POLL: ‘Most Americans are not racist’

A majority of Americans (56%) says most Americans are not racist. At the same time, 54% say race relations are getting worse: an all-time high since Rasmussen Reports has been measuring the number. That coincides with activists, political figures and the media placing intense public focus on– or stoking– racial tensions.

The findings on racism and race relations are from a recent survey by Rasmussen Reports.

Then again, a new poll by Gallup seems to find the opposite of Rasmussen Reports when it comes to the question of whether most Americans are racist. Whereas most surveyed told Rasmussen Reports that most Americans are not racist, the Gallup poll finds:

  • 64% now say racism against Black people is widespread in U.S.
  • Satisfaction with treatment of Black people remains near low point

In the Rasmussen Reports survey, the percentage saying race relations are worsening is up 13 percentage points from 41% since January 2020.

Other findings from Rasmussen Reports:

24% of American adults say race relations in the US are good or excellent. That’s lower than 34% in January 2020.

44% say race relations are poor. That’s up from 31% in January 2020.

Blacks (11%) and other minorities (9%) are more likely than whites (6%) to rate race relations as excellent.

56% don’t think most Americans are racist.

26% say most Americans are racist.

Democrats (37%) are far more likely than Republicans (17%) or those not affiliated with either major party (24%) to say most Americans are racist.

Oddly, those who rate the current state of race relations as excellent are more likely to say most Americans are racist, and those who believe most Americans are racist are more likely to believe race relations are getting better.

Rasmussen Reports survey

Those earning more than $200,000 a year are most likely to say race relations are poor.

Other findings from Gallup: More U.S. adults than in 2020 say civil rights for Black people have improved.

Read more about Gallup’s findings here.

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12 thoughts on “POLL: ‘Most Americans are not racist’”

  1. Racism is unfortunately on the rise, but not because of white-on-minority racism as fake woke liberal mainstream media is trying hard to convince us to believe, but black-on-other racism, particularly black-on-Asian racism, and the fake woke liberal mainstream media are enablers.

    Asians are getting beat up on a daily basis in California and New York. The fake woke liberal mainstream media tries to tie them to Trump, but the reality is, most if all perpetrators, as shown on available video footage, have been blacks. But it doesn’t stop the fake woke liberal mainstream media from pushing the same “white supremacist” lie. As an Asian American, it is sickening. It won’t be long before an Asian elderly gets killed by these black thugs in broad daylight.

    1. Milo,

      Aristotle had warned against race-mixing—because
      genetic differences in abilities lead to differences in
      outcomes!, leading the less capable to hold hostile
      FEELINGS against the more capable, which is why
      F O R C E D integration – in the 1950s – of blacks into
      white schools (Marxists’ Utopianism driving the idea)
      began the end of high-culture civilization in America.

      NYC B L A C K-on -Asian Brutality :


    2. The MSM, our schools and colleges, the DemonsRat party and Leftists are pushing the false belief that America is a racist country and that America’s institutions are racist. This is what the Marxist Critical Race theory states.. We must try to stop the promotion of CRT which is making race relations in the West worse.

      1. Asians / Asian Americans are living proof CRT is dead wrong.

        Dems pushing CRT is another proof of oppression against the Asian community.

        Every policy Dems push that includes preferential treatment towards blacks, like affirmative action, is almost always at the expense of Asian Americans. Dumbing down STEM to help blacks are hurting Asian Americans, who usually ace STEM. Unfortunately, us Asian Americans are not as vocal politically, and those that are are usually hijacked or brainwashed by the Democrats.

  2. I’ve long had a reasonably jaundiced view of polling, although I’ve considered that Rasmussen made an effort to use a demographic cross section of respondents that may provide somewhat accurate results.
    Clearly my view is based on my wide ranging reading, my exchanges with others around the country, and local conversations, and I couch my speculation based on the destructive media bias to the negative. I conclude most Americans do not see themselves as racial biased and look for all good, decent citizens to do well.


