Two studies: Covid-19 vaccines trigger autoimmune Graves’ disease in some female health care workers

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  • Two medical reports describe cases of five previously healthy female health care workers who developed the autoimmune disorder Graves’ disease shortly after Covid-19 vaccination.
  • Two of the women were breastfeeding when diagnosed.
  • Graves disease has previously been connected to human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, flu shots, and hepatitis B vaccines.
  • Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by [vaccine] adjuvants (ASIA) was first described a decade ago.
  • ASIA is triggered by several adjuvants, substances used in vaccines to enhance the antigen-specific immune response.

A recent published medical report out of Mexico details two cases of healthy, female health care workers who got Covid-19 vaccines and, three days later, developed “thyroid hyperactivity, suppressed thyroid-stimulating hormone, and elevated antithyroid antibodies.” They were both diagnosed with vaccine-induced Graves’ disease.

According to the authors who wrote up the cases, “autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by [vaccine] adjuvants (ASIA), described for the first time a decade ago, is triggered by several adjuvants (a substance that enhances the antigen-specific immune response) and includes the following conditions: Gulf War syndrome, siliconosis, macrophagic myofasciitis syndrome, and postvaccination phenomena.”

One of the victims described was a 28-year old medical resident with no history of autoimmune disorder. Three days after getting the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, “she developed anxiety, insomnia, palpitations, and a distal tremor. Her blood biochemistry was normal, except for the thyroid function test results. Thyroid function tests revealed a decreased TSH level with elevated T4 and T3 and elevated antithyroid antibodies. She underwent thyroid scintigraphy that revealed diffuse toxic goiter [Graves’ disease].”

The other victim was a 40-year old who health care worker who received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, despite having been infected with Covid eight months earlier. Previous evaluations had ruled out autoimmune disorder.

“Two days [after vaccination] she developed nausea, vomiting, fatigue, insomnia, and palpitations. Physical examination revealed fine distal tremors, increased stretch reflexes, and arhythmic heart sounds. Her blood biochemistry was unremarkable except for leukopenia and elevated liver enzymes,” reads the medical report.

According to a summary, “Vaccines have been shown to trigger an immune response that leads to a broad spectrum of autoimmune diseases, including autoimmune thyroid disease. Our patients met the diagnostic criteria for ASIA [autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants]; they were exposed to an adjuvant (vaccine), and they developed clinical manifestations of thyroid hyperfunction within a few days, with the appearance of antithyroid antibodies, despite being healthy before vaccination.”

The report reads:

Adjuvants are an essential part of vaccines; they create an extended and lasting immune response. However, postvaccination phenomena have been described with autoimmune endocrine diseases (AIEDs), mostly after receiving human papillomavirus (HPV), influenza, and hepatitis B vaccines. AIED has been associated with different adjuvants (mineral oils, silicone implants, vaccines, etc.); the clinical spectrum includes Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves’ disease (GD), thyroiditis, ovarian failure, and type 1 diabetes.

The scientists write, “In addition, the spike glycoprotein of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) vaccine shares a genetic similarity with a large heptapeptide human protein, so this is an additional factor that can trigger autoimmune disease (AID) after vaccination due to molecular mimicry.”

The researchers conclude: “Our patients met the diagnostic criteria for ASIA [autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants], they were previously healthy, were exposed to an external stimulus (vaccine), developed manifestations of AIEDs, and tested positive for autoantibodies. These cases represent an example of the diversity of clinical manifestations of vaccine-induced autoimmune conditions.”

Our patients met the diagnostic criteria for ASIA [autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by (vaccine) adjuvants], they were previously healthy, were exposed to an external stimulus (vaccine), developed manifestations of AIEDs, and tested positive for autoantibodies. These cases represent an example of the diversity of clinical manifestations of vaccine-induced autoimmune conditions.

Two Cases of Graves’ Disease Following SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination: An Autoimmune/Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants

Read more here. Read the full study here.

The findings mirror the reporting in a published paper out of Turkey. In that report, two female doctors and a nurse, ages 34, 35, and 37, with no history of thyroid disease, were diagnosed with Graves’ disease four to seven days after Covid-19 vaccination with Coronavac (developed in China by Sinovac Life Sciences and not used in the U.S.). Two of the women were breastfeeding.

