Scientists warn of Guillain-Barre syndrome paralysis after Covid-19 vaccination

Numerous case reports of Guillain-Barre syndrome paralysis after Covid-19 vaccine have prompted scientists to warn that “all physicians” should be “vigilant in recognizing Guillain-Barré syndrome in patients who have received the AstraZeneca vaccine… our observations suggest that this clinically distinct [Guillain-Barré syndrome] variant is more severe than usual and may require mechanical ventilation.”

In the U.K., scientists flagged “bifacial weakness and normal facial sensation in four men between 11 and 22 days after their first doses of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine.” 

The AstraZeneca vaccine is not being given in the U.S.

A case of Guillain-Barre has also been identified in a patient who got the Pfizer vaccine.

In India, there are reports of seven severe cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome 10 to 14 days after the first dose of AstraZeneca’s vaccine.

Six were women, all had facial paralysis, “all progressed to quadriplegia, and six required respiratory support. Patients’ ages ranged from 43 to 70. Four developed other cranial neuropathies, including abducens palsy and trigeminal sensory nerve involvement.”

Guillain-Barre syndrome has been reported after other vaccinations. The cause is believed to be damage to the immune system. The disorder can be extremely serious and can lead to total paralysis with dependence on artificial respiration. Even those who recover may have serious muscle wasting and may have to slowly teach the body to relearn most every normal task, such as walking. One in 20 cases is fatal.

Other scientists say there’s no evidence that the Guillain-Barre cases are anything other than coincidence, and that they might have occurred in the patients even if they had not been vaccinated.

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38 thoughts on “Scientists warn of Guillain-Barre syndrome paralysis after Covid-19 vaccination”

  1. I recall GB syndrome first occurring in a few patients who were vaccinated for the swine flu, this after an outbreak in our military at Fort Dix, NJ, that our government thought would go nationwide (1976 or thereabouts). Despite the government’s and President Ford’s insistence that everyone should get the vaccine, only about 32% of the population actually did, and the flu’s nationwide spreading failed to materialize.
    Since then, all your “flu shots” come with a warning about contraction of GBS being a possible side effect.

    1. My mom was one of those GBS cases after taking the swine flu shot. Several people in my home town got it too. No coincidence.

    2. i had guillain barrie 26 years ago got the covid vacine back in april ask dr would i be ok with it because of past medical history youll be fine nearly 5 months later seven lot of antibiotic cant get rid of pain inhead ears eyes legs weak feel like crap head swaying dizziness ent appointment 30th sep let the dr tell me its not the vacine

  2. I am in the USA and got Guillian-Barre after my 2nd Pfizer covid shot. I joined a support group where several others have said the same thing. It is not a theoretic risk as one article says, it is an actual risk. And while rare, it is not as rare as it used to be.

    1. Hi gina, i too suffered with Guillian-Barre like symptoms , however it is difficult for me to get others to believe or to comprehend my fear of getting the second shot, it actually occurred with me after the first shot. Now the government is threatening to mandate full vaccination and really i don’t know where to go from here. At this point i know that my personal choice and the only choice for me is Not to get the second shot, because fear of GBS is to personal for me. How do I join this support group?

    2. My dad was just hospitalized and diagnosed with GBS after receiving the 2nd Pfizer vaccine. Started with numbness to his toes that traveled to his feet, lower extremities. Symptoms progressed to extreme lower extremity weakness, can not stand or walk. Currently receiving IVIG. Most people do not believe this is related to the vaccine which is extremely frustrating.

  3. Thank you, Sharyl, for publicizing this information. It’s very important that we know all we can about every medical treatment and disease.

  4. My friend 35 yrs old healthy but after 2 Pfizer shot had facial droop then next day moved down arm leg then started having trouble speaking then tremors developed this started in February still in therapy but two weeks ago she woke up and all symptoms gone. Has Hosp bills was unable to work as a stylist since February. No government or Pfizer to help pay her medical bills!!

  5. The entire lie exposed here

    Covid-19 is nothing more than a disease of attribution to other causes.

    Case created on non-specific tests deemed useless for detection of Sars CoV2 by credible peer review

    Tests set a cycle amplification rates that produce false positives by default of the settings

    It is a fraud documented by the government public health organization’s own data. It is blatant but they have turned into a slogan. A little tin God to ‘trust’ not question.

    It is all hidden in plain sight.

  6. My 29 year old son was just diagnosed with GBS Syndrome on July first 6 weeks after receiving the 2nd dose of the pfizer vaccine. He is now in a rehab center and cannot walk, chew, difficulty in swallowing and speech, facial problems etc. This certainly is no coincidence and despite the fact that the chances may be very rare it certainly is there. We are told he has a long road to recovery and that full recovery is not a sure thing. The warnings of this serious side effect certainly need to be communicated on a greater scale. His doctor’s of course are denying that it is from the vaccine but with no serious illness in his recent past we find this to be a smoke screen. Certainly when the news broke about the J&J vaccine issues we immediately felt that with vaccines listed as a rare but possible cause that there is no doubt that the pfizer vaccine can cause this syndrome as well.

    1. Pfizer and Moderna didn’t have the blood clotting problems and they are the cash cows so we pin it all on AstraZeneca and J and J . All 4 can cause GBS .. Its the spike protein.

      1. To be fair, Covid can cause GBS as well. I just wish that we could discuss the fact that GBS can kill if you do not get treatment and quit minimizing it as some tingling . It is serious and its about past time to find a cure.

  7. My sister received the 1st shot of pfitzer vaccine started paresthesia in arms and legs. At first the neurologist told her it had nothing to do with the vaccine and she should get the 2nd shot. She decided to wait until it resolved. After 6 weeks it went into her back, she could barely walk. Went back to the neurologist and was diagnosed as GBS. Doctor said it was from the vaccine and she should not get the 2nd vaccine. Media should stop lying about why 15 million people skipped their 2nd shot.

