Familiar Missteps and Faces Found in Afghan Crisis (PODCAST)

When it comes to the Afghanistan crisis and US missteps… there are some familiar faces and themes.. raising the question: Do we really learn from our past mistakes or simply work to explain them away and cover them up?

Also an update on natural immunity vs. vaccine effectiveness when it comes to Covid-19.

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2 thoughts on “Familiar Missteps and Faces Found in Afghan Crisis (PODCAST)”

  1. Hi Sharyl A,
    I know this is not likely to be seen by many readers; but yours are the most important. You made it clear for me that news stories are narratives, what “makes the news” is for a reason. So for the disaster in Afghanistan to have made the news, the story is intentional; we’re meant to see it it. (US media has no problem hiding bad news about the admin when they want to.) So who wants us to see this story? Is it meant to demoralize Americans? I think it is setting us up for a later crackdown; fallout from what’s happening now will be used as an excuse for something akin to martial law in the US. We don’t yet know what that fallout will be, but I bet someone does. I think it might also be a test of military personnel. Will they obey and do something they’d know to be wrong? People willing to do that are very useful to tyrants.
    Just my two cents.

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