(FORUM) We shouldn’t have stayed home. Did health officials ever admit one of the biggest mistakes of the pandemic?

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What many scientists feared at the beginning of the Covid-19 “stay-at-home” orders proved true. And President Trump proved correct on this point– though few appeared to wish to credit him.

Isolating at home was a major mistake and likely led to a greater explosion in Covid-19 cases.

An early hint came from N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo where the first big Covid-19 spike hit. He announced during one of his daily news conferences that the vast majority of those hospitalized with Covid-19 were people who had isolated at home. Also hard hit were those in group homes. Not on the list: the homeless who had been living outside.

Early look at data from 100 New York hospitals shows that 66% of new admissions related to the virus are people who were at home, Cuomo said... 66% of new admissions were from people who had largely been sheltering at home. The next highest source of admissions was from nursing homes, 18%.

If you notice, 18% of the people came from nursing homes, less than 1% came from jail or prison, 2% came from the homeless population, 2% from other congregate facilities, but 66% of the people were at home, which is shocking to us.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on those hospitalized with Covid-19, May 2020

“This is a surprise: Overwhelmingly, the people were at home,” he added. “We thought maybe they were taking public transportation, and we’ve taken special precautions on public transportation, but actually no, because these people were literally at home.”

Cuomo said nearly 84% of the hospitalized cases were people who were not commuting to work through car services, personal cars, public transit or walking. He said a majority of those people were either retired or unemployed. Overall, some 73% of the admissions were people over age 51.

He added that the information showed the hospitalized were predominantly not working or traveling, and not essential employees.

“We’ll have to find out why that is,” declared Cuomo. Yet little more was said about it. No public national investigation was launched. Many public health officials and government officials continued to press for strict isolation.

Months later, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) acknowledged that it’s nearly impossible to transmit Covid-19 outdoors.

It turns out all those ridiculous arrests or criticism of people such as: a lone surfer riding the waves at the beach, the mom sitting apart from others in an outdoor arena to watch her child play sports; the parents who brought their kids to a playground for exercise were not only contrary to common sense, but also the ultimate proven science.

Those people were doing exactly what more of us should have been doing, according to scientific data.

The parks and beaches shouldn’t have been shut down; they should have been opened and people encouraged to get outside and visit them.

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35 thoughts on “(FORUM) We shouldn’t have stayed home. Did health officials ever admit one of the biggest mistakes of the pandemic?”

  1. With all the data our modern civilization can gather and store, it amazes me how much of that data goes unused or ignored. It is as if people cannot sift through the data prudently and efficiently. Their biases on how to solve a problem plays a great role in understanding why they miss the obvious. Most scientists today are trapped in group think or trained to look for solutions in a specific manner. At the very outset of the pandemic a paper was written about lessons learned from the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. The article’s author pointed out that patients who were treated outdoors had better outcomes than those treated indoors. Please read the article –


    In this high tech world we live in scientists are trained to seek solutions that involve today’s new technologies and thus miss the simplest and obvious solutions. You would think a review of history would be the first place to start to see whether lessons learned in the past on a similar problem would benefit us in the present.

    “Two and two are merely four
    And often less and never more,
    And I, for all the world’s advance,
    An upright mammal wearing pants.”
    Samuel Hoffenstein

    1. Most scientists jump at conclusions and look for data to validate their views, partly because it is easier to get more funding when you agree with a prevailing view.

  2. These statistics align with the demographics I would think. I believe homelessness actually represents less than than 2% of NY citizens and the incarceration rate is in the single digits. The percentages don’t offer a “smoking gun” that sheltering at home was/is a clear source of increased infection.

    1. What. Smoking gun – how about common sense. The point is shelter at home was no productive, didn’t help and crushed the economy and the budget debt of this country but ok – no smoking gun.

  3. The pandemic is fraud. No isolated virus exists. CDC lied and people died. common cold viruses and monkey virus fragments found in flu shots are being mislabeled “covid,” and there is a weaponized spike protein bioweapon that’s being distributed via vaccine injections. That’s all real. But there’s no such thing as a real, physical, isolated covid-19 virus that has been harvested from sick people and shown to infect other people and make them sick. What we’re really witnessing here, it now seems, is three distinct things:

    1) A cocktail of common cold viruses labeled “covid” which are circulating and causing sickness in some people, most likely because of the lack of immune system exposure to wild type viruses during all the global lockdowns.

    2) A weaponized spike protein toxic nanoparticle that’s being injected into people as a “clot shot” … and it’s likely shedding, causing harmful side effects in other, unvaccinated people.