According to the authors, “[vaccine] adjuvants can trigger adverse immune reactions in genetically predisposed individuals, causing ASIA [autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by (vaccine) adjuvants] syndrome. Since the first definition of ASIA syndrome in 2011, most reported cases have occurred following vaccines mainly directed to human papillomavirus, hepatitis B, and influenza. Postvaccination ASIA syndrome might lead to endocrinopathies, but limited cases have been reported in the literature. These were cases of type 1 diabetes, premature ovarian failure, autoimmune thyroiditis, adrenal insufficiency, and subacute thyroiditis. Subacute thyroiditis has been described mostly after vaccines for human papillomavirus and influenza, and the symptoms have occurred 2 days to 2 months after vaccinations.”

The authors note: “Being in the postpartum period may be a facilitating factor for the development of ASIA syndrome after the SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.”

Read more here. Read the full study. here.

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60 thoughts on “Two studies: Covid-19 vaccines trigger autoimmune Graves’ disease in some female health care workers”

  1. Some “rare” symptoms of Covid-19 include Gullian Barre Syndrome, Graves Disease, Blood Clots.
    Some “rare” symptoms of mRNA Vaccines include Gullian Barre Syndrome, Graves Disease, Blood Clots.
    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that vaccines are giving recipients a form of Covid. It should be stopped immediately.

  2. I just saw this article. I have had Graves the past couple of years. It’s under control at the moment. But I have had concerns that if I took the jab it would flare up again or some other autoimmune thing would pop up. So concerning. Thanks Sharyl for writing the article.

    1. I too have Graves that is controlled by Methimazole and agree that getting the jab would trigger a flare or other autoimmune issues which I have markers for. No thank you.

    2. I’ve had Graves for about 6 years now.

      Methamazole daily has kept it well under control.

      Got my 2nd dose of Phizer a week ago.
      I’ve been noticing heart palpitations every day since.
      Going to Dr. Tomorrow to figure out more.

      1. Did this ever go away? My employer is mandating the vaccine and I have had Graves Disease for 20 years. Thinking of trying to get a medical exemption, will be visiting with Dr. on Tuesday, but want to be able to go in with as much info as possible.

        Thank you in advance.

        1. Were you able to get a medical exemption? I have had Graves since 2004 and have been in remission since 2008. I do not want to get the Vaccine and risk being thrown out of remission as well as be put at risk for other medical issues. I asked my Doc for a medical exemption and he refused to give it to me when in 2020 he told me that I would be high risk and to not get the vaccination. Now he is saying he never said that to me! I am an RN and it is mandated that I get vaccinated or I will not have a job. Please give me your insight. PS I cannot get the flu vaccine because I have a severe inflammatory response to it.

    3. It is concerning and there is no shame in that concern. While we take necessary precautions to not get Covid we need to also take precautions to not trigger or exacerbate existing autoimmune diseases. In my country, they are using shame tactics – threatening that those who do not get the shot will have limitations in their freedom compared to those who do have the vaccination. It is stated in an abrupt and threatening manner as if we are breaking the law or pursuing criminal activity. We need to STOP the oppression of people with genuine health concerns. And if they state that science says it is safe then they need to provide specific research on specific autoimmune diseases with sufficient replicated results in all populations.

    4. I also have Graves Disease as well Linda Smith. My endocrinologist advised me NOT to take this jab ever, under any circumstances. I’m glad I did not take the jab and I’m glad you didn’t either.
      I actually acquired Covid last week by accidentally drinking after my granddaughter. that had Covid. She was virtually asymptomatic (barely a fever of 99’degrees for 3 days,..that’s it) I got diagnosed Wednesday, was becoming ill Weds night, was blessed to receive monoclonal antibodies the next day, and Hydroxycloroquie & the “human” version of the Nobel prize-winning Ivermectin the next day. 3 days later I barely felt like I had Covid. My Endo said I was much better off acquiring the natural antibodies by getting Covid and getting Monoclonals. The mRNA shot could have been the end of me. God knows what else it would have caused me.

