A. Smith

    The really strange thing is, there is no dose dependent sizing of the shot. A 350lb male gets the same shot (dose) as 75lb woman. in testing on children, the dose is the same amount as an adult. there is only one dose size, that one apparently fits all.

    This basically contravenes all other drugs ever invented which are all dose dependent on body weight.

    1. Older, sickly people may not be able to tolerate the same size doses that were used in the double blind tests to get a drug approved:

      The usual subjects are the youngest, healthiest people with the one medical problem the drug is aimed at.

      And the approval typically only requires two positive double blind trials versus a sugar pill.

      So a new expensive pain killer can get FDA approved without being better, or with fewer adverse side effects, than cheap, generic aspirin — it just has to outperform sugar pills.

  11. Why aren’t we discussing natural immunity, too? I, and every member of my immediate family, including two young children, experienced symptomatic cases of Covid-19, confirmed with PCR. We are immune! We don’t benefit from the vaccine. And unlike vaccinated people, we do not carry the virus or spread it to others!

  12. Been personally exposed to 17 PCR tested positive people in the past 18 months, that I know of, and not so much as a sniffle. The majority of those positive people, none of which had so much as the sniffles, got tested because the government told them to get tested, the rest had nothing more than sniffles and… “OMG! I got the sniffles! It must be the Corona-Cooties!” From a PCR test that can’t even differentiate between the Corona-Cooties and the Influenza. But hey, look at the bright side! The Corona-Cooties eradicated the Flu-Cooties: https://magaville.files.wordpress.com/2021/07/screenshot-2021-07-28-at-09-34-31-who-flumart-outputs-sm-1.jpg

  13. The Bigger picture of all this, brings me to A New insight in something Ronald Reagan gave a speech to the United Nations when he was President !.. (( His speech stated )) = I Wonder what the World’s Nations would do if it was confronted tomorrow with a outside impending invasion ?.”It has Happened folks ! = Covid-19 virus,. I seen another Statement this Morning on News channel 22 , on the bottom of screen in Northern Indiana here, read A New study rates New Zealand the Best place to survive Global collapse ?.. “Folk’s the reality in real science in all this, with yet still over 7 Billion people living on the Planet and this Viruses un-squared ability to mutate further more, is a whack a mole for the next several years.. What is 100% Fair and Honest thing to do now is for the World’s leaders to draft a New resolution for a International Debt relief for all countries… Other wise we Need president of the United States to pass a executive order to protect our Financial systems and all American’s and institutions , to keep for example : A 1,100 square foot Home prices to be inflated to a preditory 500,000 dollar price range with also inflating property taxes in all States here, and putting people out in the streets and renters un-able to afford rent any where ?. Do you really want to end up like parts of South Africa, those poor people having to live out in the dirt street in tent’s ??? Shameful in this year of 2021 in Mankind’s History.. P.S. Keep this info as a Future reference to see if me or New Zealand is Right ???

  14. A ‘YAY’ to all ye readers who understand that we are not addressing the root causes of disease. The real pandemic has been cancer and related auto-immune disorders for many decades now. And the Rockefeller-funded initiatives (since the beginning of the 20th century–which focused on petroleum-based products, and petro-agribusiness) that have infested the Universities, foundations, and NGO think tanks has fostered a dangerous myopic “healthcare” paradigm that translates as: “sickness maintenance.” The industries that benefit from this myopic construct have no authentic interest in the care of a person’s health. When human beings are merely a monetary unit in a capital-dominant profit scheme–the devil’s work is close at hand. I am not a Christian per se, and I also do not support simplistic notions of communism coupled with socialist panaceas as the ticket to freedom and good health. That stated, if we are to create authentic healthcare from the standpoint of “prevention”, then we must first address the relevance of the food chain, water supply, and air quality– that the biggest industries continue to profit from–and all the while responsible for creating the causes of our collective disease. Also, as an important aside–we have yet to address the post-traumatic psychological symptoms as a result of enduring 1.5 years of a historic Psyop. The elephant in the room is barely being discussed.

  15. I think we are being primed for another round of govt control. It is crucial that we be rational and reject one size fits all approaches in favor of prevention/immunity building, early treatment, and targeted measures for vulnerable populations. It is time to stand up and be counted. Whatever we give up now, we will never get back.

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