    3) A wholly fraudulent PCR “casedemic” scheme that’s designed to flag almost anyone as “positive” based almost entirely on how many cycles the PCR sample prep instruments are instructed to carry out, thereby amplifying instrument noise to the point of a “positive” hit. Almost anything can be flagged as “positive,” including genetic material fragments from previous years’ flu shots.

    These three things — combined with the media’s mass hysteria programming — have achieved a level of global fear and psychological terrorism that the world has never seen before.

  4. Also the rampant use of PCR testing, which has been proven to be false, creating ‘cases’ and mass panic. This is why mass testing for diseases has never been done before. What a mess our leaders have created. The question now is was it ignorance or purposeful on their part.

    1. FRAUDxi is at the core of this whole PLANdemic! He WILL answer for his crimes against humanity–along with many others.

  5. It’s not surprising that the advice to stay healthy was avoid fresh air, sunlight, time with people you love – laughing, singing, dancing, etc. No we’re told to isolate ourselves waiting for a vaccine – that has proved to not protect from infection of SARS-COV-2 or transmission – making reaching herd immunity a goal that will only be reached when the population achieves natural infection and immunity.

    So – lockdowns were detrimental to our health. Especially considering the point was “14 days to slow the spread” NOT stop the spread (which is not possible). We were supposed to not burden the healthcare system all at once. And now we have treatments – like the WHO-listed essential medicine Ivermectin which according to studies all over the world is highly effective both as preventive and recovery-aid.

    Admitting mistakes with these policies isn’t something health officials will ever be able to do – look at countries like New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland. They are locking down continuously for 1 case showing up and pushing off democratic elections for being “too dangerous”. The health officials would be run out of town (which I don’t oppose for the harm they’ve done to society).

    1. I wholly agree; Our immune systems did not get challenged by the initial release of the virus, or any other virus for those months, leaving us all with weaker and more susceptible immune systems. By the way, I’m no doctor, but I’ve read some books. Does that count as science?!

      1. That cunts as being smart. People use google and get fake info all the time. Many use “Snopes” ‘who was busted last week for publishing fake info.

  6. Kristi Noem, Governor of South Dakota–won’t lock down her state. SD has a balanced budget.
    She supports her state’s “local” economy.

  7. many of us knew from the beginning, both instinctively ánd supported by insights published by various health experts, that not being able to go and stay outside was the worst measure, followed by the prohibition of being with one’s (older) relatives. civil disobedience, so be it. the fact that from the beginning information was proven to be withheld was a sure enough sign that ‘they’ were dishonest and ‘we’ needed to put up a fight. hugging my children, my partner and my cats while using vit.D3 + zinc supports me getting through these sad times. be well everyone, GB

  8. In a Trump Covid-19 press conference, a person told us that sunshine kills the Covid-19 virus faster than anything else. Funny how a lot of Democrats never got the memo.

  9. I would also posit that shutdowns slowing the spread gave the virus more time to mutate, thwarting herd immunity. You can decide if that was an intentional outcome or not.

  10. So, live life as normal, get outside, lose weight if obese, and drop the digital devices. If sick, AND you have to do something outside of home, perhaps THEN wear a mask (but admittedly the 2 times I got really sick were from sick patients in a small closed room for 10-15 min wearing masks who said”..I should have stayed home, but…”. Yeah, you should have stayed home).
    Wish I could remember who said this, but paraphrasing “preventing a human from being a human doesn’t stop a virus from being a virus”.

  11. Greg the American

    This is interesting, depending to what extent it’s true. There are a number of theories about the seasonality of these various diseases, and while factors are mentioned, summations of this that I’ve read always conclude with a lack of certainty. I dismiss a couple of these factors, because seemingly artificial replication of these factors would prove the principle. Perhaps it is a combination of these factors.
    I often think maybe the experts and professionals don’t know as much about this stuff as we all pretend they do, including how our immune systems work. If progress continues, I sort of think 25 years from now even established medicine will mock the certainty with which our current public health proclaim the correct pathway forward.
    In the meantime, their lies, oversights, public ignorance of ongoing trends and statistics, intentional politics–these are more than enough to make a rational person begin to pick and choose the proclamations and edicts that make sense in one’s own life.
    They don’t like this concept, and neither do the pretentious know-it-all sycophants who echo their demands through the zeitgeist, acting so righteous in their certainty as they mouth the words of their sheepdogs who clearly are operating with only a fraction of the understanding they need. How many taxpayer dollars were spent “wargaming” a supposed pandemic. Anyone else feel ripped off. Public health is a joke.