  3. I’ve had several autoimmune disorders for the last 25 years: hyperthyroidism, Graves Disease that required radiotherapy and resulting in diplopia, Diabetes 1, severe and long-lasting case of eczema, perhaps psoriatic. I’m concerned that the vaccine will interact with these autoimmune conditions. Who can give me some guidance? I’m 84 years old.

    1. Nina, what have you been doing all this time? Wearing a mask, distancing, keeping your hands clean? Keep doing what you’ve been doing. I have hypothyroidism, had half my thyroid taken out but wish now I had whole organ taken, fibermylgia and ulcerative colitis. I work in a hospital and do all of the above to stay safe. My hospital is mandating vaccine, I will not b putting my health in risk for this due to not having major flare ups in years and don’t want to make it worse. I have been doing fine yet hospital still wants employees wheeling people to their destination (not 6 ft away mind u), putting wristband on visitors wrist (again not 6 ft away) and I’m to believe they really care about the health of their workers?

      1. Around 1984 I developed many symptoms I thought were stress induced which were later described as fibromyalsia,chronic fatigue, adrenal issues,brain fog & finally cancer on my thyroid which was removed. I have compared my issues with Covid 19 injured, all but a few symptoms are the same as I had & and some I Sill suffer from brain fog, not always able to articulate thoughts and remeber short term memory) writing things down is more efficient. It has taken years to eliminate most of them. Except for my cancer, no allopathic doctors validated my symptoms other than one that gave me lidocaine shots to relieve my pain. Homopathy has help the most. Needless to say, I too will not partake the jab, don’t relish being re-injured, also I left my Fed supported company job. I will not be bullied.

        1. The bullying is taking a toll on many who are pro-vaccination, but just concerned about genuine underlying or overt health issues. The governments are not taking into account the minority or have genuine concerns. Even people who have been told not to have the vaccine by their health provider. The general consensus is to sacrifice the few for the majority. That is unexpectable. They need to state that those who have genuine health problems that may be affected by the vaccination need to take personal precautions. Instead, they have a closed one-sided view and lump us all in the anti-vax category and use broad shaming tactics. This black and white mindset is not dissimilar to racism, stereotyping, and oppression of minority groups. If they truly follow science then they need to include ALL people in their rhetoric. There is no shame in waiting for sufficient research regarding interactions with some autoimmune diseases and COVID vaccinations, There is no shame in being responsible for our own medical health while taking precautions to not potentially cause harm to others. OUR LIVES MATTER TOO.

    2. Hi Nina. Sorry about last reply. I would ask your doctor. I personally know of a facility that required all residents to be vaccinated if they wanted to see their family. In 2 weeks, the mortality rate was 100% (on the second floor. I don’t know anything else about the rest of the residents. It’s too sad to ask.). Needless to say my family member who worked there had to find other work. With all the false news, if I didn’t know someone who worked there I might have doubted it. But it is real and beyond sad. I think it’s a very personal decision. <3


  4. Denise Berryhill

    I have cyclical nutropiqna, a rare autoimmune disorder, should I get the vaccine? I am concerned, and have no real information.

      1. My cousin just passed away after “contracting covid” as a breakthrough case shortly after being vaccinated. My niece has developed a long lasting case of neuritis two weeks after being vaccinated. My Mother took the vaccine on August 24. On September 9th she ended up becoming severely sick with nausea and even started hemorrhaging. She had spiked white blood count and spiked liver enzymes. She spent several days in hospital on IV fluids and antibiotics. Still has the high enzymes. MY ANSWE IS NEVER GET THE VACCINE!

    1. I am a Physician located in the Las Vegas Valley and it is important for you to bring this up with your doctor. There are many factors that can play into whether or not you should receive the vaccine. Age, Sex, Severity, Vaccine Components… Hope this helped answered you question.

      1. Thank you for your honesty. Every article I have read from labs to physicians bases their conclusions on past vaccines. This vaccine was authorized by the FDA as experimental. Isn’t that a trial? Never heard of a vaccine being labeled this as most people have not. And where do you find a physician that will go over Age, Sex, Severity, Vaccine Components with you? And again based on what the first few months stats which long term or even a year ago are being hidden from us or almost impossible to find or trust?