  8. I had GBS as a 22 year old in 1994 after only testing positive for RSV. The disorder was debilitating and I was paralyzed for months but survived with no lasting effects. Any type of vaccine has been out of my life since that time per doctor’s adamant orders . It took 4 doctors (medical colleges and department heads) on a conference call to decide whether or not I should even get a tetanus shot after stepping on a rusty nail 5 years ago because of my having GBS. Now it’s suddenly ok per CDC and the powers that be behind the government to get the COVID vaccine? I do not think so. There are NO coincidences. I had COVID, was very sick but survived. I have something better than a vaccine – antibodies. I will take that all day long over a vaccine pushed by people (Faucci) who have a financial stake in the vaccines.

    1. Totally agree! I am GBS survivor and 34 years with relapses.I have never had any vaccines since 1987. I can’t get a medical exemption through Kaiser our medical group. CDC rules their decisions. I am 71 and stay healthy and mask when indoors a routine I have had every flu season!
      Take care.

  9. I got GBS at age 12 after taking the flu shot. I was totally disabled, unable to stand or walk for months. I could not even lift a glass of water to take a drink. It took me 2 years to fully recover. Now the government wants me to take another vaccination which absolutely causes GBS in people. Don’t get me wrong but if I did not get GBS from the flu shot I would have already got my COVID shots. Right now I am ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED to get this COVID shot

  10. My uncle died from Guillian-Barre after the swine flu vaccination. Went into his chest& he couldn’t breathe. I’ve never gotten a vaccine since.

  11. I and my 2 sons had Covid in January 2020, but thought it was just another winter virus. It was only when the symptoms were publicised in March that we realised what we’d had.
    I haven’t had the vaccine because of that. In June this year I developed all the symptoms of GB, except breathing problems and facial paralysis, and still have them although I’m very slowly recovering. Walking and loss of strength in my arms and shoulders is my main problem. I asked my GP if it could be related to Covid from last year, but he thought the timescale was too great. I did not gave any illness, flu or food poisoning prior to developing these symptoms, so I dont know what caused it. I haven’t been officially diagnosed, but I know from what I have read that it can only be GB.

  12. Wow….finally I have found somewhere that my concerns are not questioned. I had GBS at 18 yrs old, 3 months on a respirator, 2 months in rehab ( to learn to walk again) and I was pregnant through it all, baby ended up tiny but fine. This has been years and years ago but I have not been able to find a clear, non pharmaceutical backed recommendation, 2 different doctors have said “I don’t think it would be a problem”- not exactly encouraging. The thought, at my age today of going through that AGAIN is frightening! I can’t find information as to being more or less susceptible because I have had GBS before. I was once told by a phlebotomist (at Mayo Clinic) to NEVER get a vaccine. Right now I will stay with that.

    1. I had GBS 3 years ago after a flu vaccine. I was paralyzed from the waist down and was in rehab for a few months after. I am grateful to have recovered from that. My GP advised to never get another vaccine including Covid. But now refuses to give me an exception form. I am so furious about this. Any suggestions?

  13. I had GBS at age 16, I am now 64 and terrified to take a covid shot. I was completely paralyzed and on a ventilator for months. I do not how I contracted this disease. I was not expected to live. I cannot get a straight answer as well on whether to take the shot, early on doctors said ” just take it”. I have not and now most recently two doctors have suggested that I not take it as there is not enough “data”. I just pray this surge is over soon because I live in Florida!! Where is the support group as mentioned above?

  14. My sister now has GBS..I was due for my 2nd Pfizer shot..Absolutely is my right to decline Any vaccine and I chose not to and Shame on the businesses and employers who demand proof of vaccination… I could go blind or worse from shingles yet it’s not a mandatory vaccine. It’s a Choice!!!

  15. i had a flu shot H1 N1 2 weeks later got me in ICU paralyzed and on ventilator and had to have 29 plasma exchanges to stay alive now permanent nerve damage 9 years later

    no more vaccines for me

  16. Please help…scared to death! Husband being forced by employer to get vaccine. He Almost died from GBS and had Miller Fisher rare variant of it. He’s still feeling complications – leg weakness, severe hearing loss and swallowing difficulty. No physician will go against CDC even if you are at an extreme risk. After 25 years at employer, he may now have to quit to avoid being killed by an unproven vaccine.

  17. In January 2021 I had my first Pfizer vaccination. Within 5 days I developed speech and swallowing problems.. My GP referred me to ENT. In March 2021 I had my second Pfizer vaccination, My speech worsened and I developed left arm weakness and loss of grip. I also developed twitching in my upper body. I was admitted to hospital for a week in April. I had MRI brain and cervical spine, bloods, ENT examination. (all negative.) A neurologist diagnosed a benign neurological condition that would resolve. However my symptoms have not resolved. I had nerve conduction tests and EMG tests in September 2021. On 22nd September I was examined by a neurologist and told I had motor neurone disease (ALS – bulbar onset with limb involvement).. what I don’t understand is the rapid onset after the first vaccine (5 days). I was working as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in a covid centre up until my hospital admission and did not have any obvious symptoms prior to having the vaccine, I keep being told it is not the vaccine and it is just a coincidence. Is there anybody out there with similar symptoms.

  18. Had GBS 20 years ago, paralyzed, intubated, I recovered, long hard road. Now I will lose my job in a hospital setting thanks to Medicare mandating the vaccine. PCP won’t give a medical exemption because the GBS Society says “get it,”. complete bull. frustrated at it all.

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