(POLL) ‘Fauci should be removed from positions of authority’

Dr. Anthony Fauci should be removed from positions of authority. That’s according to a broad majority of more than 2,000 people who responded to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com.

Ninety-eight percent (98%) said Fauci should be removed.

Should Dr. Fauci be removed from positions of authority?

98% Yes, long ago!

1% No, why? He’s brilliant?

1% I’m not sure.

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12 thoughts on “(POLL) ‘Fauci should be removed from positions of authority’”

  1. Most definitely he absolutely should be removed, held accountable for assisting those whom wish our nations demise as well as our freedoms relinquished and charged him with espionage.

  2. From his current position to a jail cell. His contradictions have caused needless havoc, pain, and confusion. It is well past time to stop believing anything the so called “experts” say.

  3. he should be taken before the International Court for crimes against humanity, including forcing an experimental drug on credulous victims of his psyop tactics which is against the Nuremberg Code.

    1. POLL ON Fauci.
      As a physician double residency trained in Fam.Med. and Pathology (ImmunmoPathology), I could not agree with you and DR. Rand more. His training probably consists of 1. MD, 2. Internal Medicine Residency, 3. Fellowship in Infectious Disease. In my opinion, These credentials DO NOt Qualify this politician to lead an NIH group giving out FALSE , Conflicting information to the American People. IE: Hydroxycholoraquin ( used by millions if people world wide to treat LUPUS and MALARIA) with very few side effects. His MASK proclamations (Disproved by sophisticated engineering studies). His His recommendations—-Oh Please!!!. etc.,etc, Ad Infinitium. Please note that Qualfied Researchers and Physicians are not ALLOWED a platfform from which to teach the truth.

      DO NOT BE INFLUENCED BY THE POLITICIANS!!!!! Follow the Science,


  4. Removed and investigated by AN INDEPENDENT ATTORNEY GENERAL for civil and potential criminal conflicts of interesT – also some trial lawyer should exam whether there is a class action feasibility if conflicts of interest impacting Fauci’s decisions and alleged conflicts

  5. There definitely needs to be a bonafide investigation into his involvement with the experimental phases developing this virus. There is something “fishy in Denmark” especially how they are forcing the vaccines on everyone. I envision a mad scientist, like Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde….which may not be too far from reality. Time will tell.

  6. Working in CDC’s Emergency Operations Center during the SARS outbreak it quickly became apparent during conference calls with Fauci ‘s office that he was an egotistical narcissist. When he realized Dr. Gerberding (CDC Director) wasn’t going to roll over and give NIH the lead on messaging for SARS, he quickly disappeared from conference calls and had a subordinate fill in for
    The rest of the campaign. He was more concerned about the limelight than the public health message.

  7. Patent attorney Dr David Martin has revealed the patents taken out by Fauci and big pharma relating to the mRNA sequences related to the Spike protein in 2018 enabling them to have PCR tests and vaccines ready to make billions of dollars when the alleged “novel” Corona virus was to be sprung on a gullible compliant population with more so-called “variants” on the way to keep us locked down forever despite frequent “booster.” Vaccinations

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