        The CDC has been all over the place with this Vaccine, discussions that use to be left behind lab and medical doors during the making of such vaccine or trial statistics, not pervy to the public. So we are playing wack a mole with fearful laymen who when they hear what they need surrender to the JAB and the source they believe be it the Newsman they have listened to for 30 years, or a very convincing person in the medical field, aunt, brother, neighbor, or sadly now politicians even Presidents.

        Fear Driven and Control we are guinea pigs when they are hiding a bad motive under brainwashing. Just my feelings, but this entire rush and hysteria is enough for me to have very high suspicions. And that everyone sadly should.

  5. I have had Celiac disease for 14 yrs w/a lot of inflammatory arthritis also. My lab work (inflammatory markers) have always been very high. I do not believe people should be forced into getting any type of vaccinations. The information the news is promoting is not even true. It is all “fear based” to scare people into the vaccine. If people didn’t watch the news or see masks, there would be no indication there was ANYTHING out of the ordinary going on. Nobody is coughing or really sick, anywhere. Drs are forced to put “Covid” on anybody being discharged from the hospital that had oxygen or a vent, despite other reasons for needing it. With all the real truth about the government lies coming out, it is shocking to see that people still believe this “”vaccine” is about their health! Really? Opinions are taken down immediately from the internet & real doctors are silenced. We are still living in the United States aren’t we?????

    1. Amanda, your US is under communist control so, imv, you are not living in the original USA, according to politics. I’d like to say that when enough Americans get wise but realize that’s probably a farce. America is the only country who could squelch the craziness but sadly doesn’t seem up to the job anymore. You have fallen down badly, you let us down deeply. A note from the rest of the world living under communism and dictatorship.

  6. My healthy, slightly overweight son, age 34. received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in early Spring. The Wednesday after Father’s Day he was admitted thru the emergency room with possible blood clots as he was not feeling himself for @ 2 to 3 weeks. Further testing revealed Acute B Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Danced at 2 weddings, one his own, just prior to the diagnosis. How does this happen? Hardly sick a day in his life. Never had COVID, even though was working. He chose to receive the vaccine as his fiancé mother has cancer and wanted to help keep her safe during wedding festivities. Was told upon his admittance to the major teaching hospital in the city that “all adverse reactions are reported to the CDC”. We still have so many questions…

    1. My good friend is now fighting Cancer, too. He had no known prior condition before taking that J&J Vaccine… At least they didn’t face sudden death due to a blood clot or heart attack yet!.. So many countries are banning these shots for young men, esp.!!…

  7. I had Graves disease symptoms a day after a flu vaccine. It was diagnosed much later and the doctor didn’t link it with the vaccine. As a healthcare worker I am forced to take Covid-19 vaccine and although last year I was granted exemption from flu vaccine because of the adverse reaction and hyperthyroidism developed after the previous flu shot, I still have to take Covid-19 vaccine. Any advise which one should I take?

    1. Per CDC guidelines, they currently do not advise that you take the Covid Vaccines if you had a prior bad reaction to vaccines. You should get a doctor to support a Medical Exemption. Two clinical studies on this site show that it can knock out your thyroid!!..

  8. I’ve had normal thyroid tests all my life. Now, I’m hyperthyroid…after the second vaccine. I’m hoping things will reverse, but, just beginning to understand this.

  9. I have graves disease. I took the Pfizer mRNA in Jan and Feb. 10 days after the 2nd shot my entire upper body swelled so that my neck was the same circumference as my head, two upper ribs popped out, splitting headache from swelling, and my rib cage twisted. I’ve been going to the chiropractor ever since to straighten my ribs. My TSH, T4 levels have been on a seesaw between hypo and hyper. My endocrinologist sees me every month now. I’ve reported to VAERS. I wish all endocrinologist would be aware to include thyroid issues before recommending taking the mRNA.

  10. Thank you for this article. I had severe ASIA syndrome caused by my breast Implants. After explant I am MUCH better but I still suffer from Hashimoto’s, major food and drug allergies, and digestive issues. I have not taken the vaccine out of fear of how my body would respond.