  12. “Isolate, stay inside and don’t go out unless absolutely necessary” is yet another example of the disinformation, misinformation, bogus information, mixed messaging, and outright lies put out by our “medical experts” during this pandemic.
    If you’ll recall, well before this COVID thing became front page news, there was a large hue-and-cry from the medical community about our not getting enough vitamin D because of our sedentary lifestyle. We learned in grade school science what the best source of vitamin D was–sunshine.
    And as someone already pointed out, at one of Trump’s daily COVID briefings, we were told that the virus is killed within 2 minutes when exposed to sunlight.
    But what were we told by the CDC, Fauci, and the rest of the so-called “experts”?
    “Stay inside. Don’t venture out. Isolate at home.”
    Still later we hear, from other than the “experts” no less, that vitamin D is a good immune system booster, casting more doubt on whatever comes out from the aforementioned “experts.” And they wonder why anyone would question their pronouncements about anything having to do with “the science.” This is just one of many reasons why.

    1. Ditto. John Boehner was a doctor who was a drunk and he was the one who handed the gavel to Pelosi the 1st time. Looks like McConnell is a Pelosi pal also. Anyone who has been Pelos fan has been bad for this Country.

  13. The mandate to stay home was no mistake. It was and is a plan to tear down our society and rebuild with a different goal.

  14. This is a cold virus. Like other cold and flu viruses, you are more likely to catch the. virus if you breathe the air close to someone who is infected, touch the same objects, etc. These occurrences are more likely to happen indoors than outdoors. Pretty basic.

  15. Soros and Bill Gates\fauci invented the virus and now control the vaccine
    which isn’t really a vaccine at all.
    they targeted the obese. It’s murder on a global scale.
    But they will not get away with it.
    The rules don’t apply to the elite.
    the media are spreading lies like the unvaccinated are the one’s getting infected.
    I pray for my country and the world. Enough is enough.

  16. Sharyl
    When media mentions adverse reactions of covid vaccine they only talk about CDC vaers which they say is inaccurate because there is no proof of adverse reactions are from vaccines and due to self reporting it can not be trusted.
    Nobody, the CDC or the media talk about the Various electronic monitoring which is an additional layer of safety monitoring that provides real time information.
    These systems are as follows;
    National healthcare safety network
    Vaccine safety data link
    Clinical immunization safety assessment (CISA) project
    Medicare data
    Biologics effectiveness and safety system
    FDA sentinel initiative
    DOD vaers
    DOD electronic health record and defense medical surveillance system
    VA adverse drug event reporting system
    VA electronic health record and active surveillance system
    Indian health service vaers data
    Nobody is looking at these adverse reaction numbers.
    If government and CDC want to reduce vaccine hesitancy release these numbers. If media wants to do there job they would get these numbers. These are accurate cases .

  17. As Rosemary pointed out the other day, these figures are meaningless without including their population density by group.

    I don’t know if Sharyl was overly tired, overworked or mathematically challenged the day she published this article, but without knowing the density of each group, the percentage of hospitalizations is meaningless.

    For example homeless people make up slightly less than ½ of 1 percent of the population*, meaning that if they accounted for 2% of all hospitalizations, then their likelihood of being hospitalized with the virus was 4 times the average person’s.

    Nursing home residents make up slightly more than ½ of 1 percent of the population**, so if 18% of the Covid-19 hospitalizations were made up of nursing home residents, that means that this group was about 36 times more likely to be hospitalized with the virus than average.

    *Census data compared to homeless data on the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness.

    **Census data compared to nursing home residency data contained on the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

  18. Hi, Pat.
    As also noted in another comment, it’s not that relevant what the precise split is among the population.

    If a significant majority of the cases were people literally staying home, that shows on the surface that the lockdowns were useless. Because in principle, if you isolate you should not catch the virus, period. And that was a period in 2020 when people were not wearing masks, etc, so by the Plandemic narrative, anyone riding a train, going to the store, working in an office, going to a gym or bar or socializing with friends was putting themselves and Grandma at terrible risk. Except they weren’t..

  19. Martha Korbuszewski

    I didn’t stayed home because I had to go shopping to buy food, etc., took maskless walks with my doggie, went to church outdoors, put gas in my car, and so on.
    It’s a crime to make nursing home people stay indoors when they could have enjoyed being outside, see the sky, trees, and flowers, and hear birds singing, and have loved ones visit them!
    It’s inexcusable that the government and so-called medical experts scare the elderly to where they don’t want to leave home to go to the store or walk their dogs! Or even just to sit outside on their porches, drink coffee, talk and wave to their neighbors…

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