(CENSORED) Watch Mike Lindell ad

Here is an ad by My Pillow’s Mike Lindell that he reportedly cannot buy time for on television. It promotes a symposium taking place August 10-12.


Occasionally, ads are rejected. I’m sure there are examples of liberal causes being rejected, but the ones I know of are all pro-Trump or conservative ads.

We’d be better off from an information perspective to not censor anything except that which is illegal or, for example, if an ad showed extremely graphic visuals. That way, no “minders” with special interests get between us and our information.

As it stands, starting in about 2016, we have allowed all kinds of corporations and political interests to dictate what we can read, see, think, and believe.

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8 thoughts on “(CENSORED) Watch Mike Lindell ad”

  1. Regarding your survey questioning “should Cuomo resign?” ~ I wish I had the option of saying “Yes, because he profited from the misery of New York with a book deal, and should be ashamed of his poor decision making regarding the elderly in his state.” (Or something along those lines that is perhaps more succinct.) I’m not a fan of “Me Too” witch hunts that are politically convenient.

    1. Agree. I think it is coming from Democrats who see Cuomo as a natural ouster for Kamala 2024. The victims themselves are largely innocent, but what is pushing them forward is stone cold cynical.
      Why it counts more than thousands of dead seniors says more about the media than it does about Cuomo.

      1. YES!! I still can’t understand this. I feel bad for these women who were assaulted, but I feel a whole lot worse for the thousands of deceased seniors and their families. That should NEVER have happened and I don’t think we will ever know why it did.

  2. Who would have guessed that meth addiction would have such long-term psychological side effects. It’s hard to believe someone could be as utterly delusional as Mike Lindell. I hope there are PLENTY of news reporters at his “cyber symposium” in Sioux Falls, if only to expose it for the clown show it undoubtedly will be. It will probably be the most bonkers thing we’ve seen since January 6th.

  3. I certainly hope you will be covering Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium tomorrow august 10 through august 12. I look to you for courage in journalism.

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