  11. My identical twin has multiple sclerosis and I have subclinical Hashimoto’s disease. I have managed to stay disease-free from MS for over 20 years, but with such high genetic loading, I’m scared the vaccine may tip it over. I would like to see research answering questions about interactions between covid vaccinations and highly predisposed individuals to autoimmune diseases and for people with existing autoimmune diseases. There are clearly many people on here with genuine health concerns and just trying to weigh it all up in a responsible way.

  12. fauccis wife head at nih which does research and recommendations for the fda? drugs vaccines ect take 10-15 yrs for fda approval but this experimental drug 1 yr? Scott Gottlieb the commissioner of the fda from2017-2019 now sits on the the board of directors of pfizer ? the pfizer biontech vaccine was granted approval by the fda despite wide spread health problems conflict? clinton, gates, faucci, un,, who, cdc, do your own research.

  13. World shortage of zinc and vitD in people. Zinc then needs to be in cells to prevent replication. The real cure is to prevent the modulated spikes from locking…..research needed on the cornerstone of Hippocrates…yes him… do no harm…. medicine chest…verify amd research unto death….and if you can do that do the same for John 20:07 Oviedo

  14. I’m at 25 year old female health care worker who got the Moderna vaccine. I was previously healthy and felt great. After the second vaccine I fainted at work for the first time, was hospitalized, and diagnosed with graves disease, palpitations, anxiety, synopsis. I have been to the ER 7 times since then and placed on methimazole, beta blockers and antidepressants. Please continue to monitor this problem.

  15. I had my 1st Astra Zeneca jab a few months ago and now I have been diagnosed with Graves Disease and Hyperthyroidism (I was fine before the jab). My mum had this as well before Covid came out and it is inherited so I could have got this at any time in my life. My boyfriend is convinced its because of the jab as I started getting ill after having it. I asked my doctor and he laughed at the suggestion that it could be related to the jab. Thanks for writing this article, it is very interesting. I decided not to have my 2nd jab….

  16. I had my 2nd shot of Pfizer vaccine in March 21. My armpit ballooned and my left leg was really sore and weak – I was ill for three weeks with terrible flu like symptoms and fatigue and strange sensations in my heart. Shortness of breath developed and I started waking with palpitations. The sweating was awful. My heart rate continued to rise and wound spike to 195 if I even attempted to run – giving me a stabbing pain in my chest – resting heart rate 125 minimum. I was sent away from A & E with a diagnosis of panic attacks. Well, it turns out I have hyperthyroidism and Graves disease! I was so healthy before, running up to 26 miles per week, healthy diet etc and no family history of autoimmune disease. I am fairly certain the vaccine triggered this in me but all the health professionals I have seen so far have not wanted to even discuss the vaccine as the possible link. I would like to find someone who is willing to look in to my case so that we can learn more about the potential awful side effects of these vaccines. I wish I had never had it.

    1. I remember having the racing heart and not being able to eat or sleep. A PA actually caught it on an exam one day when I was having my physical. I was wondering where all those panic attacks were coming from and those night sweats.. I was diagnosed in 2010, but had symptoms years before and was never diagnosed. I’m not getting the vaccine because of GD. I wish you all the very best. Check out Dr. Mercado’s videos.Get well soon!

  17. I too have Graves Disease. I was diagnosed in 2010. I don’t want to get the jab because of my medical condition. I guess I need a doctors note from my endocrinologist to give to my employer. I had the same symptoms of Graves Disease when I was around 15 years old, but the doctor never diagnosed me with it. He just put me on antidepressants and sent me home. I’m also putting in for religious exemption. I have my letter/statement already typed out.

  18. I too have hyperthyroid/Graves. I was diagnosed in 2014. This “planned virus and pandemic” is sickening. Most of the comments are saying not to get the vaccine, but they have our backs against the wall!! Can’t work, can’t fly, got to show proof. This is history repeating itself. Nobody is paying attention and most are just flocking and getting stuck. I don’t want it. My primary says I should get it, but I haven’t asked my endo yet. Hopefully we can refuse it, if not, I’ll quit my job like most are doing. I will decline it no matter what!!

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