A Covid-19 vaccine paralysis story

Note: Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) (autoimmune paralysis) is a recognized side effect from some vaccines, including Johnson and Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine, according to recent warnings issued by FDA. There have been reports of GBS after other Covid-19 vaccines, but FDA has said it does not yet see a link and the illnesses could be just coincidental. Public health officials say the benefits of Covid-19 vaccines outweigh the risks among the eligible population.

Even with significant numbers of vaccinated people ending up infected, hospitalized and even dead from Covid-19, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says vaccination is still the best way to be protected. 

Officials say even though vaccinated individuals can catch and spread Covid-19, it is hoped that they do not get as ill as they might have without vaccination.

Read CDC Q-and-A on Covid-19 vaccines here

CDC and many other public health officials have consistently omitted facts and discussion about immunity among the 120 million+ Americans who have battled and survived Covid-19 infections, or who were infected without developing any symptoms. A building body of data indicates most of them have better protection against Covid, including the variants (so far), than those who are vaccinated. 

Read FDA info on Guillain Barre Syndrome autoimmune paralysis after Covid-19 vaccine here

This doesn’t mean it’s impossible for previously-infected people to become infected again; but scientists say (so far) such instances are considered rare, and recurring cases are generally mild if not invisible.

Additionally, health officials and news reports often present Covid-19 reporting in a one-sided, fact-starved fashion, without accurately representing the views of scientists and scientific studies that are countervailing to the government’s narrative.

Read summary of Covid-19 vaccine concerns here

As patients speak with their physicians and measure the risk of known vaccine adverse events, so far, in their demographic group, it helps to know of some patient experiences that are not well-represented by public health officials or in the media. Some of them will be highlighted on this website.

Please note: adverse events after vaccination do not necessarily mean the vaccine caused or triggered the medical issue(s). Longterm impact of Covid-19 vaccines are unknown since they have not been on the market long enough to know.

Read analysis of Covid-19 adverse events here

Paralyzed after Moderna shots

An 86-year old man received two Moderna shots; the second one in March. The following is information as provided by a relative.

According to the family member, prior to vaccination, the man “swam almost everyday. Gardened, chopped wood, had just bought a fishing boat. He is 86 years old, but is very strong, active and alert. He used to still go to work a couple days a week.”

“A few days after his second shot he had trouble walking, and with numbness in his hands and legs. He went to the ER and they were afraid he was having a stroke.”

He tested negative for the kinds of indicators for strokes, had a scan done, and was sent home.

“A couple days later he collapsed in his garden and couldn’t get up and crawled to the house. Back to the hospital. This time he was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome. Not good. The doc and neurologist said it was caused by the shot. He got quite a wakeup call, because the doc basically said: ‘It might go away and it might get real bad and could kill you.’ (It affects the limbs first, but it can spread to the chest and interfere with your breathing, put you on a respirator, even kill you). We already knew that could happen – because our next door neighbor years ago died from Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), which she contracted from a flu shot.”

He was hospitalized for a week and treated for GBS “a daily drip of Immunoglobulin.” He returned home and had a visiting therapist.

After a week, he had “a big relapse…he even fell a couple times and broke 5 ribs…and he was back in the hospital. This time he got steroid treatments. This time we took him to a therapeutic hospital for recovery afterwards.”

According to the family member: “GBS causes pain in your extremities as it heals, so he has been deprived of a lot of sleep. Between the ribs, and the GBS pains, the ‘wounds’ in his midsection from steroid injections and the various sleeping and pain meds the docs have put him on (none of which agreed with him), he lost his muscle tone and around 26 pounds.”

Months later, he has progressed from a wheelchair to walker to a cane and “can now walk pretty much normally – but he is quite a different person.”

The man is reported to be “still on the mend. He may always be on the mend. It always seems that ‘old’ people go from fit and bouncy to ‘elderly’ because of some medical event. And this was his. He is back in the pool a couple times a week, but he’s not swimming laps.”

