(FORUM) Evacuation flights: Super Spreaders or not?

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Were those packed evacuation flights from Afghanistan with no masks Super Spreader events?

If so, what is the death toll and who’s responsible for not having or requiring masks?

If not, then why do the rest of us have to wear masks on planes?

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16 thoughts on “(FORUM) Evacuation flights: Super Spreaders or not?”

  1. In my humble opinion, it was an emergency situation. Evacuation of thousands of people with very little prep time. Of course, it’s a potential super spreader. If someone has a better solution, let’s hear it!
    On the other hand, getting on a plane to travel for business or pleasure is not an emergency situation. It’s an option, or choice.
    If I needed to be airlifted quickly out of a dangerous situation, I’m not going to worry about who’s wearing a mask or not. That becomes secondary to getting out of the immediate danger. However, if I’m traveling for business or pleasure, I will prepare differently by wearing a mask, and I would want everyone else to do the same on that plane.
    That being said, I don’t plan to travel on a plane until I feel comfortable in doing so. There’s too many people who are verbally and physically attacking others in public places over masks currently. I prefer not to be in the middle of some crazy situation. Eventually everything will settle down. Then I will travel by plane again.

    1. Oh dear; heard of the PCR test run at way k we the cycle thresholds or doctors – Pierre Kory, Dan Stock – telling you you may as well use a net to catch a fly (Heiko Schoning, corona investigation committee) as wear a mask to catch a virus?

    2. Yes, the solution is, don’t make it an emergency situation! That’s the whole point. This was all mis handled by BIDEN. I guess the border (really no borders now) situation is an emergency too, in your mind, so its ok to let millions a month just walk in and fly them all over the country.

      So Naive. The bigger point is, the masks is a ruse. Science proves that. Other than N95 mask, worthless. Quit living in fear. It’s not American.

    3. I think Sharyl’s main point was, if it wasn’t a super spreader, then let’s stop masking on airplanes. I am convinced masks do nothing to stop spread of virus: that’s what studies show and that’s what makes sense to me. Obviously air gets thru masks. Sure some molecules probably get stopped, but that doesn’t stop the spread of virus since most get thru. The virus is about a thousand times smaller than the spaces in mask materials. Pardon my sermon. I want this masking nonsense to go away.

    4. I would like to hear a reasonable opinion of someone who is able to think, and soberly analyze – thousands of Afghans are not vaccinated and do not wear masks and only a few identified with Covid, in a mild form! Btw, they had plenty of time to get a mask.

  2. I don’t believe that it would have been challenging for the military to provide masks for everyone who was being evacuated. The flight time from Kabal to Doha is just under three hours, so it wouldn’t have been a challenge for the evacuees to wear them either. It would be easy to attribute this additional failure to lack of planning if it weren’t such an easy remedy – it would have taken little if any planning to accomplish. Rather, it looks more like just not caring about the people potentially at risk. That, of course, is based on the assumption that a mask has a corresponding benefit.

    Also notable is that although the airplane clearly has a massive open air volume, it apparently is adequately heated since people appear to be seated comfortably in shirtsleeves, and at 35,000 ft or so a large volume of heated air would need to be supplied for that to occur. In other words, in this case, it appears that dilution was the default solution to pollution.

  3. What Liz said.

    Covid kills fewer than a fraction of 1% of people under 70 who get infected (and 0% of people who don’t get infected). My guess is that for an American or a friendly Afghan, death by Taliban is much more likely.

  4. There’s enough data out there showing masks do not prevent the spread of COVID. The majority of these refugee’s most likely have immunity from the virus. They just need to be tested at their point of arrival. If they test positive, do not give them a jab. Let their bodies T-cells do the work. Also, test for many other potential viruses and vaccinate, if necessary.

    1. Agree!
      I just said:
      I would like to hear a reasonable opinion of someone who is able to think, reason and soberly analyze – thousands of Afghans are not vaccinated and do not wear masks and only a few identified with Covid, in a mild form!

  5. It is a scientific fact, demonstrated by at least 14 randomized control studies, that masking has no effect on the transmission of viruses, including covid. Furthermore, it is a scientific fact that viruses are transmitted by symptoms such as coughing and sneezing. If you are displaying no symptoms and don’t embark on your journey feeling sick, you are no danger to anyone, inside or outside an airplane. No one should fly when they’re sick, and no one flying should have to wear a mask.

    In an emergency evacuation, it is possible that some evacuees would be ill. In that case viral transmission would be possible, regardless of whether masks were worn. We very likely will never be told whether the flights out of Afghanistan resulted in increased rates of any illness—primarily because most of those evacuated were Afghanis, and informing us about illnesses that can be traced to people who are not Americans does not seem to be a mainstream media concern.

  6. I agree with Kay. It has been proven time and time again that masks do no good. When are people going to actually read studies and just not believe what mainstream media tells you? Especially CNN. As corrupt as they can be.

  7. Thank you to Elaine and Kay for pointing out that masks can’t prevent viral transmission. All types of masks, including N95s with respirators, have been tested for all kinds of virus protection over the course of many years. Viral particles are so small that, if you’re able to breathe in a mask, a virus can get through it. Doctors wear masks to protect surgical patients from things that may drip or drop from their mouths, not to prevent virus transmission. As previously mentioned, it really pays to get scientific information directly from well-designed studies and not from the media. The question, then, about wearing masks on planes really becomes, why wear masks at all?

  8. Commenters here are missing the point. Liberals point to a motorcycle rally and condemn it as a “superspreader.”

    Liberals are giving Biden a big pass for this “superspreader” that was completely preventable.

    Please explain to me why this couldn’t have a been a gradual drawdown and evacuation, starting with civilians. Don’t forget to include why it was impossible to do this without packing people into planes and withouyt having people falling from those planes when they clung to the landing gear.

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