“Superflag”: Happy Fourth of July!

The largest US flag, dubbed “Superflag,” was once displayed at Hoover Dam.

May 1, 1996, a 505 x 255 foot American Flag was flown from the downstream face of Hoover Dam. The flag weighed 3,000 pounds and was hoisted by 3 separate cables located at the top of the Dam. The flag was part of a ceremony in which the 1996 Summer Olympic torch was carrried across Hoover Dam.

Happy Fourth of July Independence Day!

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4 thoughts on ““Superflag”: Happy Fourth of July!”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Copy this to paper, then nix it :


    Protecting Old Glory

    – Is Nothing Sacred? –

    Protecting the Founders’ America

    In my essay, “Dan Rather Hates,” this scribbler points out :

    “. . . if a conqueror wishes to destroy a culture, he desecrates and destroys its symbols. If he wishes to leave the culture intact, he leaves the traditions and symbols alone.”

    To “rally ’round the flag”—in order to defend one’s principles or clan or nation is no frivolous exercise, but a deadly serious call to sacrifice life and limb for a higher cause.

    If those proponents of protecting flag burning could get inside the mind of men whose last glimpse of this world was Old Glory before dying in battle, they’d rush to uphold the sacredness of that flag and provide stiff punishment for anyone purposely desecrating it.

    Can you not understand the connection between the preservation of our American values, which Old Glory represents, and protecting that symbol from desecration?

    While in the Marine Corps, I had had flag duty on occasion, which strict ceremony required handling Old Glory in such a careful and sacred manner that any accident, such as letting any part of it touch the deck, could result in brig time. Men too numerous to count have died for Old Glory, for what it represents in America—as it represents intangible but priceless things—such as the ( moral ) liberty, justice, and freedom they hoped to protect/preserve.

    Doesn’t such sacrifice warrant strict protection of that symbol?

    Maybe this example will suffice: Think of a man whose only connection to his wife and family is a photograph. He’s been separated from them for, say, a couple of years while fighting Nazis in Europe. He’s suffering battle fatigue and except for that one photograph he would have surrendered to despair and defeat. That picture is only a symbol, but in his mind it is his family—his only tangible connection to them. Would you dare think of taking it from him and putting a match to it?

    While in Vietnam, I knew men who would have killed to preserve the symbols they carried of their loved ones. My father, who fought in Europe against the Nazis, saw men weep at the sight of Old Glory—and kiss and embrace photographs of their loved ones. Men of his generation still weep for that symbol when they stand to honor it.

    The key is to understand that, as neuroscience demonstrates, the mind experiences little difference between an object or idea and its mental image, or between an idea and its symbolic representation. A symbol held in high regard in any mind is the thing it represents. For many Americans ( not so many in today’s too-vile America ), Old Glory is the Constitution – is America! – is ( moral ) liberty, justice, and freedom being destroyed at flag-burning events.

    You still don’t get it? Is there nothing sacred in, say, your religion? Are there not symbols used in it as means to focus one’s mind for a higher purpose and ideal? Is not a synagogue or church the sacred symbol of religious faith and community? Why has Congress recently passed legislation to give extra punishment for burning houses of worship? Is it not because the symbolic value of the buildings exceeds the value of the physical property? If Congress can recognize the value of symbolism in synagogues and churches, and provide extra punishment for desecrating that value, then why not for a symbol that embodies everything noble and good about the Founders’ America?

    But the weak-brained argue that upholding a right to defile the highest symbol for protecting free speech is the highest honor one could bestow on it. That’s an insane circularity!: Protect free speech by allowing the desecration of the one symbol used for protecting free speech. The psychological power and value of Old Glory is lost in sacrificing it to “free speech” desecrations. A symbol for upholding civil rights can’t be desecrated without damaging that symbol’s power to keep the citizenry vigilant about preserving those rights! When the powers that be allow defilement of symbols used to keep a people unified, the powers that be are evil ( the Internationalists uphold a flag-burning right because they view Old Glory as a block to internationalism—and their installation of One World government. Read my essay, “The Internationalists”; and read my essays on Marxism ).

    If you agree that flag-burning events are protected “free speech,” you’re helping Marxists finish what they began five decades ago: America’s transformation into a socialist state and the capital of a United Nations of the World.

    Understand that the ACLU, a staunch defender of flag-burning events, is a Marxist-run organization. Its primary goal is to destroy meritocratic/democratic capitalism and install state-run socialism. Protecting the “right” to burn the primary symbol for upholding our civil rights is a clever means for destroying the political and social infrastructures that preserve them ( read my essay, “Repeal the Immigration Act of 1965” ).

    Desecrating Old Glory is not political speech but a means for destroying our freedoms’ very underpinning: America’s system of constitutional / democratic / meritocratic capitalism, along with its socio-religious system of Judeo-Christian ethics.

    Only, simply, to emphasize that this is a nation of laws and not of men, as many otherwise cogent conservatives are wont to do, is to deny – mistakenly – that a certain breed of men conceived and implemented those laws; is to deny that they possessed a certain intelligence, temperament and character to even think of them, let alone successfully apply them to govern a nation; is to deny that as that breed ( gene-line ) of men is removed from seats of power and influence the nation’s laws necessarily must change to reflect the less capable interlopers—and ancient Greece, then Rome, had suffered similarly; is to deny that Old Glory represents, in the mind of the interlopers, the power that Anglo-Saxon men wield in the world ( for example, Mexican men in southwestern America retain their Mexican flag and refuse to honor Old Glory. And a sizable population of black men in America uphold contempt for Old Glory, which fact was revealed on a Phil Donahue program, about black males’ refusal to recite the pledge of allegiance ); and is to deny that, as minority cultures grow in America, evermore aggressive assaults on Old Glory and other American symbols and traditions will be made to advance Marxist/socialist/feminists’ destruction of America’s heart and source: White Christian Civil Society ( America had been 90% White-Christian in 1959 ).
    The male progeny of America’s Founders, and the immigrant pioneers who followed after them, from Great Britain and Europe, are being rapidly dethroned by Marxist/socialist/feminists’ immigration quota-demands ( read my essay, “Marxism and the Diversity Movement in America” ).

    Marxists had brazenly warned us, that they’d destroy America from within. They’re so very close to achieving their goal! Would you deny it? Don’t help them! Old Glory is America—in a very real sense to patriotic minds. Letting those who desecrate it go unpunished threatens the very freedoms we hold dear. History teaches that fact, as does any casual observation of America’s present bad condition.


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