POLL: Fewer believe the worst of Covid-19 is behind us

The following is from Scott Rasmussen and BallotPedia:

Thirty-seven percent (37%) of voters believe the worst of the pandemic is behind us. That’s down nineteen points over the past six weeks and the lowest level of optimism since late January.

A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 33% take the opposite view and think the worst is still to come. Thirty percent (30%) are not sure.

Confidence fell significantly among Republicans, Democrats, and independents. However, Republicans remain far more upbeat than other voters. By a 49% to 26% margin, Republicans tend to believe the worst is behind us. Democrats, by a 39% to 31% margin, take the opposite view. Among independent voters, 23% believe the worst is behind us, while 34% believe the worst is yet to come.

Throughout 2020, public confidence about the pandemic resembled a roller-coaster ride. (Continued…)

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7 thoughts on “POLL: Fewer believe the worst of Covid-19 is behind us”

  1. I believe politicians will use this as long as they can. It’s been politically driven from the start.

  2. Please expose PCR tests and sh9w how awful it is to request it for travel specially when FDA itself is recalling it. I had my nose bleading badly in one of those tests. Who do I sue? Why do I have to submit myself to it again in order to go to college or do business overseas till December if its useless?

  3. The worst isn’t behind us. The administration, WHO, CDC and brainwashed will continue to skew the numbers and perpetuate their lies. The goal is to jab every human in the world with the geocidal shot.
    Although, I’m not sure the elites who are weighing in on the plan have actually taken the jab themselves. Probably for show what was given was saline.

    1. Karen, Yes–agreed. The playbook is all too obvious at this stage. What is most disturbing is the reported numbers of people who were willing to be lab rats. As if “experimental” just sort of flew over their heads. At present, the stakeholders in the massive test jab/Psyop experiment may be presumed to be committed to some sort of death cult. Nothing new here re making dough and enforcing a player’s powerbase on murder for profit. We used to call it–War. Now we call it a ‘medical condition.’ LIFE is not a medical condition regardless of how the political spin doctors and money media churn out their narratives.

  4. The Biden Blame Game is in full swing. It is now being reported that many of those coming across the southern border from countries raging with Covid-19 and its variant are testing positive for the virus. Rather than isolating them, treating than and inoculating them, these migrants are secretly being transferred to states….whose governors are unaware of these clandestine actions by the Biden Administration. Over a million people have come illegally across the border and many are infected with this virus. Of course the virus will spread. Of course the Biden Administration wants to blame those who voted for Trump…even if they have already had the virus. If Biden were sincere about controlling the virus, he should not have opened the border to the world until the pandemic ended. No wonder he never wanted to visit the border and Kamala did not want to get too close….they know where the point of entry is for this virus

  5. With our open border being invaded by Covid infected people, why is this not biological warfare when the Biden administration is sneaking them into our neighborhoods? We are “sitting ducks”.

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