POLL: Schools should teach “traditional values”

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Over three-fourths of U.S. voters say they want schools to teach traditional values. That’s according to a Rasmussen Reports poll.

Seventy-eight percent (78%) say it’s at least somewhat important that kids learn traditional values in school, says Rasmussen Reports.

That reportedly includes over half (52%) who say it is very important traditional values are taught in school.

Rasmussen says this is in line with polls on the same question dating back to 2013.

Click on the link below to read the full poll story:

Rasmussen Reports poll story: Most say its important to teach kids traditional values in school

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12 thoughts on “POLL: Schools should teach “traditional values””

  1. Absolutely they should. They certainly need to leave politics out of it. If they force this anti American CRT; parents should counter by teaching their children how wrong it is. Everything they try to force we counter by teaching counter of their fantasy B.S. All this says is lets teach stupidity to children.
    Teacher are trying to place themselves in the role of psychologist. The only thing psychologist are good for is using themselves as a template for the perfect person. That of which they certainly are not! School should be teaching the skills necessary for the kids to survive in this world and not bowing to thugocracy!
    There’s a lot of parents out there in that mental know it all train of mind just like psychologist as well. Older people know that knowledge along with experience is the best teacher of all!
    We are all Victims and we are all the Aggressor! One might be a victim to one person and the aggressor of another. It goes back, and fourth your whole life. You reap what you soe! You treat people with respect you get treated with respect. You treat people with disdain you get the same back. Almost all things have a double side to it! What you push your going to get back!!!

  2. Guess that comment didn’t meet your standards! Thats ok I’ll just post it else where. You can’t shut us up! LOL How you going to shut me up in person?

  3. This sounds nice and all, but how about the government schools focus on academics like reading, writing, mathematics, science, logic, etc. – and leave the teaching of “values” to parents and families. The government should have has much role in teaching values as it does in teaching religion.

    Part of the problem, of which we’re not reaping the rotten fruit, is that the government schools have gotten away from teaching academics to indoctrinate (i.e. “teach”) leftist values. If we must have government schools at all, for the indigent, get them out of the values business entirely. Forbid it by law.

    No one who is able should have their children in the .gov schools anyway. Private schools and homeschooling are the best options parents have to direct their children’s education.

  4. And if 3/4 + of the country would vote decent people on to local school boards we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.

  5. I would LOVE to agree with the results of the poll. However,
    1) public schools are NOT the place to learn moral values,
    2) many parents want to push this off on schools because
    they have abrigated their responsibility. They’re too busy
    to do their jobs, and
    3) they have not thought this through. Do parents really
    want the same leftists who push CRT and anything-goes
    sex ed on their kids to be in charge of teaching values??
    Can you imagine the nightmare mishmash your poor kid
    will be taught by those secular humanists???

    Again, as much as I’d love to agree, it’s a NO SALE for me.

  6. So in my humble opinion, traditional values of respect for others, work ethics, kindness to others, patience, manners, etc., should be taught in the home. However, I guess in many families aren’t doing their job as parents regarding this. So now the expectation is that our school system needs to do this? I’m not in total favor of this. However, maybe it has to be! Will teachers then have enough time to teach on subjects that are meant to be taught in school?

  7. the funny (not really funny) part of all of this is that students can’t pass math, reading or writing tests/evaluations but schools want to teach CRT. Our kids don’t need that crap, they need to learn basic math and the value of reading, life skills and job skills. Parents, please keep voicing your opposition to this nonsense. Teach your kids right and wrong, and a strong work ethic. So thankful my youngest just graduated from high school…..finally done with that phase!

  8. Most of you must be mighty pleased with what you see in society today. Values have ceased to exist in much of society. “Whose values” became the mantra of the Left. Values were dropped from the school curriculum in the 1960s, It wasn’t immediate all over the US, but that is when it began.
    Most of you could not list traditional values if your life depended on it which means that you are very lucky because you were not contaminated with values.

    Most of you appear to be opposed everything Sharyl stresses in her books and columns. That means you are here to shut down any intelligent discussion.

  9. Schools are a reflection of society; if the society is degraded, then the schools will be degraded – it is and they are.; 40% of the teachers in the NYC schools now, were not even teaching prior to 2014. They are young and brainwashed into the Leftist agenda. Traditional values? Unless you are a Senior citizen, those 2 words mean less than zero.

  10. I answered one of your tweets on Twitter. You asked for a question for Joe Biden about Afghanistan that he had to answer. I posted. It lasted five seconds and then it disappeared. I said, “Joe, was what you did in Afghanistan a payoff to the CCP or to your Globalist Davos buddies who always hated the America First Movement?”

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