Sen. Grassley: Calling all whistleblowers on Georgia election case

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has long been known as a member of Congress who helps, protects, and uses information from whistleblowers.

Now, he is seeking whistleblowers on a lawsuit the Biden Justice Department has filed against Georgia over the state’s new election integrity law that attempts to reduce the opportunities for fraud.

Among other issues in Georgia, a fabricated story that there was a water main break sent Republican observers home from a key vote-counting site on election night in 2020. But it turns out there was no water incident, officials continued counting ballots, and the Donald Trump lead morphed into a Joe Biden victory.

There’s no public record that the FBI sought to find the source of the false story and track down whether there was coordination with others in or outside of Georgia.

Read Sen. Grassley’s statement below as well as his “open invitation” for whistleblowers in the Georgia case. The link for whistleblowers is here:

Grassley Statement on Arizona Ballot Harvesting Case; Open Invitation for Whistleblowers on Recently Filed Case against Georgia
WASHINGTON — Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, issued the following statement regarding the decision issued by the Supreme Court today in Brnovich v. DNC. Grassley also issued an open invitation for whistleblowers in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division concerned about politicization following the decision to file suit against the state of Georgia. “Now that the Supreme Court reaffirmed that activists will have a steep hill to climb challenging common-sense election integrity measures under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, the Justice Department’s hail-Mary lawsuit in Georgia looks even more desperate. At this point the only purpose that lawsuit serves is political messaging, which is unbecoming of the Civil Rights Division and its dedicated career attorneys. My office welcomes any and all whistleblowers from the Justice Department who are dissatisfied with President Biden and Vanita Gupta’s politicization of their agency. If you think the Georgia suit was or is unwise, I want to hear from you. “Eric Holder called the Civil Rights Division the ‘Crown Jewel’ of the Justice Department. I hope their career attorneys will embrace that tradition and follow the law and precedent outlined this morning by the Supreme Court. And if their political leadership won’t let them follow applicable law or regulations, our door is always open.”

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17 thoughts on “Sen. Grassley: Calling all whistleblowers on Georgia election case”

  1. I received 3 unsolicited mail-in ballots in the mail, then voted in person; in GA 8th district.

    Now tell me again how there is nothing wrong in this election.

  2. Hate to say it but, there will not be any whistle-blowers from this DoJ. Obama purged the last of the honest career people in that department. What we have now is a DoJ completely staffed by far left progressive socialists/communists who do not care about breaking a few, or several eggs in order to get what they want.

    1. I agree. This is exactly why Trump could never get to the truth about anything. The DOJ started down hill when Bill Barr lied about the Randy Weaver murder cover up as well as Waco.

  3. I live in Georgia and I can honestly say that most of the feedback that I get from other people here indicates that we are through with the so-called “electoral process”. The top slots here in Georgia, from the Governor on down, seem to be corrupt Globalist stooges. That means that myself & others are no longer getting worked up about these supposed issues. The Globalist Only Party has stabbed us in the back one time too many. If there is ever a “None of the above” option on a ballot, then I will show up to vote. Otherwise, I will no longer be playing this fool’s game and will instead pray for a complete and irreversible collapse so that we can rebuild according to founding principles and purge the destructive elements.

    1. Then your a fool. the GlobList Are in both parties. We still have a chance to get the few that are left out of the RNC. If you want to chicken out in America becAuse your feelings got hurt then you get what you deserve.

  4. I very much like your concept of journalism. I would like to support it, NOT electronically, but with a paper check sent via physical mail. Would you mind putting instructions for doing so on your ‘donate’ pate for people like me?

    1. Sharyl Attkisson

      You are very kind! I do not have a way to accept such a check at this time but am grateful to have your support in terms of reading and passing along my work!

  5. As always, Senator Grassley is right on top of things. Calls for election fraud whistleblowers just 8 MONTHS after the election! Why not ask them to send him messages in a bottle, so he can read them at leisure after he retires?

    1. I agree, but better late than never. “IF” they prove Georgia or ANY State or even ANY County was stolen then the Demoncrats and Pedo Joe LOSE ALL political capitol and you will see other States demand forensic audits.

      Maybe we can have a Fraud-less 2022 and 2024 election.

      Remember Republicans GAINED in the House and if not for GA, MI and AZ they would have added seats to the Senate, it make ZERO sense for Pedo Joe to have won will losing over 1,000 seats nationwide to Republicans in State Houses.
      It’s basically impossible.

    1. Thats a great question. He’s probably been to busy stabbing Israel in the back and sucking up to the terrorist.

  6. Good point, Zola. Their motto is, if the people are starting to form a movement, run and get ahead of it so you can look a leader. On the other hand, the timing is interesting. Was he waiting for the AZ audit to embolden them? Doubtful.

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