Grand jury: Doctor was wrongly accused of theft after using Covid-19 vaccine on family and friends

A grand jury in Texas has found no cause to indict a physician accused of theft for taking nine doses of Covid-19 vaccine that were about to expire, and giving them to his wife and other people he knew.

According to reports, Dr. Hasan Gokal was overseeing a vaccine clinic last December. When it closed for the day, there was a partly-used vial of Moderna vaccine left containing nine doses. With the vaccine expiring in six hours, Gorka says he found a way to use it rather than have it thrown away. He says he contacted his supervisor in advance and provided documentation afterward. However, the health department fired him and prosecutors charged him with theft.

Even though a judge subsequently dismissed the theft charge, prosecutors brought the case to a grand jury. This past week, the grand jury agreed there was no grounds to prosecute Gokal.

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2 thoughts on “Grand jury: Doctor was wrongly accused of theft after using Covid-19 vaccine on family and friends”

  1. I have heard of Activist Judges over the years who functionally make laws with their rulings even though it is a violation of their mandate. It appears that now, prosecutors/ Attorney Generals across the nation are getting into the act of legal activism. I think we should start looking more carefully at these people and their offices and exactly who is seeking these positions of power in our society and why.

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