The Government’s Been Spying On You– For Decades (PODCAST)

News of the latest government surveillance outrage shouldn’t be a surprise. A walk down memory lane shows it’s been decades in the making.

Among other cases, we examine the incredible story of what happened to the CEO of Qwest communications before the 9/11 terrorist attacks when he says he wouldn’t go along with the government’s illegal surveillance requests.

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6 thoughts on “The Government’s Been Spying On You– For Decades (PODCAST)”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    It’s complicated !

    “The New York Times has reported there have been twenty terrorist plots against the U.S. Three of those plots were real; the other 17 were created — and then stopped — by the FBI.

    “The Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case is based on evidence provided by two FBI informants and two undercover agents according to the FBI’s affidavit. As many as twelve informants were used in this case. Enrique Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys, was at one time an FBI informant. Several sizable right-wing organizations were involved in the Jan. 6 disturbance. The FBI had infiltrated every one of them and therefore knew exactly what they had planned.” :


  2. I KNEW IN 1995 THE FBI/CIA/NSA ‘deep state’ industrial complex was spying on peoples phones, your Mic on your phone IS a spy device, you can only turn it off by REMOVING THE BATTERY, which is possible only on the crappy minute throw away phones. SO buy a crappy throw phone under someone elses name and remove the battery in private conversations or sleeping at night. GOOD LUCK

  3. The GOV. US, CHINA, Russia Been Spying on us all for Decades Comment :
    = Stand in Line ?. There not the Only ones Spying on us All for Decades, corporations been Doing this For Decades too !.. Let me give you the fact’s.. I Got a Acer laptop Computer from the Walmart Store in Indiana, I took it Home and Activated it with the Free Years Antivirus software with Windows 10 that was-pre loaded in this system. I kept it updated, in that years Time of doing scan’s it never once told me there was also a pre-loaded in system Amazon Malicious Pup embedded in System hard drive, detected by another 3rd party Malware Bytes scanner later, Defying users Administrative rights to privacy settings with Windows 10 Anti-trust rights ??? … “What about the Under under age Young Children being Exploited Also by Amazon., ‘ Kid’s who purchased the same system at Walmart for School Work & home activities .??? ” I know Amazon is currently being investigated by the department of Justice for Malicious practices ?. I also know in the State of Indiana there is no statue of limitations on cyber crime…I’m wondering if I should submit thise saved File scanning proof for a Whistle Blower report to FBI- IC3 Unit, with my saved file proof of this activity, if not for myself but other Victims and Kids who purchased same laptop.. Added footnote Comment in this report: worthy to Note ?. After a year went by and I removed malicious Pup in system, I reset and reloaded Windows 10 to Original factory settings, The AMAZON malicious pup re-loaded Again in system !.. It was imbedded in this Windows 10 system, with no way to really shut it off with any privacy settings rights.. I guess that makes a Mockery out of Anti-trust rights, Don’t it ??? ( Creepy and Alarming ! ) I had a lot of Intellectual property that was being spy on for a Year until, imbedded Pup finally found and temporarily removed until i reset the system, than it kept coming back… ….

  4. This comment is on THE GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN SPYING ON YOU FOR DECADES podcast page of August 8, 2021

    I am a 51 year old with some mild medical issues and I am at home with mounting medical bills and decreasing fibroid tumors…I am uneducated so my resources is poor…

    Last year I tried to find a better resource for home wifi capabilities and through my cable carrier COMCAST XFINITY…I subscribed to the INTERNET ESSENTIALS home wifi with router for 10 dollars a month advertising a few terabytes monthly which I thought was a very good deal! I have one pc which I have had for about one year and I was very excited…I hooked things up with a professional from the cable company connecting things right…and I was on my way!…
    I used this wifi and turned the connection off because while the pc sit..I did not want the connection to use its terabytes even if terabytes mean on and on and on…still the advertisement was a few terabytes per month so I felt that if it was for PER MONTH..then there was a chance that my terabytes COULD DEPLETE..
    After two days’ I turned my pc on and ALL WIFI CAPABILITIES WAS WIPED OUT!! and I was forced to send my pc to manufacturer for a fix twice in two weeks because the router hooked to my pc kept wiping the wifi folders and settings and programs out…or deleting..
    I finally after two fixes to the manufacturer..stopped the subscription and turned the router over to comcast. I went back to the company that I pay about one hundred a month included is a mobile hotspot and service and told the clerk which was much younger and computer savvy..up with the times..she explained that she had seen situations where DEVICES ACTED AS BLUETOOTH PROGRAMS IN WHICH THE CONNECTION IS ONLY RECOGNIZED AS BLUE TOOTH IN WHICH UPON TURNING IN OFF MODE SENT MESSAGES TO THE CONNECTION AS “START ALL OVER AGAIN ” BLUE TOOTH so and so had just been unhooked..

    I relayed this information to the poor manufacturer that was held captive in repairing my pc twice and then on to the COMCAST EXECUTIVE which the response was as quote : I ASSURE YOU OR ANYONE ELSE NOTHING LIKE THAT OR WITH WHAT YOU ARE EXPLAINING COULD EVER HAPPEN WITH OUR ROUTER… after all that I had gone through in one with that being said when they come out with cars that will be equipped with ANDROID MOTORS AND ETC..CUSTOMERS NEED TO BE AWARE OF BLUE TOOTH TYPE PROGRAMS THAT WILL BE EMBEDDED TO EITHER WIPE THE PROGRAM OUT OR PUT THEIR CARS IN ANOTHER GEAR WHILE DRIVING

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