(READ) CDC: Flu was “historically low” during initial Covid-19 pandemic.

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says the flu was measured at “historically low” levels though summer of 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic was gripping the nation and world.

Below is the CDC’s summary:

What is already known about this topic?

Nonpharmaceutical interventions introduced to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 reduced transmission of common respira- tory viruses in the United States.

What is added by this report?

Influenza viruses and human metapneumovirus circulated at historic lows through May 2021. In April 2021, respiratory syncytial virus activity increased. Common human coronavi- ruses, parainfluenza viruses, and respiratory adenoviruses have been increasing since January or February 2021. Rhinoviruses and enteroviruses began to increase in June 2020.

What are the implications for public health practice?

Clinicians should be aware of increased circulation, sometimes off season, of some respiratory viruses and consider multipatho- gen testing. In addition to recommended preventive actions, fall influenza vaccination campaigns are important as schools and workplaces resume in-person activities with relaxed COVID-19 mitigation practices.

In the United States, influenza activity decreased in March 2020, was historically low through the summer of 2020 (2), and remained low during October 2020–May 2021 (<0.4% of respiratory specimens with positive test results for each week of the season). Circulation of other respiratory patho- gens, including respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), common human coronaviruses (HCoVs) types OC43, NL63, 229E, and HKU1, and parainfluenza viruses (PIVs) types 1–4 also decreased in early 2020 and did not increase until spring 2021. Human metapneumovirus (HMPV) circulation decreased in March 2020 and remained low through May 2021. Respiratory adenovirus (RAdV) circulated at lower levels throughout 2020 and as of early May 2021. Rhinovirus and enterovirus (RV/EV) circulation decreased in March 2020, remained low until May 2020, and then increased to near prepandemic seasonal levels.

Centers for Disease Control

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28 thoughts on “(READ) CDC: Flu was “historically low” during initial Covid-19 pandemic.”

  1. If the CDC wasn’t under a microscope, I highly doubt they would have released even that much information. Naturally, they worded it in such a way that it’s not easy for the average layman to understand. It doesn’t matter to me, as I don’t believe anything coming from NIH, CDC, or WHO.

  2. How about the alternate view that many cases of influenza were misdiagnosed as COVID?

    There were financial incentives for hospitals to diagnose COVID rather than influenza.

    1. Yes! I’m in health care, Flu and RSV (bronchiolitis) in children where I work were not seen last Flu/cold season. So very odd. Most often the kiddos were just checked for Covid (PCR) and/or strep. Rarely were they checked for flu,

    1. Yes. From my understanding, the test can not tell the difference between live and dead virus. When the PCR test is spun greater than 40 cycles (which was done prior to Jan 20, The testing changed when Resident Corn Pop took office
      and the WHO said the tests where being spun too high) it will make nothing into something, positive tests!

  3. Seasonal flue cases misdiagnosed a covid-19 during what was supposed to be peak pandemic time? I’ve received an answer to a question I’ve asked many times through this crisis? What does a simple case of covid-19 look like when not associated with any co-morbidities? When you look at the long laundry list of possible symptoms, what distinguishes covid-19 from seasonal flue?

  4. LIKE I SAID…covid is just like fake global warming everything is global warming good weather, cold weather rainy snowy weather …No hurricane’s to many hurricanes …With covild all other disease have magical disappeared and stat’s on those disease are all down… Everything is covid….. If people die of the flu its covid …If you die of old age its covid,.. If you die of heart disease its covid . The NUMBER 1 killer heart disease, its stat’s are down also… It must be that covid has magically cured heart disease and cancer and nobody seems to be dying of any other respiratory disease but covid….. In 2012 …..32, 000 people died of the flu ? What happen to those counts ? ….All down …IT LOOKS LIKE COVID IS MAGICALLY THE CURE FOR ALL DISEASE. I have a new name for covid … Its is the control disease ,To control the people disease… To keep them in their home afraid to go and organize… To protest the fake election ..fake media to stop a national strike… Like what happened in France when President Macaron raised gas prices and riots started in France the yellow vest riots or Taiwan riots against the government and in Venezuela food riots and now Cuba riots against governmental control ..All you have do is to look at governor Wittmer in Michigan and California all the people recalling their tyrannical leaders ..But they control the voting machines and investigate themselves so you will never know the truth……. The disease should really BE CALL WHAT REALLY IS ………CONTROL

  5. Marc Maximilien Authier

    Flu was very low because most of the Coivid 19 tested with the fraudulent PCR test are in reality influenza cases or your common cold which are both by the way other types of corona viruses. The CDC is a totally corrupt and evil organization. They imposed on us these fraudulent PCR knowing well the test is total crap !!!!! and cant distinguish between an anti body and a virus or common cold, the flu or Covid 19 !!!!!! These people from the CDC must be considered criminals. As long as they can spruce their nice little deadly vaccine racket while suppressing treatments that work and are safe and cheap like HCQ, ivermectin, zinc, D3 and steroid drugs. The CDC stands for Criminals of the District of Columbia. Gangsters !!!!! and yes mass murders and criminals agains humanity,.

  6. RFK, Jr revealed the CDC’s conflicts of interest approx 20 years ago. The CDC promotes vaccines and are a profit ally for the Pharma stakeholders. Therefore, the CDC cannot be relied on for accurate apprisals of vaccine efficacy, or the treatment of colds and flu. Recently, Dr Bryan Ardis did an interview and related how a family member was killed due to hospital protocols. The family member had been admitted for covid[?] and Vancomycin (an antibiotic which by definition should only be used for bacterial infection–if at all) was administered due to a hospital Board enforced protocol. Vancomycin may cause kidney failure(and in this case did just that) which led to a misdiagnosis of water retention as pneumonia when what was actually the case was ‘pulmonary edema.’ This misdiagnosis led to the administering of Remdesivir(which was notable for the severe adverse reactions incurred during test trials) –and because the expert, Dr Fauci had promoted Remdesivir as the best drug for CV-virus, many Hospitals are using this dangerous drug by default. Result: death by malpractice. A legal topic many doctors and scientists and Pharma seem to sidestep and avoid much. We need more attorneys who want to work for the public’s good and authentic well-being.

  7. COVID19 comes on scene. The flu essentially goes away during this latest viral threat. Does this mean that the flu is artificially seeded amongst the population to keep pharmaceutical companies reaping profits at the cost of peoples health. Does this then mean COVID19 was artificially seeded around the world to elicit a political outcome?
    Eyes wide open.

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