The partisan war on lawyers who supported or represented Donald Trump

The following is an excerpt from an article in American Greatness by John D. O’Connor:

Did the government lie in order to spy on confidential, privileged information to which it otherwise had no right, all to protect the Biden family?

With approximately every third breath he takes, Attorney General Merrick Garland tells us he cares, really cares, about civil liberties. But this professedly staunch defender of the Constitution has blown a very big hole in its protections for anyone within several degrees of separation from a certain former president. 

Attorneys Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova

Garland’s latest depredation is his approval of unethical searches of respected, reputable, and experienced D.C. criminal defense lawyer Victoria Toensing. Toensing is a 79-year-old former federal prosecutor, whose law partner and husband is Joseph diGenova, the D.C. United States Attorney under Ronald Reagan. The two have represented an enviable client list of D.C.’s most prominent political and public figures. 

Due to their sterling reputations, President Trump was set to hire them for his “Russiagate” defense, but Mueller’s weak assertion of a “conflict” led them to go overboard to hew to ethics, even those tenuously claimed. Toensing, in short, has never been close to unethical. 

Watch Sharyl Attkisson’s interview with Toensing and diGenova

She has won professional accolades too numerous to mention, along with a reputation and prosperity she would not risk. She has never been sanctioned or disciplined in her long, successful, highly ethical career. Yet Garland, through his aggressive Southern District of New York U.S. attorney, has treated her in a manner befitting a criminal enemy terrorist. 

No one has accused her of a crime, but she did have confidential talks about representing certain Ukrainian citizens, who, it may be inferred, had information about Biden-centric Ukrainian corruption. Garland’s motive? He hopes to nail Rudy Giuliani on a tendentious charge under the Foreign Agents Registration Act before Giuliani and allies nail a Biden. 

To understand how Garland is not just chilling, but freezing, Toensing’s and her clients’ civil liberties in the process, let us provide background.  (Continued…)

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3 thoughts on “The partisan war on lawyers who supported or represented Donald Trump”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    It is actually a Marxian War
    against White Civil Society.

    Consider this evidence :

    — B L A C K S Shipped
    to White America —

    Anti-White Racists
    Black African Nations
    Being Force-Integrated
    White Communities—to
    Destroy the Founders’
    America (( Karl Marx and
    Marxian Senator Ted
    Kennedy EMBRACE that
    Evil from the Grave )); and
    White Farmers Need not
    Apply for THEIR Far More
    Deserving Free Seat on a
    Plane to Safety in America.

    “As hundreds of illegal immigrants surge across the southern border daily, migrants from Africa are gaining entry into the United States with free plane tickets paid funded by American taxpayers.” :


  2. And Obozo nominated Garland for the Supreme Court? Thank heavens he didn’t get on it. His blatant disregard for the rule of law along with our constitutional protects should merit his being disbarred.

  3. We have a war on middle class Americans who are now considered “Enemies of the People.” The only thing we can do is have a revolution and get rid of the anti-America people in government who want to control everything in our lives.

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