  3. Personally, I’m a “human racist”. I judge a person AFTER I’ve seen them act. The prophet Isaiah had it right:”All fall short”. Pandering to Black America is destroying it: casting blacks as little angels and whites as devils is the spin from a political football.

    1. Bob B.,

      From a position of the applied psychologies of Freud and
      Jung and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, EVERYONE
      (( except severely brain damaged people )) practices
      racism!, either consciously or subconsciously—(sub.) from
      years of witnessing nightly television Mug-Shot reports on
      criminals, forming Brain-Entrainments about which
      RACE (( or intra-racial ethnic group )) may be more lawful
      or more dangerous on the street (( a/k/a “STEREOTYPING,”
      for self-protection—and which defense was – before 1960 –
      considered to be a GOOD/Positive practice, and taught in
      universities as such, before Marxists demeaned the idea )).

      Put another way :

      -Forwarded Message-

      July 7, 2021
      Dear Editors and Staff of The Federalist,

      E V E R Y O N E is RACIST. And in order to defuse
      WOKE-Leftism’s accusations of racism, INFORM the
      Wokey folks that they, themselves, are either bigoted,
      too, or (much worse) are LYING Hypocrites !

      Glenn Beck, for an example, is what I term a “Jesse-
      Jackson-Type RACIST (( at the very least! )), for
      simply being more careful on the street when around
      black males, say, walking behind him.

      The “Knockout Game” is NOT “an urban myth” (( Slate
      magazine’s shallow-brained claim )); and there is no such
      condition as “an unarmed black man!”—unless those
      really are just stumps on his shoulders. Ask that police
      officer who had to shoot an “unarmed” THUG in
      Ferguson, MO, to keep his gun, to protect his own life.

      Most Americans are what this scribbler calls, “Mugshot
      Racists,” as their seeing nightly news showing MOSTLY
      men of color (( over decades for those Boomers!!! )) being
      caught/charged/jailed for CRIMES — rapes, robberies,
      assaults, murders and smash-then-grab terrorism against
      store owners — can’t help but to have CONDITIONED all to
      take FAR MORE CARE around black and brown men ON

      One report for accepting this analyst’s
      argument :


      Again, EVERYONE is racist—except lying hypocrites.

      T H I N K, folks!—and the rest of you on the Political Right.
      Or remain forever strapped to Marxian, Libertine, Leftists’
      cleverly EVIL name-calling G A M E—their evil game of
      You’re-a-Racist-I’m-Not W O K I S M.

      Study Soviet-style Bolshevism for a deeper understanding
      of what I’ve coined as: “Utopi-Psychosis,” which mental
      illness develops, predominantly, in any person suffering an
      over-developed EMOTIONAL, ARTISTIC, MUSICAL, right-
      hemisphere-dominant EXPRESSION of the brain—leaving
      an underdeveloped, LOGICAL, MORAL, EXECUTIVE left-
      hemisphere (( study my report, “The Underlying Psychology
      Driving Political Affiliation—The Donahue Syndrome” )).

      And, Bob, EVERYONE IS bigoted!—except lyinig (( or self-
      deceived ? )) hypocrites, as EVERYONE holds FAITHFULLY
      to their OWN beliefs/opinions/positions (( defines the ideas
      “BIGOTRY” and “BIGOTS”—as all religionists, atheists, and
      scientists are bigoted in their own way )).


  4. Ricki Tiki Tavi

    Polls or not, the political rhetoric currently churned out by Leftist pundits indicates that unsanity is the most dangerous aspect regarding the lack of coherrent dialog around’perceived race issues; and the corporate media is guilty of spreading the divisive ‘perception’ disease. One notable Democrat(I don’t wish to utter his name) has stated publicly that disasters are political opportunities–so don’t let them go to waste. I paraphrase, but the point is obvious and on daily display every day in the headlines and in the WH spin during pseudo-pressers.

  5. Gallup, to my recollection…the first pollster to have ENDORSED a Presidential candidate as he was allegedly conducting unbiased polls?

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