A July analysis of adverse events reported to a federal database after Covid-19 vaccine showed the following cases:

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10 thoughts on “A Covid-19 vaccine paralysis story”

  1. ‘CDC and many other public health officials have consistently omitted facts and discussion about immunity among the 120 million+ Americans who have battled and survived Covid-19…’
    I believe that intentionally leaving out any fact is called lying by omission, I believe most can agree with that. With that being said, it is easy to classify such statements as false and misleading and easily fits into the category of ‘misinformation’. Please do not take that statement and put it into ‘that’s the government for you’ file, that attitude is fatal to our Republic. Stand up peacefully and be heard, write your representatives, call them, this is NOT ok and YES, it is happening here in the USA.
    Thanks again Sharyl, I share your work with everyone I know.

  2. I have nerve pain and a paralyzed right diaphragm after getting the second Moderna vaccine. The neurologist, pulmonologist, thoracic surgeon, orthopedic doctor, and primary care doctor can’t find anything on the xrays, CT scans, MRI’s, pulmonary function test, and bloodwork that could have caused my right diaphragm to become paralyzed. No falls, accidents, or surgery. Just getting the damn COVID vaccine. By the way, I already had COVID the end of May 2020, and did not have any breathing issues and actually had a normal xray in August 2020.

    1. So sorry to hear this! How long after the second shot did this happen?
      My husband is finally leaving the hospital with no diagnosis. His abdomen down to his right foot went completely numb a week ago. Just curious about how long after the shot did this happen? He had his 2 nd dose in April and no booster. Thank you
      They ruled out everything even GBS. Now he is having to go into an inpatient rehab facility for a few weeks because he cannot walk and is still numb. He cannot even have normal bowel movements and still has to have a catheter in because of the numbness.

  3. Thank you for writing this.i experienced a mild yet very scary reaction to a flu shot a couple of years ago, could barely move my arms and legs, hands were clenched into fists which I could not open. Luckily this one lasted a day or two, however, was frightening enough to make me never agree to get a vaccine again. Now with Covid my doctor is trying to convince me my reaction was “rare” and most likely would not happen again, but that is a risk I am not willing to take!Now I am being shunned by family & friends for not getting the Covid Vax, along with the majority of others, as well as businesses, etc. I appreciate the unbiased article.

    1. Stay strong! Can you connect with others who are not vaxxed? Building a support system is important. My husband and I are experiencing a similar situation, but our support system is always growing and it gets us through these difficult times!

      1. Yeah I’m not getting the vax I live in Australia if ur not
        Vaxed ur a prisoner pretty much I’m over the lies of the government and the health department and the media

  4. I also thank you for writing this. I experience fainting spell at Kaiser 10 minutes after I got the Fizer shot when I woke up I could not move my arms and legs on my command. sounds weird but if the nurse asked me to move my leg I moved it but when I told myself to move and sit up I couldn’t move. The nurse told me to get up but I really could move my body they called the ambulance and warned me I would have to pay but what was I going to do I could not move. when I got to the hospital they put me on a IV and about a hour later I got control of my body. when I checked out of Kaiser they wrote down it was a panic attach. how they cover this up is so sad.

  5. I received my second Moderna shot March 2, It now the end of September, My right arm is still sore especially at night, I havea Case nimber with you, What can I do to rid myself of pain

  6. I am a 62 yo male physician MD. I developed acute paralysis in arms and legs 3 hours after modera vaccine. I had it for about 30 hours. and then I could start moving my legs and arms. I also had severe memory loss and could not spell basic words.. I was running 3 miles per day . in great shape. I now can walk with a walker or cane on good days. After 3 months of work-up I was diagnosed with anoxic encephalopathy and now have a new disease CIDP. ( chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. I get Immune globulin infusions 2 days 7 hours each and i can walk with cane for 3 weeks and then cannot walk at all without infusions.. Prognosis is poor and permanent. This is normally a chronic onset disease but are seeing similar patients with this and other non classified neuro injuries. We are waiting 6-8 months for patients with neurological injuries to be seen. Nobody wants to see these patients. We are being ignored by all government entities. The vaers program has lost all of my information. I really cannot work anymore but am being forced to work some to pay for health insurance. At one time we were called heroes for taking care of patients with the pandemic. Now we are fully ignored since we have been injured from vaccines that had not been fully tested. The government made these vaccines without any liability. All other vaccines patients are protected from serious injury. We feel lost and hopeless

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