(POLL) Most say health care system broken

A majority of American voters, no matter their party affiliation, says the U.S. healthcare system is badly broken. That’s according to a recent ScottRasmussen.com poll.

Sixty-seven percent (67%) agree U.S. healthcare is broken. Broken down by party: 68% of Democrats, 67% of Republicans, and 66% of Independent voters agreed, says ScottRasmussen.com.

Twenty percent (20%) of respondents disagree that the healthcare system is broken.

Thirteen percent (13%) said they are unsure.

Those who do not plan to get the Covid-19 vaccine are more likely to say that the healthcare system is broken than those who have received the vaccine.

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5 thoughts on “(POLL) Most say health care system broken”

  1. It’s been broken ever since Obama and company decided to mess with it. Now everything costs more and nothing is covered. What he succeeded in doing was wreck insurance for the people who work and pay for their stuff and giving stuff to people who never worked for anything. Typical Democratic Marxist tactics. Keep buying voters with their wealth redistribution. Meanwhile The Obama’s and the Politicians don’t have Obamacare. Their insurance is much better than what the working stiffs have. Same as in corporations. The CEO’s have a deal where they don’t pay for anything even though they make 10 million a year.

  2. Hey Sharyl… Love your work, but really, what the hell does “health care is broken” mean? About the same as “pay your fair share.” All political platitudes (i.e. bullshit) that fuel the talk while allowing nothing to get done… 

  3. I have very good health insurance and very good health coverage. I pay nothing for vaccines ( annual flu shot, shingle vax) and I got both dosages of Pfizer covid vaccine. I pay nothing for most routine health care ( annual checkups, mammograms, eye exams, etc ). I only pay $25 max copay if I’m I’ll. Antibiotics cost next to nothing.
    I’m retired too and not on Medicare yet. The company I use to work for covers about 60% of my insurance premiums. I pay the other 40%. I feel my health insurance coverage improved since “Obamacare” was put into place. Maybe I’m the exception to the rule. I was scared that if Obamacare was or is dismantled, that either my portion of my premium would skyrocket, I pay more out of pocket for routine health care, or my insurance would be less than what it is now. Again, maybe I’m the exception to the rule. But I’m happy!

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